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Continuing on with Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 coverage, let's look at one of my personal favorites – tuned Toyota RWD sedans. Mark II, Chaser, Altezza, Aristo – they were all represented well at this year's Auto Salon. I didn't notice quite as many JZX cars as last year's show, but the ones on hand very impressive. Take a look at the 396 Motoring JZX100 Cresta, seen above in the Drift Tengoku booth. Intricate paint designs like this are getting more and more popular on tuner cars in Japan, and seemed to be one of the big things at TAS 2009. Gone are the old days of simple vinyl graphics and one-color paint jobs. This Cresta is one of a growing number of street drift cars incorporating "lux" style and show car elements in their builds. The only difference between these and your standard show cars is these do more than just look cool while parked…

Although it's a fairly popular car on the streets, the SXE10 Altezza hasn't seen much love from tuners in the past few years. That's why I was excited to see this SXE10 drift car built by Works Racing. Outside there's full BN Sports Type II aero with custom blue flake paint and color-matched Work XSA03C wheels sized 18"x9 front and 18"x10 rear. The giant carbon GT wing is a one-off piece.

Under the hood? This T88-fed 3.4L 2JZGTE that makes 780ps. Keep in mind that the JDM Altezza comes stock with the four cylinder 3SGE and not the 2JZ inline six like in the US market. This has to be one of the most hardcore Altezzas in the world. Right up there with the HKS D1 car I'd say.

Debuting at Auto Salon was Manabu Orido's new JZS161 Aristo. The aero on the car is a collaboration between Orido's Ridox line and VARIS. I love the look of the kit, and the color Orido picked for the car is perfect.

The wheels are Weds Maverick 110S-R 20"x9.5 in the front and 20"x10 in the rear.The flared front fenders are also part of the Ridox kit.

Here's the rear view. The kit combines a subtle luxury look with a GT-like elements, two things I didn't think would be possible in a single design. What do you think?

Speaking of Orido, here's the WedsSport 2JZ-powered IS350 drift car that he drove in D1 last year. Hopefully he and the car will be back again for more D1 action in '09.

Finally, one of my favorite cars from the entire show, the BN Sports Type M JZX100 Mark II. The outside is of course dominated by the full BN Sports Type M aero kit and the aggressive color-matched Work wheels sized 19" in the front 20" in the rear. There's a cage in the car, but the interior is complete with navigation and other luxuries.

Under the hood is a 2JZGTE with a single HKS T51R turbine. Power is said to be 1000ps! The 'mission is a six speed and Supra brakes help to slow it down.

A full interior, 1000ps JZX100 tucking 19's and 20's. I don't think it gets any better than this…

This is why I love Auto Salon!

-Mike Garrett



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Stange of Orido that he tuned a JZS161 again. Should have done a new GRS191.


Wow! Orido's aristo and the bn sports jzx100 are brutal and beatiful at the same time.


that JZX100 is amazing


2jz torque monster in da fuckin house


Wow I see Kenji Yamanaka's Formula D S14 in the background in the original picture.... I guess he's keeping it in Japan now?


2jz torque monster rock da house


Awesome, just awesome.


I know its about the toyotas but any chance ya got any pics of the S14 f/lift behind the 396 Motoring JZX100 Cresta??


more pics from the ridox aristo !!!!!!!!!!!! the look is amazing !


great cars, nice to know that VIP styles are being incorperated with others forms as well, and actually making fully functioning racers out of cars that look good while parked



That's Kenji Yamanaka's Formula D S14. It used to be the Hankook / JIC Magic Car. I know about it... I worked on it. hahaha.


that titanium valve cover 2jz with the matching t88 is deadly!


I think Orido's JZS161 and the IS350 looks the best out of all the other cars. No other Toyota sedans at TAS? Was the Friends Racing JZX110 or any of those MSC/D1SL JZ's there?




That jzx100 is one of the hottest one's i've ever seen. epic


I didn't know the Altezza (Lexus IS300) came with a 2JZ engine in the US. I knew it was a straight six, but I didn't think it was a 2JZ....



It is a 2jz-ge, the non turbo version of the Supra 2jz-gte. Both are similar in displacement and configuration but that's where the differences end.