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As you've likely heard, one of the additions to Tokyo Auto Salon for 2009 was the "Import Auto Salon", which held in a separate building apart from the three main halls of TAS. For show visitors it meant more bang for the ticket-buying buck, and for us press people, it meant more to shoot and write about. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I think the Import Auto Salon turned out well for its first time around.

I'll start off with one of my favorite cars in the building, the Fiat 500 tuned by by Any's International. Japan has always had a love affair with the Fiat 500 and the original model became famous for its use in the Lupin the 3rd cartoon series. In fitting with the current times, the new Fiat 500 was featured in the most recent Lupin movie.

There isn't much to say about Porsche GT3 RS. Stock or modified, it's simply the most desirable sportscars on the market anywhere. This one was displayed the Bond Group (no relation to the British agent)

Newing showed their Apil wide-body kit for the Volkswagen Golf V. This is one of the companies that has put Japan's late model VW tuning on the map.

JATS Air Suspension had several American cars in their booth, including a new Dodge Challenger SRT8 and a Chrysler 300C Wagon. They are planning on spreading overseas and are scheduled to exhibit at the SEMA Show in Vegas this year.

The ARQRAY E90 3-Series sedan is another fine example of Japanese style BMW tuning.

I liked the simplicity of this Audi TT.

This 135i coupe is done by Impact Magic, a company that has lot of experience with BMW tuning. The aero kit is an Impact original, and unlike a lot of demo cars, this one's had a lot of performance modifications as well.

Liberty Walk had a booth packed full of tuned Lamborghini's, including this green Murcielago.

This white racing version was also tucked away in the corner. I guess you know you're doing big things when a car this incredible is forced to sit in the corner…

The BMW 5-series doesn't get as much love as the 3-series or 1-series, but Toyo had this nice example on display in their booth. I believe I've seen this car in action at Tsukuba Circuit a while back.

This 360 Modena race car was built by M-Tecnologia, the Ferrari division of KSP Engineering. If the KSP name sounds familiar, its probably from their work with the Honda NSX.

NKB had one of the biggest booths in the building, and this E46 M3 race car was one several BMW's they brought out. You might notice that this car is painted with the same design as the NKB RX7 that runs in D1GP.

Finally, another wide-body MkV Golf built by Newing. Essentially it's the 3-door version of the gray car pictured earlier. Tucked under the blister fenders are 19"x9 and 19"x10 wheels done as a collaboration between Newing and Brombacher. The car is definitely aggressive, but I'm impressed with the way they captured the "Euro Hot Hatch" look with this car.



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will like to c more shots of the white 135i from other angles. looks hot as hell.


What rims are those on the M5?


luvin that Red golf. :-o


That exhaust on the 135i is horrendous! Love the M5 though, beautiful!


the transporter 3 shoulda got hooked up with that simple hype beast audi TT lol.