Random Snap>> Re Amemiya Fd3s At Suzuka Circuit

My friends and I just got back from a drive to Mitsuwa, my favorite Japanese market in Torrance CA… While I was there, I began thinking about Japan and how much I miss being there, even though I was just there about four months ago.

This being said, I began looking through one of my hard drives, and spotted this photo of RE Amemiya's D1 Street Legal FD3S RX7. This car is a lot more "normal" than the Amemiya D1GP competition FD that's always in magazines and videos. D1 Street Legal cars have to pass sha-ken inspection, therefore, they need to be streetable.

Damn, don't you think it would be fun to drive an FD like this one on the street in your town? I know for a fact, I'd get into a lot of trouble with this car. I don't think I could control my urges to boost all over town if I had an FD like this. I absolutely love FDs – in fact, it was my dream car just out of high school, but I couldn't get my mom to help co-sign on the loan for me, so I ended up buying an AE86 instead. I think I'd be a way different person if I had an FD back then instead of an AE86!

Have you guys ever thought about how much the car you own affects your life? For me, I think I'd have a completely different set of friends if I had an FD when I graduated from high school. When I think about it, most of my every day friends that I've been hanging out with for the past 10 years are (or used to be) old school Toyota guys. Or photographers. Or import models. Or DJs, producers and recording artists. Isn't it crazy how little things (like the car you own or the friends you keep) shape your life in the long run? Pretty crazy when you think about it.

Anyway, RE Amemiya FTW.

-Antonio Alvendia



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perhaps it's reversed. perhaps your inherent personality and being are expressed by the company you choose to keep, and the car you choose to drive.


for instance, i like cars that are more conservative in terms of styling, and deliver on fun over outright performance. rather than to suggest that driving such cars will turn me into a person whose goals are not lofty but overall happiness level is high, why not have it that the way i am affects what i enjoy?


obviously you chose the ae86 for financial reasons, but maybe there were deeper processes at work at the time ;)


Desktop WALLPAPER PLEEEEEASE!!!!! I love this car. Saw the D1GP version a few times in person and it is amazing.


Blue slug, completely agree!


That image is really cool,

It would Be an amazing experience Driving that FD,


Blue Slug: hm, that's good food for thought. Kinda like the Chicken vs the Egg thing. I was just thinking that if I hung out with FD guys like 10 years ago, then I'd have a completely different set of everyday friends now... as for the AE86, I didn't just choose it for financial reasons. Even when I had more than enough dough to buy an FD, I decided to put my money towards more AE86 stuff, and bought my TE27. (one of my main issues with the FD is the lack of footspace. I have wide size 12 feet, and when I test drove the FD, I kept blipping the gas every time i'd brake. No, I wasn't trying to heel toe, hehe


This article makes me think of Cipher Garage's motto like no other..."Live the 86 life" works very well here. What exactly makes the 86 life? Only AE86ers know. What would make the 'FD Rotor-head life'? Only FDers would know. Cheers.


true that, phil. thanks for chiming in!


+1 on Mitsuwa, RE Amemiya, and missing japan!

We have a mitsuwa near NY here. Its in Jerz. I usually go there on sundays and just chill and talk cars with the buddies. FD's always been my favorite. Right now I have s14, its a bit more practical for NY streets but I just want an FD. As for japan! I'm going there in about 4 days! haha I'm so pumped! Im going to sleep at TAS and bag some race queens. yey. haha. nice post!


Im not completely content with the car I have now... in fact my car needs work to get it to what I feel would be an aceptable level of tuning... and my curent car isnt even what I really want anyhow.... therefore for me I just dont bother pondering things... I just let life play out the way it will.