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I thought I'd save the best for last, and show you my favourite race cars from the Autosport show all in one go…. Ready, set, go!…..

Of course, the car which completely blew my socks off was the Norris Designs SWB Evo9. It was interesting to see the crowds at the show were similarly impressed. Most passer bys, especially those in their 20's and 30's were completely hypnotized by it…. This really verified to me, that this new school automotive culture is the next wave of motorsports, even in the home of traditional racing, the UK. Agree/disagree?

The Prodrive Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2 is a work of pure art. Looks nice in white too! I do hope they put more serious engineering effort into the car this year. It looked and sounded great in the ALMS in 2008, but was relegated to running around at the back of the grid. Knowing Prodrive it's just going to be matter of time before this car is beating the Ferraris and Porsches.

Not sure what the idea with these mirrors is…. Any theories?

Whenever we've featured DTM in the past, the question always arises: why isn't BMW racing there? Well, the answer is, they've been there and done that…. If you need proof, here is an ex-DTM BMW Touring car… this car is from the period of time the series ran with Group A specifications. Lovely machine.

Would look great if someone did up a drift car with this paint job…. why not? Andy Sapp?

The 3 series is the S13/S14 of European grass roots drifting so why not take some visual cues from the E30's amazing racing heritage?

I also quite liked the look/feel of this Britcar spec E46. It has the same M3 GTR bodykit that NFS and Sumo Power put onto one of our show cars back in the day…

Aggressive… When will we see a drifting E46 with this amount of style?

Speaking of style, this new shape Megane Trophy car had oodles of it…. I kept returning to this car over and over again over the course of the show…

I've never seen such wild forms on a car before…

Perhaps modern F1 cars have this feeling of organic curvature but never on a closed coupe.

Some interesting aerodynamic concept s on The Megane Trophy. This channel must serve to trap air and create downforce.

Look at that silhouette!

This Lotus also looked the business..

Check out that diffuser….. also note how the car builders have cut air vents behind the rear wheels and opened up the area between the tail lights. Proper.

And finally, I'll end my coverage of the Autosport Show with a few pics of the painter Ian Cook.

What's interesting about Ian, is that he creates automotive paintings using RC cars…. cool huh? He dabs paint onto the canvas and then drives the cars on the surface to move the colour about….

Here's the end product… pretty cool!

And I leave you with this last image, to contemplate the concept of 900 bhp…. Let us meditate about this together…. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm………..




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2 things.

1.) That is the new form of motorsport. The debate between tuners, and hot rodders has always confused me. Isn't what the tuners are doing, the same thing that the hot rodders were doing in the 50's? They used what they had, to create as much power as they could, for as cheap as they could, while still looking good. So as much as the hot rodders don't want to admit it, this "tuning" movement, is actually the new world version of hot rodding.

2.) About those mirrors, the stalks look thick, so maybe a small air intake? or possibly, another hole for the engine to vent.


air intake for interior cooling I believe


the first picture, damn: too hot thanx Rod Chong


i remember reading somewhere that the mirrors were for driver cooling... not sure if there's an outlet that just points the air at the driver or if it actually routes air through the stalk into the passenger compartment.


Joe I agree with you... the pattern betwen tuning and hot rodding is the same...




Actually those mirrors are built to shoot lasers.... hahhaha I'm really diggin' the Megane Trophy and that Evonik Exige... Also that RC car painting is pretty tight as well!


I also think the mirrors are for Cabin Air flow.

Im completely smitten by the Megane.


Joe is absolutely right, It will go on like that until the end of public owned transportation exists.

Most of the muscle car hot rodders are just stuborn, angry, old men. They didn't realize that cars would come along, being built by people 1/2 their age, that look better, can take corners 3 times faster, attract sexy women, and completely stretch the shit out of them on the highway. I'm keeping an open mind for the future....

....that RWD EVO is mind-bogling.


All those cars are freaking awesome, I'm going to this show in the future. I am all about function over form!


This is better than TAS. All pure racing bred machinery, win.


Maybe the mirror holes are to make a cool whistling noise, then via a system of steering wheel buttons the driver can play a tune in the case that an endurance race were to get boring. Although cockpit cooling makes sense as well...


as mentioned before..the first picture is really awesome.

we could use a pic of this EVO in desktop size.. :P

oh and yeah: Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........


I love the dtm e30, it´s mitical


Yeah, the mirrors are for air intake into the cabin.

You guys covered that here in speedhunters in an Aston Martin (ALMS?) post.


mirros to cooling, and oh my god! this paint is cool as heel! is so cool that deserves more o's!(i know that one was horrible).


let's see the dalback golf gti vs the swb evo around a race track


Never seen the 4G63 placed in like that. Nice though!