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Top Secret has always been known for building some outrageous cars, especially their JZA80 Supras. Their most well known Supra is probably their 3S-GTE powered GT300 Supra in which Kazuhiko Nagata got arrested in the UK (more on that later). But in 2007, ‘Smokey’ as he is affectionately known for obvious reasons, came up with something rather special. The car had been in development right after the 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon and the plan was to unveil it at the 2007 edition. The idea was to install the 1GZ-FE 5.0 liter V12 from the Toyota Century into the Supra.

The first hurdle was the size of the engine, luckily it was the same length as the 2JZ-GTE but ‘Smokey’ wanted to turbocharge the engine so he also needed space for the twin HKS GT2540 turbo’s. Another big problem was the cooling, but as you will see further down this story, ‘Smokey’ found a way to make everything fit.

Let’s start at the exterior, because Smokey left no stone unturned in that department either. Top Secret desgined a complete new widebody kit from scratch and called it the G-Force kit. In the rear we can see that it has grown a lot, a full 55mm to be exact. The large carbon spoiler only adds to the visual appeal.

The wheels are gold Rays GTF ones in 19″, tires come in sizes 245/35 in the front and 275/40 in the rear. I don’t see the GTF wheels on a lot of vehicles these days, are they outdated or…?

The biggest change on the exterior has to be the front. A completely redesigned front end including headlights had all the magazine and websites talking back in 2007. The front has been widened 33mm to house the larger wheels. The carbon hood is held in place via some slick hood fasteners.

The first time I saw this design I really didn’t think much of it. But the design has really grown on me. ‘Smokey’ is a car builder that thinks outside the box and I really like that approach.

The heart of the car and the biggest accomplishment, a engine transplant isn’t a easy feet especially when we are talking about a V12 transplant. Like I said before the engine comes out of the Toyota Century and is the only V12 Toyota ever made, it’s a 5.0 liter 48v engine that is turbocharged using two HKS turbo’s. the polished throttle bodies are 80mm in diameter. The engine has seen extensive work because everything has been up rated including the pistons, crankshaft, you name it.

I have always wondered as to what kind of engineering went into the throttle connection to the gas pedal. Because in the old situation you would have one connection but now you need two. By the looks of it they have lengthened the cable and just connected it to the two throttle bodies.

The power has been rated to 600bhp at 5500rpm, but their were also rumors saying it had 1000bhp. I have yet to see a definitive print of it’s actual power output.

Before I forget, the engine is mated to a Getrag six speed manual gearbox

Because the engine is a lot bigger than the 2JZ ‘Smokey’ had to relocate the radiators to the back of the car. In this picture you see the fans that feed extra air to the radiators and let the air flow through the central vent. All the plumbing has been rerouted underneath the car to give it a clean look. Most other cars that use the same setup reroute the plumbing through the interior.

The bulge in the top right corner of this photo house the ducting that gets its air from the air vent on the side of the car. You can see the duct in the last picture of this post, it has replaced the original side window on both sides of the car. It feeds the air to the radiator.

At first ‘Smokey’ didn’t had a plan for the car other than to show what top Secret was capable during TAS 2007. But in the beginning of 2008 they wanted to test the real capabilities of this car. And which place could be better than the proving grounds of Nardo in Italy. After some small tweaks and a new livery they tried to beat the 400km/h barrier. In April of 2008 they managed a respectable 358km/h. I’m sure they will be back to try it again.

Together with its sister car, the white streetgoing version with a standard 2JZ in front of the Top Secret shop. The car has been build to make an impact on the scene and it has done just that ever since it was released during the Tokyo Auto salon back in 2007.

Thanks to Ben Schaffer at Bulletproof automotive for his insights and some of the pictures

-Jeroen Willemsen

Top Secret



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Thanks for the feature :-)


I would love to experience the ride in this rocket...


The hood latches are by Aerocatch : and are around $100/set. Or you can get them from "Top Secret" at Bulletproof Automotive for $182/set.



so awesome.


Cool feature!

Just for reference the Supra Smokey was arrested in the UK (on the A1) was the RB26 powered one, seen in the video here:


it's not a car, it's pure sex on wheels


What is the car on the left of the 2nd picture in the background? Is it an ER34?


I said it before and I'll say it again, this is the best street tuned supra ever built. Dont FKCU with Smokey Nagata. My absolute fav tuning company!

The engine looks a bit different now tho. I believe they've made some upgrades. Also, you can buy one of the latest volumes of video OPTION in japan and watch the entire NARDO run as a feature. You also get to see some sweet details of the car.

Oh and here's some really awesome video describing the car even more(why didnt you post these? come on!):

Hey and not to be a geek but I'm pretty sure it was the RB Supra that he was piloting when he got arrested in the UK.

Oh and please dont forget the monster from JUN:




ty soooo much for this feature :)

I love the supra and my uncle had a 98 one but i was under 15 at the time so i could never drive it and now that i have my own car, i always wanted 1 but there soo expensive.


That car is soooooooooooo f'ing SEXY!!

BTW, Smokey Nagata FTW


In response to Walter H. you are right it is a Nissan Skyline ER34. It's been to a few shows with TOP SECRET, but is mostly unseen. The aero kit for it though is not as great as the ones offered by URAS.


correction - the JZA80 kazuhiko was arrested in the UK was RB26 powered, not 3S-GTE. :)


ever since the first time i saw teh car, it thought it looked like a Japanease supercar from the front, just because of those agressive looking headlights


Not a fan of the bodykit at all, but ANY car with a Century V12(other than a Century) is a win in my book. And it's a twin turbo V12 at that! I truly bow in respect to what an amazing engineering accomplishment this is, body mods notwithstanding.


The ONLY thing I don't like about this car is that he left the reliefs in the hood for the stock headlights. If Smoky made the hood even toward the front, I think it'd be a bit cleaner.

It's a work of art though, for sure.


Beautiful I have to say, the only minor correction probably to make more contrast look of graphic on the car. Would people easily read it, especially on the side where they were made in reverse.


that ride is tight, man i cant imagine being in one of those or owning one. 4 real the cars are hot, but the gold thang did the game.


wow i bet that thing can fly


I have been waiting for a featurette like this one on this amazing car! I wonder how this car sounds turbo and n/a! Also, I wonder how much a tranny and engine motor set goes for; this would be a perfect motor swap for a VIP car


I think it made close to 600bhp running stock internals. While Nagata was building another 1GZ with custom forged internals. And in the Chiba-kun video (youtube) he quotes 850bhp @ 1.2bar.


Thanks you so much for the coverage. I really appreciate showing how it works, not just pretty pictures. You give better coverage than most magazines! Sure I can admire the purty outside like everyone else, but how they set-up the cooling is something I was really really curious to see. Thanks again!!!!!


can i have dekstop for the first pic?thanks


Love this car its an engineering feat. But I like Top Secret's V35-GTR with the twin turbo VK45DE better.


Engine bay as desktop plz? kthanksbye


Best tuning car ever IMHO.... the car has 850HP plus NOS 950HP as seen on Video Option, not 600HP.


Before our Toyota themed celebrations are finished, I wanted to share these Supras which I handpicked