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Instead of just mashing everything together in a series of posts, I'm going to divide my TAS coverage up into separate stories that cover the various styles or types of cars. I thought I'd start off with the Nissan Z, since the new Z34 was one of the most anticipated cars at this year's show. The new Z has only been on sale for around month in Japan, but the aftermarket has already jumped all over it, and there were a number on display at Auto Salon. The Z33 has been one of Japan's most popular platforms over the past several years, and it looks like the Z34 will be continuing the tradition.

Also, after spending two days at Auto Salon, I can say that I have officially "accepted" the headlight and taillight treatment on the Z34. I'm not sure if I grown to like it yet, but it no longer stands out to me like it did when the first photos of the car surfaced.

Alright, on with the Z's-

One of the most popular (and one of my personal favorite) Z34's at TAS was the Zele International complete model. Painted in the same orange color as Zele's R35 GT-R, the Z is sporting full aero, wheels, exhaust, suspension etc. Like the Zele GT-R, this Z will also be sold in limited numbers as a complete, pre-tuned machine.

A bit simpler was this white Z34 in the Revspeed Magazine booth equipped with "original style" Volk TE37's. You can bet this car will be tuned for some serious circuit action, in true Revspeed fashion.

The Z34 may have been the big story at this year's show, but the Z33 isn't to be forgotten. Voltex has shown how great the "old" Z33 can look with the release of its new aero kit. This car wasn't on display at Auto Salon itself, but next door at the special Kyoho exhibition on Friday.

On display in the Fujitsubo booth was this Z34 equipped with Advan T6's, Endless brakes, TEIN coilovers, and an exhaust from….Fujitsubo! The Advan T6 wheels were an interesting choice for the car being an older design, but I think they look great.

Seemingly, the newer a car gets, the larger wheels it will take. Branew's Z34 demo car is rolling on 22's and it doesn't even look that strange. The car is also equipped with Branew's complete Z34 aero kit that just debuted.

Another shot for those feeling nostalgic for the ole' Z33. This car was on display in the Shadow booth alongside their R35 GT-R. This car competes in the popular Z-Master race series.

Also quick to jump into the Z34 tuning fray is Sunline Racing from Okayama. Their Z34 is already sporting an original aero kit (which looks quite good IMO), an exhaust system, full suspension, brakes, and all the other "light tuning" goods. The wheels are 19" SSR Type F's.

Impul has always been a "second Nismo" of sorts, working closely with Nissan and offering tuning parts for all of their models. Here's their take on the Z34.

This Cockpit-tuned Z33 was on display in the Bridgestone booth.

Finally, the Z34 in the Ray's Engineering booth. If you saw it from one side it looked like this…

…and if you saw it from the other side it looked like this. Completely different wheels and graphics on side. This is actually a pretty good idea for demo car and I wonder how it'd be on a street car?

So what do you guys think of the new Z tuning so far? I was pretty impressed with what I saw at Auto Salon.

-Mike Garrett



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These look way, way better than the first pictures we saw of tuned GTRs.


I would like to see more pics of the sunline z34


nice pics of the new zed, those japanese are crazy with tuning only being out not long and a heap of after market stuff already the future looks good for the new zed i think


wow, as I begin to ignore the headlights on the z34, the more I really do notice the suble differences between the two.


The Z34 is looking very good!


looking good!


The Z34 is looking good, I especially liked the Sunline and ZELE versions. :)


thanks for this. I asked for a 370z post and i got it:)

I just love the ZELE!



the lines on the z34 are SERIOUSLY sexy!!

it made the z33 looks kinda conservative and dull,

how cool is that?!

i'm lovin' it!


The Z34 is great


Sunline and ZELE for me too ;)

Thanks for this coverage


Doesn't seem to be a lot of full bumper kits out yet, mostly lips. I wonder how extreme Top Secret will take it when they finally make a full blown demo car out of it.


z34 what?

that black z33 is magical


I really wasnt keen on the 370Z, but that Zele Z34 has definitely warmed me to them!


I like the Rays Z34, good idea ;)


man the z34 looks so much better without those stupid fangs on the front

thank you zele for getting rid of them


More sunline pics please! It looks great


+1 on Adam's comment. I saw a 370z today, seriously sexy curves. I like Ray's car (plain white side) the best.

Zele's car looks good. Front bumper changes the overall curve of the car and now fang-less. But the more i look at it, the more i feel the extra aero are taking away (or going against) the stock 370z lines. A simple front lip + nice stance is perfect in my eyes.

And yea i wanna see more of Sunline z34 as well.


I can't wait to see an oldschool style z34 with exposed rivets on fender flares, panasports or watanabes, slammed with 240 style headlights. would look sick i reckon


+2 adams. I saw a black Z34 at the Nissan dealership across the road from Bee*R last week on my way to the dentist. Which is next to the Nissan dealership. Which has nothing to do with TAS, but what a cool neighbourhood! I love the new Z & think that the Zele treatment of the rear end (as it were) is more appropriate than any of the larger spoilers and suits the lines well. & +1 slysa! Although I dont mind the stock lamps.


to Marlow: yea i have to agree on the catfish grill, but they are actually more subtle in real life. I saw one today, i'm in love.


It looks like The Z34 has a much higher standard offset than he Z33. No dish to be seen anywhere. :(

Still they look pretty good.


it is Zs ... not Z's

's is possessive.... need to learn the difference between plurals and possessives.


Must...see...more...Sunline and Zele 370Z!!!

Thanks for the great coverage!


daaaaaaaamn, just makes me want to get the new Z34 (370z) soooo much more!! can't wait to get behind one and take it home, and just retouch it myself to my likings! good little cover ya got here! got me hooked on the site now!