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After unveiling the all new 2010 Mustang at the LA Auto Show in November, Ford has wasted no time moving on to the "flagship" version of the Mustang, the Shelby GT500. The new GT500 will appear at the the Detroit Auto Show this month and is packing a lot of improvements over the old GT500. For starters, if the 500hp of the old car wasn't enough for you, there's more of that. The 2010 GT500 will now make 540hp and 510 foot lbs of torque from its supercharged 5.4 liter V8.

External changes include new wheels, a redesigned front fascia, rear spoiler, and bumper. Like the standard 2010 Mustang GT, the Shelby isn't a huge leap from the old model externally, but the differences are there.

One of the biggest improvements on the 2010 Mustang is the interior, and the GT500 package throws in some special bits like striped seats and alcantara accents all around. I'm not sure about the stripes on the seats, but I do like the way that shift knob looks.

Of course there will be convertible version of the GT500 offered as well.

Although the old GT500 was one hell of a fast car in a straight line, a lot of critics complained that the car was too heavy and had too much power for the chassis. The new car is still heavy at 3900lbs, but hopefully the improvements Ford has done on the new Mustang chassis will make the GT500 a better all around performer. Either way, with 540hp on tap you can at least count on a lot of tire smoking fun.

-Mike Garrett



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car looks awsome

and is it just me or are the headlights different in the first pic and the last pic? it seems the signal lights in the first one are to the outside, and in the last pic they're to the inside


Also in the last picture, the headlights are Xenon and in the previous pics the lights are HID's. But yes the indicators are different in the last pic


that last picutre looks like a rendering, maybe earlier in design


too bad "all new" is such a loose term these days for the struggling automakers. it should have been 540lbs lighter and have irs. maybe next time...? still nice to have muscle cars around though, with the current state of the world.


who will buy it though?


I love the car, but somehow the headlights kind of look awkward. Maybe its just the picture, or maybe its just early, but they just look out of place.


last pic loos like a render


Ugh. Not that the previous generation was beautiful, but the new curves in the design make the car resemble the Mustang II more than anything else in the line. Headlight and taillight treatments suck. Interior is still "mustang."


hmm I think its a Visual improvement over the prevous 500.

Would I buy one?.... hmm.... no. Would I rent the GT-H of this chassis..... hell yes!


Good eye Headbanger.

The last pic must've been a prototype or something.


Needs to be lowerd sooo feckin bad.

Wonder if they put a proper limited slip in this one...


I like the all new curve in the hood at the front but not a huge fan of the lights, its not so like the 60's mustangs anymore, more like a concept. They didnt show any pics of the back lights... I wonder why. I wonder in\f the lights are the same as the present model or if they are maybe more as the GT-500 lights from the 60's, maybe it could be neither...?


Do the Mustang's still have solid axle rear suspension?

If they do, this is car is an epic "Hey, my computer is made out of wood!" fail!


Yes it still has solid rear axle, you would think they would change it over but in all reality the car performs great with it on the track and as a daily driver,Go test drive drive one you will be plesantly surprised how well it listens, I just drove a 2010 GT 4700 miles from LA to Maryland and up and down inbetween and to be completely honest I am blown away by in most aspects from handling, braking, ride quality and fun factor including driftability in stock form. I was not a fan of previous years bland interior however the 2010 interior is given no justice by pictures. they actually did an awesome job this year everything from the different materials used for different look and texture down to the stitching is top notch, You seriously will not believe you are in a mustang if it wasnt for the logo on the wheel, my ass and my back will testify to that after 4700 miles!!!! I know most everyone will think I am biased but give one a test drive and tell me I'm wrong I watched numerous random people that i let drive the car get blown away.


Hey guys, the headlamps in the last pic are the standard from the gt ,but the headlights in the silver shelby are the HID wich are optional for the v6 Gt and GT500 .and i dont think the interior is "mustang" at all just look at that leather and the instrument panel-all soft touch. And fuck you all camaro bitches cus you can never compare with the originality of any mustang and especially SHELBY !!!


when is this car coming out and how much will the cost be


For you female types quibbling over the interior, which would you rather have : a plush, leather and technology filled cabin with a windup 4-cylinder and wrong wheel drive or a MAN'S this Mustang?

If you want a tricked interior, get an Acura. If you want to go fast, this is the car for you.