Random Snap>> Mazda Rx3

Looking through my external HD archives, I just came across an image of this Mazda RX3, basking in the sun at the past Japanese Classic Car Show in Irvine. I really like RX3s alot. They have a similar 2-door "coupe" bodystyle to the Toyota Corollas (TE27) of the 1970s, but they were fitted with small-but-powerful rotary engines instead of the 1600cc hemi head pushrod engines that came in the US-market Corollas (the 1600cc twincam engined versions weren't offered in the USA).

This particular RX3 has a very cool road-race look to it… with 13×7 Panasport wheels and the low front chin spoiler, I think this car looks awesome. I bet it would be super fun to drive on a racetrack! What's your favorite old school Mazda? RX2? RX3? RX4? Cosmo?

-Antonio Alvendia



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Wallpaper please.


REPU and RX-5


My fave old skewl Mazda .... well I love the First Gen RX7, but aside from that my fave is the RX2... I perfer there simple look and flat front vs. the RX3/4 pointed grill.

I also dig the Mazda Rotary Pickup.


Very cool RX3, I really like those.

I saw a cool Cosmo at Tsukuba last September check the link if you can:


This was a proper driven car.


RX3 is a close second to my first love, the FC3S! Now that I own both....It just feels right.

I wonder how I can get a front chin spoiler like that on my 3.


I agree with TougeNoMikado on the whole simple look of the front of an RX2. I prefer RX2s, 4s then 3s.

Man this site kicks ass!!


FC Pro Am: Is your RX3 done up? Where u located?


For me, I really like the side profile of an RX3 more than the RX2. The RX2 has a longer butt... to me, it's a bit too long, but it still obviously looks good.

I think I'd choose in this order: RX3, RX2, Cosmo, RX4.


Antonio, my 3 needs some work, Its a restoration project im working on. Once complete, I'll be sure to get at you.


great link BlueSlug! that RX3 is sick!