Random Snap>> Noise Maker Miata

Just like the FD3S RX7, I feel like the OEM body shape of the NA6 Miata normally looks best with only minor changes, like a front lip spoiler and conservative rear lip wing. However, I gotta say, I'm kinda feeling the look of this yellow Miata, from Chiba Japan-based drift team Noise Maker.

For those who have been jocking our features on the Magician drift gang, you might want to take notice of Noise Maker. In my opinion, Noise Maker is one of the coolest drifting teams to come out of Chiba… they are bay side drifters just like Magician. If anything, Noise Maker is an even more infamous team of street drifters. They rock incredibly aggressive stanced cars at all times.

I have a good friend who's a member of Noise Maker, who changed their name (unfortunately) to S-Treasure this past year. Why on Earth would they do that?! Noise Maker is a WAY cooler name than S-Treasure. And the sticker and logo looks way better too. Gakkari shitayo.

Anyway, dig the RWD offset SSR Reverse mesh wheels, bullet mirrors, and hardtop. I've been wondering why more Miata guys in the USA haven't been converting their hubs to 4×114.3. I know Honda guys in Rancho Cucamonga and the South Bay that were doing that like 4 years ago! Cmon Miata guys, do it! Do it! (in the voice of the guy from the movie Made).

-Antonio Alvendia



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By far one of the sickest miatas out there. Noise maker/Tec Arts miata its sporting arios aero if i remember correctly as well. there are more pictures floating around the internet of this thing which is siiick.


PROPER Wheel fitment


Noise maker roadster later sold it to buy what became the infamous Super 873 AE86 GET IT!


The lines look just like an FD RX7. Clean, smoove!


Arios aero is best aero for miata ever! Never sold in this America, and I believe they stopped production in Japan.

If I remember correctly, AutoKonexion is making a kit that looks similar to this


yea arios bodykit looks amazing


i've wanted that body kit forever. now that i'm planning to move on to other cars, i figure out what it is =p poop.


There's nothing bolt-on to convert the hubs to 4x114.3 for miatas, they're not legos unfortunately :(


They have spacers that bolt on to the hub as 4x100 but bolt to the wheel as 4x114.3

You jus have to find one that is hubcentric to the miata.

ive seen some before but they were like 25mm, so you either have to have flares, overfenders, or be a badass


i love this car... those wheels are quite dope.


Where can i get more information and pictures on these crazy rides