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Speedhunter, Vaughn Gittin Jr and Falken, brought their new 2010 Ford Mustang to Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale this week and showed off the Formula Drift car in action.

Auction goers could register for a chance to be passenger with Vaughn. It was no demo run though, with Jr pushing the Mustang to its limits, entertaining his passengers along the way.

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-Andy Blackmore – Barrett-Jackson 2009



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ST115s on the rear, was he burning up RT615s too fast?


Those wheels are much better than what was shown before when released.


i wish i could be at Scottsdale, lots of nice cars this year and a chance to ride with JR...... if only i were rich


What an incredible stance....


nice wheels...


awsome wheels choice, there is a pretty big gap between the fender and the tires though


the wheels are awesome but couldnt it be a little lower


very very nice!


white wheels! These wheels are SO much better than the ones that were originally on it, why are they afraid to go up a wheel size? Or at least a bigger sidewall!

Still very nice though!


Thanks for the feedback everyone I! This place is like a candystore, th emost expensive one you can imagine!!! To be honst its unbelieveable its just an auction. This car is actually my personal car that iI use for practice and exhibitions as these events are just too much abuse on a competition car. Pretty much a replica of my competition car, same engine tuned down a bit, factory transmission and fiberglass instead of carbon body parts The reason we stick with 18's is that the Falken azenis rt 615's that we compete on only go up to 18 inch. The reason we dont lower this car any further is because I dont want to rip off the quarter panels due to the fact they are factory sized fenders on the car and the offset of the te's are about as aggressive as i can fit and they are fiberglass so I cant roll them. I am using smaller tires then normal as well to be easier on the drivetrain for the exhibitions. believe me I love a slammed car for looks when parked however im all about function ovr form and need to keep in mind the cars roll over a bit in drift.


Nice i like the look with, what it looks like white TE37's.


those TE's look sweet on that stang. hope you keep that look for a long time man. the white really rocks on the livery on your car. ^_^

the car looks pretty balanced overall. and i think it looks great even at that ride height. ^_^


I've noticed he isnt using RT's..

Some new Falken tires?


what size are these wheels? I'm really likign the '10 stangs looks. Better than previous. This is teh best late model stang fo sho (should have 5.4 stock, blown for Cobra errr...Shelby Cobra.


Wow, the 2010 Mustang looks great...with the exception of the tail lights.