Random Snap>> Stage Mx-5 Roadster

The photo of this Eunos Roadster in Japan is from Livedoor, one of my former clients in Japan that specializes in end user blogs. I found a photo of this car on Club Roadster, and I think it has exactly the type of stance that all MX-5 Roadsters should have. Just look at the fitment on those rear wheels! NICE! I'm sure the car was a work in progress when this photo was taken, because if the owner of the car put that much effort to make the rear look perfect like that, then it's unlikely they would leave the front of the car as is.

What do you guys think is the next step they would take? Spacers? Longer control arms? Or just wider front wheels?

Either way, it looks like the start to an awesome Roadster.

-Antonio Alvendia



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Its really nice that aggressive offsets work so well with the roadster. et 0 no problem.


totally agree


As someone who has special love of the MX5, I am really looking forward to further coverage of this car. That stance is sick.


i think the best cars on CR are by members ce28n, JDMEG2, Kickinoutyo and tetsuyagarage ... look them up they provide awesome examples of US miatas


haha kaitokid21... you must have good style! keep your eye on speedhunters for these cars! already been working on it! just returned from my first shoot featuring one of the CR guys. but i don't think they're gonna like my photos as much as the ones their own members shoot! =)


Livedoor... as in Takafumi Horie? lol. I hope he didn't steal your soul. Nice fitment on the Roadster. I've always loved these little guys. Unfortunately I'm too tall to ever drive one (I can't even survive inside an FD).


Unfortunately the front is quite boring, only sporting an oem B lip. I love this stage before it was sprayed silver, I just like half finished cars though


Just wondering, are you going to feature anyone from RoadsterDrift.com? Rob Riter's car is one of the best roadsters out there right now

That blue car looks awesome as is, is that an RsR exhaust?

super rare.


love the wheel fitment .

we need to see more of this stateside.

i think the guys will love the pics.


wider wheels in the front yo!


Agreed, I test drove a Miata and my head hit the top. I had to slouch to see the traffic signal. ;) S2000's are to small too. It sucks, because Miata's like this make me want one bad. You can pick them up so cheap and they are good on gas and fun to drive.


i really love the size of those rear meats! so phat and juicy mmmm :P


spacers in the front and that stance is gold.


That's an excellent rear-end.


i dig that thing


that car looks like shit. Ricer faggotry.