I spotted this video yesterday on Linhbergh’s blog linked in from his Facebook status… A proper VIP style Mercedes W220 S600L…. Stunning machine…




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Bad Ass. Not sure what I like better? The car or the garage?

Flat screen TV, In floor lift, nice floor................AMAZING!


oh my... The video made it!


blogging about blogs huh....


In this case mostly about Facebook status updates hahaha...

But yes refering other blogs is part of what blogging is about....


Because the car is cool perhaps?


Honestly what is the point of showing cars like these in such a great blog?

It was a nice move trying to hide the truth with that piece of classical music, but the soundtrack from the original video is undoubtedly much closer to that category of "taste"...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8scwgV_A4w (click at your own risk!)

I love cars more than anybody else, seriously. But when I see this, I want to throw up.


Whats wrong with the car B2K?


This car is fantastic. Im building a VIP car when I have a family.


That is just awesome written all over it. Proper? That is the definition of "VIP" right there!!!! Got any info which shop did this masterpiece?


Great car, horrible music. Yea B2K, whats wrong with this car?

VIP is also a part of car culture.


mesmerizing, beautiful.


B2K = Buzz 2 the Kill :( Haterade is bad for you buddy....You should stop drinking it ;)


Argh the neg camber in the rear kills it for me... so close. why force a car to go low at the expense of tires and handling...


yes, teh classic kinda sucks, but it's better than teh original song... click on B2K's link


I've seen this before...but I'm still amazed how accurate he got the suspension setup. I've always wondered what happens if a fat person gets in the car.


would anybody know what those wheels are? i see it everyday because someone who parks at a parking lot where i often park is rocking those on his white '99 galant and i think they're pretty cool. thanks!


This is such an amazing machine. The video has to be watched countless times just to absorb the dopeness... Thanks Rod!


Those wheels are MAE Crown Jewel, if I am not mistaking.


I'm not a hatter, but what I don't like to see is lack of taste and that's unfortunately what the so called "VIP style" is way too much often about... I'm talking about people being able to have golden toilets in their house, etc...


Fine I supose Im the only one who perfers the Music In the origanal.


Fine I supose Im the only one who perfers the Music In the origanal..... not that I hate Klasical..... in fact im known to be rocking the Klasic Groves often whislt I relax with some VC-Ponsardin.


the need for seepd is the best game of seed car.


B2K are you insane? VIP style is *precisely about* having good taste and NOT going overboard, this isn't some guy in his BMW who's painted it neon orange and has 30" rims. this is a stock-bodied S-class (sure, in and of itself excessive, but whatever, what do you drive?) on a set of very nice rims and almost perfect drop. you say you aren't 'hating', but actually that's precisely what you're doing.


if *this* is distasteful, then please, enlighten us with your supreme knowledge of what we should all be striving for.


Whatever, I guess I will never understand people that buy uselessly expensive cars just for the looks...

I prefer to seek for performance in the first place, that's all...


anyone who thinks this isn't dope should be wiped off the face of the earth. Or sent into space to to die cold and alone orbiting our solar system as a cosmic asteroid ice cadaver.