Random Snap>> Mazdaspeed Rx8s At Daytona 24h!

I'm not sure how many of our readers regularly follow the 24 Hours of Daytona… but it's happening this weekend in Florida, and our good friends from Mazdaspeed are campaigning four cars out there this weekend. Here's a photo of one of them. Good luck to all our Mazdaspeed friends!

-Antonio Alvendia



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Hell yea im gonna be out there!


I think this livery is pretty cool. I mean, you have the Castrol colors but they're not overdone and you got these squares forming cross-shapes that kinda remind me of the 787B Renown car.

Plus it's black on black wheels - HELL YEAH!


I would go this year but i have a birthday to go to :/ + im broke lol


I've been to a 24h at Daytona a few years back in 2006 i think. There were a few RX-8's running and trust me they were LOUD! Try go kart on steroids x 1000 loud lol.


Ok....I think Tony Angelo needs to step his game up and go with this matte black livery...Imagine this with some DA logos!!!! Hella tight...If this aint rock n' roll I don't know what is!!!


matte and flat cars is the worst "trend" I have ever seen for cars.

The only exception would be Rough World.


FYI: The RX8 pictured was built by Riley Technologies for Speedsource. It utilizes a naturally aspirated 20B rated at 415HP and 285 ft Ibs of torque. The chassis is tube frame with carbon fiber body panels. Speedsource is a Mazda factory race team thats been racing this model for a while now in the Grand-AM series. Can't wait to see it in action today at the Rolex 24 hours!


are you serious?! i think this team needs to step up THEIR game and make it looks as good as Tony Angelo's car! His car is one of the best looking RX8s out there IMHO...


Yo guys, cause it's "Mazda Month" and all (or is it over already? ;) shouldn't you give a lil' bit of a broader view of the brand? Some love for the like of the Cosmo, or perhaps the 323 GT-R anyone?? Come on, really, all these rwd classics and all the drifting, and not one mention of the little hatchback with the turbo engine and 4wd? and the list goes on..

Seriously, some r'n'd wouldn't do harm. :)



Dude we've been trying like crazy. Find me an 323 GTR and/or Cosmo in Southern Cali, and I'm on it! One week left!

I've been trying to find someone with a MAzda 323 GTX, but we couldn't find one that's photo shootable...

Those aren't exactly the most popular cars for building up, so it's hard to find them.


i remember seeing one of these (it was a white one, forget the number) flipping from high on the bank and landing on its roof on the infield


Too foo foo la la for me Antonio!! I know that livery has alot of history but......I guess I just like things that look a little more aggressive........That livery reminds me of a Bennetton shirt from the 80's. Too each his own kuya!


LOL he said Benneton! hahaha


is this the one drew staveley drives?!


FD Teams

Jock this aero!!!!

this car looks much more stable then the BN and J kits these teams are running.


those RX8s are effin loud!


very very dirty,bad car .i do not like it.ilike nissan 350z. not this car