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Nissan had a lot going for them at Tokyo Auto Salon this year with all the hype surrounding the Fairlady Z34 and the continued interest in the R35 GT-R. The Skyline has taken a backseat to those new models in attention, but there were still some nice examples carrying the torch for fans of the "original" Skyline GT-R's ,as well as the rear-drive Skyline models.

I wont be including the R35's in this post because as you know, the new GT-R has become a totally separate model from the Skyline.

First up, here's the ER34 Skyline coupe displayed by Cockpit Tatebayashi. According to Tatebayashi, the car is designed for both street and circuit use in mind. Maybe it's just me, but it seems there's been a renewed interest in the ER34 models among Japanese tuners lately.

OK, so this isn't a Skyline, but it'll look like one coming up in your rearview. Yep, it's Masa Motorsports delivering their signature R34-converted Nissan Stagea goodness. This car is their latest creation, finished just a few days before the show opened. Another example of semi-gloss paint and color-matching lettering on the 19" TE37's.

The V36 Skyline (Infiniti G37) is a car that's been regrettably overshadowed by the GT-R, and now the Z34. Parked alongside the orange Z and R35 in the Zele International booth was this gorgeous V36 Coupe. Just like the other Zele cars, the whole package is very tasteful and understated.

It looks great from the rear as well. One of the best "sleeper" cars from this year's show I'd say.

This BNR34 seen in the Bridgestone Tire booth is another Cockpit-tuned machine. By now you can probably tell which tuners have relationships with which tire companies. HKS and  Advan, Blitz and Dunlop, Cockpit and Bridgestone, and so on.

The URAS booth is always as a popular place at Auto Salon as Nomuken's wife slings goods and accessories to showgoers. URAS aero has never been particularly subtle, and the ER34 sedan Type-GT wide-body is no exception.

Also shown by URAS was the "Type-GT ER34 ECO". The concept for this stock-engined two-door Skyline is "good fuel economy with GT looks". Hey, why not?

Here's BSK Factory showing that the Spocom look isn't dead yet with their slammed and lambo-doored ER34. Is it bad that I actually kinda liked this thing?

Last but not least, the HKS Driving Performer BNR34 in the Advan Wheel booth. HKS may not have had a booth at this year's show, but I'd say this car repped pretty well for them. Beautiful.

OK, I hope you guys are ready for some vanning action, 'cause that's where I'm going next.

-Mike Garrett



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there are not too much skyline this year at TAS


They are neat cars, steps.


I think I am in love with it to stepsAn, it is just the perfect car for the street really.

P.S. Heat treated exhaust tips and blue anodized lugs <3


yay 1st comment,,,,, nice pics man i like the stagea:) my dad might be getting one cant wait :p that paint on it looks like the hok satin clear the way its semi gloss


Dude soooooo freakin sweet! Way to cover the GTR's I really like the Uras wide-body. Really tasteful. Thanks for all the awesome updates/pics!


I'm really liking the design of Zele's body kits for the GTR, 370Z and skyline. The kits' are clean without looking boring and at the same time sporty without looking overdone.


totally my favourite....wuhoo!! SKYLINE BANGSAI!!!


Bangsai? I think you mean, "Banzai" dude.

I agree with Mike, the V36 has been greatly overshadowed by the Z34 and the GT-R. Personally, I'd take the V36 over the Z34. Same engine, but something different, and imo looks way better.


I really like that "Skyline Stagea" combo, this may sound weird, but I really dont like the 2 door skylines, I prefer the 4 door. Nissan is the only company (I feel) that has been able to create a bad a** sedan


Those ER34's look realy outdated when you see a V36 coupe.


Where's the best cars? the ones from the parking lot!


I hope you are joking when you said u like the green 34.


OK, what's teh difference between the ER34 and the BNR34?


amen quinn haha


I personally don't like this new GTR, so I'm glad to see that tuners are still working on the earlier Skylines

However, no R32s in this post? That's so sad. Best looking Skyline in my opinion


im lovin the black infinity. :o

and the new ER34 GT kit is wild?

will there be a 'The Kei cars of TAS' covergae? :P


I laugh at the URAS stuff.

It is becoming so similar to VeilSide stuff that was made a decade ago.


Am I the only oen who loves the v36 skyline? It looks really good, you dont really see many modded g37s/v36s.


Zele V36=WIN! I love the G37, the G35 looked better than the 350z and the G37 continues that tradition by looking better than the Z34. There's no question as to which is the more sporting car(370z), but there's also no question as to which one I'd own(G37). That Stagea/R34 is very appealing as well, I've always liked the concept of a fast, badass wagon! I hope you will do the Kei cars, Mike. When it comes to cars, nothing is more "Japanese" than those little boxes on wheels:)


Can we please get a desktop from this section! And by that I mean the first pic of the skylines in a row- so nice.


Where are all the R32's? In my opinion, those were the best.


the HKS car looks good, better than previous version of the "driving performer"


Out of everything, my favourite is the R33 GTS-t & GTR. Sure they may be almost mechanically identical to the R32 GTR and people may think they are kinda "sluggish", but when they are done up, low with nice rims, matching kit and purrrr of an exhaust note, they are just HOT


The R-34's never get old to me. They are still my favorite Skyline.


I dont really like any of those skylines except the blue cockpit er34 and the hks bnr34. Those uras kits are probably the worst I've ever seen.


Mike, more on the stagea please...


Mike, is there any chance that when Nissan month comes around if you could do a full aritcle on the not-so-well known NISMO 400R (i'm sure you know what it is :)

That is my favourite out of all the Skylines, and as i said it is not too well known.

Would be appreciated!!!!


nice skylines,would be nice to get the last one as a wallpaper,so nice....


a bit surprised i havent heard news of blitz's rwd manual-equipped gtr here on speedhunters yet aaa