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A couple days ago, I was browsing through some South American drift photos on Flickr, when I stumbled across some racing photos from an Argentine Touring Car series called TC2000. Now, I am somewhat familiar with the Brazilian Stock Car series, as a playground for the country's F1 outcasts, but not the Argentine equivalent… Intrigued, I decided to dig deeper…..

From what I can gather, the TC2000 series is Argentina's answer to DTM. All the cars are silhouette, tube chassis racers, built to a low cost formula. Unlike DTM, they're front wheel drive and are limited to 2 Liter engines. Together with the V8 based Turismo Carreterra series, TC2000 is one of the most popular South American racing championships.

TC2000 is well supported by the automotive manufacturers with factory teams from Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet and Renault. That makes TC2000 one of the best factory backed series in the world, let alone South America!

2009 will mark the 30th anniversary of the championship.

The TC2000 race calendar features several street races, in addition to most of Argentina's many racing circuits.

Races are broadcast on national television and seem to gather large race day crowds.

When was the last time you saw a proper full race Toyota Corolla?

This "car as appliance" version of the Corolla doesn't even look half bad as a race car…. hahaha.

You can see the South American version of the Megane is the old first gen version of the car. It was available in Europe from 1995 to 2002 but it still going strong in South America.

The Chevrolet Astra TC2000 race car is based on an earlier version of the Opel/Vauxhal Astra. The open fender flares are an interesting design no?

The TC2000 Astra is certainly more aggressive looking than the BTCC versions of this body type from a few years back.

Here's the Ford team… I wonder what the Fangio XXI decal is refering to.

My favourite car in the series has to be the Honda Civic. IMO This is possibly one the best looking takes on the current Civic Sedan.

BTW in the background is a privateer VW Bora.

You can see traces of DTM aero style on this car… I'd love to see a time attack or street Civic with this body kit. It's both aggressive and classy.

Perhaps one of these years we'll need to take a special Speedhunting trip to Argentina to film this very successful and cool race series! I'll add that to my list of things to do!

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Mandatory 0.4+ c/d?


Whats with the covers over the rear wing on the birds eye view Ford Focus shot?


Thank you for this article. Really makes me proud to be Argentinian.


hey i love website! I m from Argentina and I m 16!! (I apologyse for my english) well, this is a great serie and very followed here in arg. This is a great report! exactily explained. well, bye bye.

PD: Fangio XXI it s a special (98 octanes) fuel from YPF.


import nascar



There's a dude racing a Ford Focus named PONCE DE LEON?!


idk, maybe to keep them fro, getting damaged/chipped? interesting how they use Focus sedans instead of the usual hatchbacks like you see in rally etc.


Interesting. I'd give to get used to looking to the cars.

But hey, grip racing is grip racing so +1


holly crap.. I think I just fell in love.. that looks awsome!

Some of thoes photos.. the one over Buenos Aires thats a fantastic shot. I also quite like the last one with the water in the background.

Speedhunters will cover this?... Hey Speedhunters send me down there, Id be more than happy to document Argentinian Racing and car culture.... ( what a gr8 speedhunting Idea... Car Cultures South America!)


hey, thanks for your interest in our racing car culture we love the cars and football, the TC2000 was founded in 1979 and now is the more technologic category in this country and one of the most popular in South America, i'm a Ford's fanatic. The Focus was introduced in 2003 after of the Ford Escort. Ponce de Leon is the racer's surname, his full name is Gabriel Ponce de Leon he's one of the gratest pilots of here, he won 3 championships: 2001,2003 and 2005 (Escort, Focus and Focus).

The Cars have a power of 300HP and a max speed of 169 MPH. any some information contact to me i'm argetine, and i,m learning english haha.


Ford Focus FTW! I wish mine looked like those!


I find in interesting that they seem to be running a spec wheel/tire package??


Why all the old cars?

Except for the Civic, all the cars(bodies) are really old...


South America uses older versions of production models for new car sales..... this is why they are still raced.


woo! dunno bout you guys but im certainly digging the corollas. one of the shots showing the corolla's rear was very sexy. they all looks so nice. and the yellow civid getting dirt was pretty nice as well.

looking forward for future coverage! woot!


this cars are not silhouette, they have wide bodies with fenders.


YPF is Argentina's petrol bussines, Fangio XXI is a product name for their premium gasoline.


btw: this is a good piece of tc2000 history, from back in 1989:

oil hose blows up coupe of laps before finish... renault fuego dog fight, championship defining race.


Hi, I´m another guy from Argentina, and i want to correct only one point about the fabrication of the cars, they are monocoques of the cars reinforced with tubing all the way, the wheel an tire package is one for all, and the suspension specs are common to all cars, engines are each ones of the cars tuned by european tuners in the oficial teams and with lots of racing components of the major categories in europe.

this is one of the most interesting championships in South America, and the categorie race in Brazil an Uruguay with 16 races in the tournament. In 2009 Ford and Renault will replace their old bodies with newer shells that are selling nowadays. If u want more information you can go to theres an english version of the page.



Good article

Now do one on the Brazilian Stock Cars and the Brazilian Big Truck Championship


The covers on the wings are the same as in other series (Indycar, Atlantic, etc). It's to keep the set-up a secret.


Fangio XXI used to be the name given to a premium fuel, based in JM Fangio, sold by YPF. I know this is an old post, but I was just wondering if SH had ever thought about Argentinian car world. Keep the great reviews coming!