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Rolling on with my Tokyo Auto Salon coverage, it's time to look at this year's Honda showing. You have probably already seen photos of the cars displayed by Mugen and by Honda itself, but there plenty of other cool H-badged vehicles at TAS '09. I thought I'd start with the Tamon Design "Zaku" S2000 which was part of the Ray's Wheel both. This car has been in the making for over a year, and the finished product is really something.

Like Tamon's past projects, the S2000 is a bit more along the lines of an OEM-style concept car than a normal aftermarket creation. Am I the only one that sees a bit of C3 Corvette in the front fender design?

And the rear-view. This style of "non-glossy" paint was really big at this year's show. It used to be seen only on exotic projects, but recently it's been popping on normal shop demo cars and the like.

When was the last time you saw an EF9 Civic at Tokyo Auto Salon? I sure as hell don't remember. This car was displayed by TRA Kyoto/6666 Customs alongside the Rocket Bunny S13. Obviously the guys at TRA are big fans of vintage style, as evidenced by the old school Mugen CF48 wheels and the graphics design. 

Believe it or not, you can actually rent this fully-tuned NSX from a group called T-Dream. Just a bit cooler than a Toyota Vitz or Corolla rental isn't it?

The "Sports Modulo" Fit was one of the centerpieces of Honda's booth at Auto Salon. Unlike some of the factory concepts, this one looks like it could reach production. Looking at these photos, I get disappointed that the USDM Fits have a much larger and less pleasant-looking front end than the JDM models.

Also shown by Honda was Modulo S2000 Concept. It's amazing that Honda's custom division is still finding ways to reinvent the S2000, ten years after it was released.

My personal favorite in the Honda booth was the Modulo Civic Type R Super Taikyu race car. To me, these cars are the best example of traditional touring car style in the classic spirit of the BTCC and JTCC.

Sitting alongside the Porsche 962C in the Dunlop Tire booth was this Epson Super GT NSX race car. When it comes to booth design alone, I think Dunlop was my favorite of the show. The whole area was filled with historic photos and movies documenting the company's racing history.

You've seen exterior shots of the Feel's FD2 Civic Type R time attack car in my Tsukuba Super Battle coverage, so here's a peek under the hood. That's a fully-built, naturally aspirated 300hp K20-based race motor.

J's Racing brought two cars this year. One of them was the Fit seen here…

…and the other was their new AP1 S2000 designed to celebrate the model's 10th birthday.

To list all the J's Racing parts on this thing would take me an hour, so I'll stick to the basics. J's Racing Type-GT aero kit, F22C complete engine, J's edition Crux suspension, Ray's RE30 wheels, and some of the craziest graphics I have ever seen on a car. Actually, "graphics" isn't really the right word for this. How about "mural"?

A bit more understated was the Crave Fit in the El Dorado booth, another one of my favorites of the show. There were a bunch of cool Honda Odysseys out there as well. but I'm saving those for my post about the vans of Auto Salon.

Spoon brought the FD2 Civic demo car and their NSX-R GT complete car this year.

The Mugen booth was a happening place this year with cars like the this "Accord 24SC" concept. As the name suggests, it's powered by supercharged 2.4L. I wasn't too excited about the new Accord until seeing this version. It looks great.

Also on display in the Mugen booth was the all-carbon Civic RR Advanced concept. Powered by a naturally aspirated 2.2L K-series making 260hp, the car recorded a 1:04.096 lap time at Tsukuba Circuit during a testing session last month. I liked how Mugen displayed all the car's individual parts in front of the car itself.

And the biggest draw from Mugen, the NSX RR concept. Looks-wise, this is as close to a road-going Super GT car as it gets..

This Spoon Fit could be found in the Ray's booth.

The strangest Honda at the show had to be this ita-sha Prelude. Ehhh….

Don't forget to check out the cool seat covers!

And finally, the Accord Wagon from the T-Selection. Essentially a wagon version of the previous model Acura TSX. Even though the wheels are a bit much, I liked the rest of the car a lot.

Next up? Skylines.

-Mike Garrett



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The Mugen NSX RR looks so cool!!!

Can't wait for the Skyline coverage


Did you also spot the Lexus with the Honda EK rear?


This is the first time that I have completely excited with ever honda at a show, the paint on the Zaku s2k is just amazing......


any more pics of the NSX RR?


more on the NSX-RR, All Carbon Civic RR please! TRA/6666's EF9 is bitchin! and Tamon's ZAKU s2000 reminds me of the z4 and looks awesome =]


oh and i hope the rumors are right and Honda does bring that euro accord wagon here state side as there have been sightings of one being tested here in the states.


That Green paint on the Tamon S2000 looks goooood!

That "mural" on the J's S2000 overshadowed the new aerokit.

And that ita-sha Prelude has a sticker that says StreetGlow. Reminds me of the old days. LOL.


That Modulo S2000 is soooooo ugg-e-ly!

Awsome grafix on the J's Racing S2k.


any more pic of that white Fit or that old school EF9????


The J's Racing S2000 looks absolutely amazing. I can't imagine how long it took to the the airbrushing. The wide body GT kit also gives it a mean stance, much like the Amuse S2000 GT1. Also liked the itasha Prelude, couldn't help myself since I love anime as well......


I REALLY like the FD2 from Feel's......subdle exterior but worked out to be a great contender. Great car.


that Mugen civic lapped 1:04 in Tsukuba? that's NSX-R more specs (suspension setting and tires used)?


So that Spoon NSX-R GT is LHD? Preview of U.S. converted models? hmmmmm..


any more pics of white ef9? thanks


I like the sign in the back of the Modulo Civic picture.

"I'm White" lolz


is the mural painted on or is it vinyl that's been clear-coated afterwards? it's VERY wild, and i can appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it one way or the other.


I don't like stickers but I LOVE J's Racing S2000, their aftermarket stuff is topnotch and I cramm as much as I can afford into my E-DB8 R haha


that NSX-RR is a 2.4 V6 supercharged...interesting


No mono-eye on the Zaku?!


that "new accord" that you like is our acura tsx


That Accord looks awesome!