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I was reading through some of the comments on the Auto Salon kei car post, when I realized that we haven't posted anything about the Suzuki-built Autozam AZ-1 that was sold by Mazda during the early 1990's. It was basically a kei-sized version of an exotic car, complete with an MR engine layout and gullwing doors. With less than 5000 built, they are extremely rare and I've only seen a couple during the past year I've been Japan.

I found this photo of Watanabe and fender flare-equipped version on a Japanese owner's site called Advent. Check out the site for more photos of cool AZ-1's.

-Mike Garrett



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i would so import one of those to canada, if only i would fit :( haha


they look like great fun though!


The AZ-1 deserves to be one of the coolest cars of all time!! It will save more whales than the Toyota Prius, and have you pasted to your seat in style at the same time! The perfect street car... I'm so glad that it made a speedhunters post for Mazda month. I have wanted one of these since I found out what it was from gran turismo 4. Unfortunately for this masterpiece, It came out a decade too early for people to recognize its full potential... I WANT ONE!!!!!!


i love these cars, any one seen the re ameimia version, awsome.


Back in the late 90s I remember a kei-grip team that used to show up at some of the runs around Hiroshima. They kept to themselves but they had a couple of AZ-1s, Honda Beat, and a Cappuccino and went completely balls out.


Its realy strange why sport Kei-cars aren't popular in Japan. Normal Kei-cars sell like crazy, but the sport models are always flops. The copen is the only sport Kei on the market now, and it isn't a real one its FF.


looks like a NSX toy


Nice, AZ1 forever! i would have one! completely redone, with carbonfibre pieces and a super engine!


This would be so much fun, probably more than an Elise. Just needs some more power.


show the RE Amemyia GReddy?-AZ1! that's the top AZ-1 ever made!


Ah, nice! One of the ABC's of Kei-cars.

(A)Z-1 by Mazda

(B)eat by Honda

(C)apuccino by Suzuki


Almost looks like an 80's MR2.


nah... it's way better looking than any AW11. Love the total absense of a rear overhang.

Thanks Mike.


I found out about this car a few years ago, and I have been obsessed with owning one ever since... I think it would be one of the coolest old cars to have.... Imagine the looks you would get driving that thing around outside of Japan... Classic!!!


DO WANT! more az1 coverage!


Even today those thing look really cool, while the design is 16 years old.

And again we have more proof that Watanabe's make any cars look better.