Car Feature: NZ JZX-90 Toyota Mark II

My recent holiday in New Zealand is fast becoming a bit of a distant memory… I’ve been back exactly a week, and have been thrust into a rather busy time at the Need for Speed studio… there are many new and exciting projects kicking around which have my full attention….

I’m currently writing this blogpost from the set of a Grid Girl shoot for the new Need for Speed Shift game…. this is all I can show of what we are doing for now though hahaha….

Right, back to my New Zealand trip… I wanted to show you lot, my favourite car from the 4&Rotary Nationals which just happens to also be a Toyota…. This fantastic JZX-90 Mark II.

Now being that I grew up in the west, I don’t have a long term emotional connection to the JZX series of cars… I’ve only become aware of them more recently….

I think this must have been the first drift spec JZX I ever lay my eyes on. It was at the Summer Drift Festival at Ebisu Circuit last August… I immediately fell in love with the style of these large drift sedans…. Perhaps it’s the irony of such a large car set up for sliding which appeals to me? Not sure… I just like 4 door drift car style….

So you can imagine my delight when I saw this deep black JZX-90 devouring light at the 4&Rotary Nationals a few weeks back…. I’m not sure how many of the NZ kiddies at the show were appreciating just how cool this car is… but for me this was one the most stylish and interesting machines of the day….

Turns out the owner  of the car is an Editor at NZ Performance Car Magazine… Peter Kelly… or Pedey as most people call him. You can check his blog here… Turns out he was planning to sell the car…. a point which I protested to… why would you want to sell such a cool and unique machine? Pedey don’t do it!

In its previous life, the Mark II was prepared as a full D1 Spec competition car, you can see evidence of this with the eight point roll cage in this photo….. I like how Pedey is running a Racepak Digital Dash unit… you don’t see these very often street cars! Seats are by Racepro with a full 5 point harness setup keeping any of the occupants strapped in…

The Mark II didn’t have a long life as a pro drift car and suffered a big accident in its third event… the car was backed into a wall at speed and suffered serious damage…

…Most people would have written the car off, but Pedey nursed it back to life and repaired the mashed up rear end… Aero is by Vertex BTW…

I decided to reward him for his efforts and gave him a Speedhunters sticker hahaha….

Hmmm this isn’t perhaps the tidiest engine bay in the in the world… but it has quite an interesting setup. The engine is a 1UZ-FE Lexus 4 Liter Alloy V8 fed by a Turbonetics T-76 Turbocharger with a Tial 50MM external wastegate controlling any extra hot gasses. The big intercooler is by DSR… This results in 400HP at the wheels on 8 PSI…


This is certainly more than enough power for Pedey’s track day and drift practice escapades…. This shot is from a track day, but obviously he couldn’t stop himself from kicking the back of the car out!


Living in New Zealand, Pedey also has the opportunity to flog the car on many of New Zealand’s amazing country roads… of course all within the speed limit right m8?

I think I’d have to say that this car is a great expression of the subculture of street drift car style: 4 door sedans…. It’s a something I’d love to see more of in the North American scene… I know a few people who think that drift cars should be big, low, loud and wide… and this JXZ-90 certainly fits the bill doesn’t it?

Tx for Pedey for supplying the additional photos….

What do you think of four door street drift car style? Discuss…. :>


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loving the rims


I'm a 2-door man myself (the RX-8 bothers me), but I can definitely see why a person would like this.


I agree that a drifting RX-8 is creepy, but 4 door sedans+ drift=awsome!


I would like to see some G35 sedan drift street action with big offset and aero. Besides that, I think the new G8 (GXP with manual trans) would be a great starting chassis. What else, BMW 5 series yo! But really, not much in the US o A-age that has 4 doors, rwd and a manual trans. Maybe a converted trans Crown Vic and Charger? Don't forget Lexusesesiiii too. Too bad this stuff doesn't come with manual trans. Lazy americans! Cool stuff!



At the moment there isn't a JDM car that offers RWD, 4 doors and a manual trans. But you could take a Fuga 350GT or skyline sedan and swap a manual. But i haven't seen it been done jet. I realy don't know why maybe the price or people are just to lazy. But is should pass as time go's by because the ER's and JZX's ain't getting any youger!


Rod, any info on what transmission he's using for the 1UZ?


that chick has a veiny foot.


that car is BEAUTIFUL


Now THAT'S a nice car :D



I beleive its a W58 gearbox? Its died at the track at some stage


I love those pumps! Are they JDM?


C'mon Rod, we know those are your feet. Where did you get your shoes? They are fab..........


Man i freaking wish there were some RWD Manual performance sedans here. There are so many in japan. All we can work it is the older GS.


There's the BMW 335i that would fit the bill


Nice car, rare to see a JZX on this site. Happy to see

since one of the cars on my list for next car is JZX100.


lovin this car man. ^_^ its beautiful. ^_^

*cough* NFS needs a JZX *cough* *cough*



You can get v35 and v36 G35 and G37 sedans with 6 speed manual transmissions. I believe the new IS as well as the 03 and up jzx 10s.


Thanks for the post Rod, just got back from a long weekend away. Yep, it runs a W58 box, the weakpoint of the car.


NFS shift better be better than a certain codemasters game ;)

NFS needs the Aston LMP1 car ;)




Need a vid yo! I mean a good quality vid, not the one filmed with a potato lol   ;p


wow, how the quality of work has evolved! this looks like b roll! goes to show, if you stick with something, you can do anything. your work now is off the chizain Mr Chong.


where is this car now?


bigdooma it`s a Toyota Mark II, a Tourer-V build.