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I have just a couple posts of Auto Salon coverage left, and this time I'll be taking a quick look at the Subaru presence at this year's show. The new body style GRB Impreza was the most popular by far, but there were a few GDB's and other Subaru models out there. This two-door GDB built by a Tochigi-based Subaru tuning shop called Mature was one of the cars that caught my eye this year.

It was kind of bittersweet seeing this car on display in Subaru's booth after they announced they are dropping WRC participation for the time being…

Chargespeed brought a GRB Impreza equipped with their new wide-body kit. It's certainly NOT aimed towards those who are afraid of attention…

The same goes for DAMD's offering for the new Impreza.

You might be wondering what kind of car this is. It's the Subaru Exiga, a seven-seat crossover based on the Legacy platform that hit the Japanese market last year. This example is also from DAMD.

This eye-catching yellow machine in the Subaru booth is the Impreza STI Concept C. It improves on the performance of the standard STI with added engine and suspension tuning, lightweight body parts, and other stuff you'd expect from an OEM-tuned car. The 19" wheels make for a nice aesthetic upgrade as well.

L'aunsport is known for bringing WRC-inspired styling to the street. The company's latest project is the GRB Impreza seen here.

Masquerade's Impreza takes the color-matched wheels thing even farther with its wheel lips covered in a floral design. Hrmm…

Also found in Subaru's booth was this new Forester that's been given the full STI treatment.

Another tuned GRB Impreza, this one from Prodrive Japan.

This Exiga was done as a collaboration between Subaru and Eclipse Car Audio.

Ever wonder what a new Impreza STI sedan would look like? Now you don't have to, because Zero Sports has given the 4-door Impreza (called the Anesis in Japan) a full STI conversion. The car started out as a 1.5L base model Anesis before an EJ20 and 6-speed manual were swapped in. Next up, Zero Sports unloaded their entire parts catalog at it. Even the rear fenders have been converted to the wider, STI-type!  Balance was a big part of the concept for this project, and every part of the car has been upgraded to match its 370hp.

This car earns my pick for best Subaru of the show by a wide margin.

-Mike Garrett



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Nice post!. This is your best!


What a shame Suby didn't pursue the sedan idea for the new STi. Looks considerably better IMO.


the zerosport sti sedan conversion looks nice. well done.

not hard to pull off the front look, just swap panels, everything matches up.

Prodrive wheels on the L'aunsport hatch look nice.

Nice post Mike, thanks.


Wow, once "converted" to STI, that Impreza Sedan looks AWESOME!

The regular one looks kinda' boring and stale :(


been waiting for pictures of the Subarus from TAS. thanks for making a post of them. Would love to see more angles of each car. Would really like to see the zerosports car with different rims.


Loving the tuned Anesis! Do you have any pictures from other angles?


The GDB Coupe is totally sick !!!! But I think it would be a lot better with another paint job... An all black one for me please :)


On their site it says EJ207


Swapped STi sedan FTW! I really like that. Why didn't they go that route? Hosers!


Yeah thats a nice Anesis! Are there any more photos of that and the other Exiga's?


the swapped anesis acutally made me change my mind about the sedan!


Hahah, whoops I guess my mind was still back in Nissan month.


The sti conversion for the anesis makes me want to get and 09 wrx sedan and do the same thing. Can't wait to see if Zero Sports is going to sell the kit.


Hi Mike,

Could you post more pics of the floral wheel lip? Any more info on that?


i REALLY like the STi Sedan! very well done and looks great!


as for the floral pattern on the rim of the wheel, i also very much approve, it's innovative and pleasing to the eye. I don't think this would work with a stepped lip, but with a flat lip and flat-faced wheel, this works very nicely.


i <3 the subaru hatchback :D:D:D:DD::D:D:D


No Legacy? Hmm ... thought legacy is pretty popular in japan as well.

Suppose it is to be replaced soon this year with a new model.


what the? You didnt post the Varis or JUN cars? Those were the best GRB's there! My fav was the Varis, I couldnt stop staring at it each day I was there.


cool mikes mike,do you have more pics of the Masquerade's Impreza ????


when does theTeam Orange GRB come out?