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So track action is underway here in Dubai with a few hours of practice and qualifying and it seems appropriate to have a quick look at the unusual cars that are in the field. OK, Ok we all know what a 911 Porsche looks like but this one is special, it is the SpeedHunters 997 Supercup.

And very smart it looks, black on white with Need for Speed Undercover and SpeedHunters logos………..

In races such as the Dubai 24 hours much fuss is made of the pole winner but in reality only anoraks remember this achievement, after a day of racing everyone forgets. But let's give Richard Lietz his 15 minutes and the Autolando Sport Porsche 997 RSR.

As the saying goes………..and now for something completely different………a Solution F Touring Car.

It spits flame, is based around an Opel and is slower than it looks.

The only open top car in the race.

The Empire Motorsports Lotus 2 Eleven.

Rumbling along is pure Aussie beef, with a bit of help from GM's V8 stable.

It's the Mal Rose Racing Holden Commodore.

SpeedHunters' Mazda month should be saluted by the MX7 of Brunswick Automotive.

An earlier request on the comments was for a look at one of the two Mitsubishi Mirages of Team Mirage Australia.

An unlikely choice of weapon is the Volvo S60 of Ebbing Motorsport.

The mid-engined Jaguar X-type Silhouette is an intriguing addition to the field.

Creventic, the organisers of the race developed up a race version of the Audi R8.

How it will compare with the Audi Sport R8 on the way for GT3 is the question?

There is only one Mosler MT900 GT3 in the field, entered by Gravity Racing International.

Not seen by me before, Bovi Motorsport's Brokernet Silversting.

Space frame and Porsche powered.

BMW has several representatives, in the race, this is the Z4 M Coupe GT4 of G&A Racing.

But it is somewhat slower than the Al Faisal Racing version.

Another Audi, this time a TT from GMC Pro Sport.

One car that won't make the start is the Marcos Mantis, crashed beyong immediate repair during practice.

A SpeedHunters' favourite, the Mitsubishi Evo X from Mitsubishi Motors UK.

Looking aggressive, the Equipe Verschuur Renault Megan Trophy.

OK that concludes the quick look through the field for the 2009 Toyo Tyres 24 Hours of Dubai.

John Brooks



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awesome to see that us aussies are well represented up there... i've always wondered how the numbers and some sponsorship decals look like they're lit up on these enduro cars... is it just super reflective of are they lit by something like LEDs??? just a random question lol


IIRC the Megane Trophy and the Solution F Astra maybe the same car underneath. I know Solution F was involved in the Megane (as was Oreca), but I'm getting old and grey, so can't remember all the details.


Great pics John!


Great photos on the line up! and thanks for taking pictures of the mirage. I wonder if that used to be one of the Ralliart prepped Mirage Cup cars. yummy.


Wow, you can really see the heat coming off the radiator of that Al Faisal Z4


Such variety on the grid remind me the green hell....in desert !

The speedhunters 911 is really sexy ;)

@ Andy : Nope the Megane and the Astra didn't share underclothes , despite very similar construction. But yes you're right , solution F was in charge of early Megane studies.

@ John : You could walk to #93 Team Marcos BMW 120 , and give a warm hello to 2 famous Porsche 935 owners / drivers. Please salute Van and Woody from Markus the frenchy 935 nuts.


Any pics of the Gran Turismo GT-R ? because i suppose its racing in dubai ...


Shame that Marcos can't join, that thing is a beast.


Markus Nissa - did some checking at home, and yes, the Megane chassis forms the basis for the Opel!


in addition to that, the Megane chassis is based off an Italian Alfa 156 Silhouette racer study, which never got off the ground.... bit like Neil Brown Honda engines in older Audi DTM cars......whoops, wasnt I suppose to say


the Silverstring is a hungarian GT racing car, developed and built here. I was there when it was introduced 2 years ago


Wow people of SpeedHunters, you keep me on my toes..............being away from the office I did not have all the reference material available..............but you guys know all the answers.

@Markus.............I will try.........I did speak to Cor earlier remembering the FIA GT back in 1997 and 1998.

@ Alejandro............later, later.

@Andy........many thanks........

OK race starts in a couple of hours...............



Hey guys,

Thank you all for your support. We had some issues with the car yesterday (Setup mainly) and only managed a 15th place on the grid. After an all nighter from the pit crew we were a whole second faster in todays warmup. This is a LONG race so weather you start 5 or 15 is actually of less relvance. We are exited....race starts in one hour :)

I will be back with more info during the race.

Patrick Soderlund /Team NFS/Speedhunters


Everytime I see the Renault Megane' Maxi, it gets wider and wider....lol

GREAT coverage. Thanks a bunch John ! Keep the pics/ posts coming !


The wing height on the Megane is just silly..I suppose it's aerodynamically proven but looks hilarious.

John Brooks: Amazing pics and a nice writeup, keep us posted.

Patrick: Thanks, would be great to have updates from a driver's point of view as well.


"SpeedHunters' Mazda month should be saluted by the MX7 of Brunswick Automotive."

Oh come on, get some rest already, you can't even tell between a MX5 and a RX7 (unless I'm missing something) Either way, nice to see such a variety of cars running in the race. Can't wait to see more shots of the other cars in the race. Also, good luck to the guys at Team NFS/Speedhunters and hopefully finish the race in one piece.....


Greate shot of Speedhunters car, she looks realy good and they are doing well, Two therds to go!


According to DailySportsCar, at the half way point they are 4th overall!!!.


This dispite taking some of there pit gear with them down the pit lane after one stop :)


mmmmmmm that opel has given me ideas for my astra!!


just checked in and Patrick and the guys are in 6th overall with just over 3 hrs to go. pretty impressive. Fingers crossed. Appears they are the quickest 997 Supercup car (BMW and GT3 RS above).


The Evo X is 55th and the Brunswick RX7 is 50th


any of the RJN Z's? I'm dying for some good pics :)