Event>> Miata Meet At Azusa Krispy Kreme

Last night after waiting in line for an hour at The Boiling Crab in Alhambra CA (extremely worth the wait, BTW), I decided to meet up with my friends to check out this Miata meet in the City of Industry. My friend Paul from OC (the owner of a super cool white Miata with excellent stance) told me I should go, as there were all sorts of people talking on the Miata forum about how they'd be slamming their cars super low just for this meet. Low cars? I'm in. After all, it's Mazda Month… let's check it out.

When we arrived at the parking lot of Krispy Kreme on Azusa Ave, there were quite a few Miatas there… but to be honest, only the lowest, best stance-having cars caught my eye. I decided not to post pictures of those ones, as I've arranged to shoot photos of them for a future car spotlight on Speedhunters. I suppose when there are so many Miatas in one place, it's survival of the fittest – only the meanest ones stand out. While I honestly didn't care for every single car I saw, I'll point out some of the things I liked.

I liked the styling on this red Miata above. The silver Momo Prototipo steering wheel, black hardtop and front chin spoiler looked cool. I also think the aftermarket mirrors and the bumper vent are nice accessories. I think it might look nice to color coordinate these items though, I think black vents might look cooler on this Miata, since it would match the chin spoiler and hardtop, but the red looks nice enough. I like the addition of the round Japanese sidemarker on the fender, and the "Roadster Club of Japan" sticker. All in all, this car has all the makings of a very stylish Miata. Don't you guys think so? Ah, if only those were RS Watanabe wheels…

There was a good amount of Miatas gathered in the parking lot. It was cool to see so many of them out at the meet. In fact, some of the friends I came with began thinking of cool wheels and other accessories that we'd like to put on a Miata if we owned one… and we even began thinking, "hey, Miatas are kinda cheap now. Maybe one of us should get one just to put cool 4×100 wheels on it and have fun autocrossing or something…" But then reality set in, and we realized that we all have too many personal project cars as it is. Maybe someday…

I liked this "Nos blue" Miata. Sure, it didn't have ridiculous offset wheels, but what I admire about this car is the fact that it's functional, clean, and track ready. I see the Speed Ventures sticker on the back of the car… that combined with the rollbar and the Falken Azenis tires makes me think that this car sees a good amount of racetrack action. That's great! That's exactly what makes Miatas fun…

I appreciated the SSR Mark II wheels and the matching silver hardtop and rollcage on this Miata. I think if I owned a Miata, mine would look a bit closer to this one, in terms of styling.

Here's a new MX-5, with what looks to be Rays Gram Lights wheels on it. I haven't really looked at the new MX-5s closely, but they look to be a very nicely done rendition of the original MX-5 Miata, but of course with updated suspension, brakes and engine. I'd love to test drive one of these cars sometime! I bet it would be great for autocross. Isn't that what Miatas are made for, anyway?

Here's an NB Miata, just to see some of the different generations that were there at the meet.

I liked this sticker on the upper corner of one of the Miatas' windshields. This is just a small glimpse into Miata lifestyle…

-Antonio Alvendia



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is that a Daihatsu Copen in the background in the second image?


and my favourite in these pics is the silver NB at the end, awesome wheels and aero


yup. KINOD. what the heck does that mean anyway?


Krispy Kreme

In & Out ( burgers )



I can see myself driving that light blue Azenis-shod NA Miata, very cool. Maybe slap on some flat black flares and lower offset wheels to add to the already nice package...


sad to say, but these pics look like they were taken with a camera phone


Too bad Peter Li?'s car wasn't there, that thing is retardedly nice (ce28n)


CHARLIE: thanks for the clarification on what KINOD means!

BON: haha thanks for the link! HAHA it's all good. they're right, these pics do suck. it's not like they're my portfolio pieces! these photos i posted are real quick 5 second "snaps." no tripod, no nothing. super grainy high ISO i know, but i don't normally bring a ton of equipment to a parking lot meet.

just wanted to show readers real quick some of the cars that were out there. cause it's not like anyone saw any "magazines" out there shooting, ya know. as much as i do love car magazines. =)


Awesome shots! Nice to see so many functional Miatas. Also have a nice peekaboo shot of what looks to be a nice E30 in the background.


Cool pics... I'm more and more falling in love with the NA... that light blue one is really wonderful...


Nope, that's a MR-2/ MR-S W3.


good to see you made it out antonio! That sticker you pointed out is the OG RD sticker me and my friend made about 4 years ago, wow it's been along time lol.


Blueslug, looks like its a Toyota MRS to me. Miata's somehow look cool in Watanabe hmm..


Woooo, KINOD! I think we'll be seeing more/better roadsters soon :]

If you wanted the SSR wheel history shirt you can get it here



gotta love miatas. Those first gens are seriously cheap, and really versatile. A great tribute to the old english styled roadsters


Krispy kreme In N Out DRIVE.



arturs skanis


arturs skanis


Sir Sqiigs: too bad your og NA didn't make it out, i hope you rocked that show though! ur a rockstar now dude! text me if you know of any other cars that you think I should have a look at...


Miatas are fun as hell to drive. I haven't had the chance to drive one that has performance mods added, but can't wait to get the chance.


i think the fist gen miata's are the best looking of them all.

Mazda FTW

thanks Antonio


if you do anything this year... test drive a new MX5.

super fun!

and thanks for more roadster coverage!


KINOD keeping it real!!! All of the cars have come a long ways from the OGs of Mnet CrossOver to CRnet. Soon they will have their own KINOD Magazine!!! NA Miatas owned that meet!! ;p


LOL my car made it to the pinnacle of rice blog :D

thx antonio!


HAH you whining Miata guys need to chill out. You are lucky Speedhunters even came out to take pics of your almost bone stock cars... it's not like any car magazines are rushing out to cover your cars at the meets. Your wheels are weak! Try harder please.


Should taken a picture of my RSR Exmag GTII lol

It's rare.....but still not as cool as Peter's car and stuff


oh dang i made the cover story LOLOL.


antonio - i own that blue NA and have driven it for almost 10 years now. i've kept the car very purposeful and restrained on the mods. it's not easy. i hope fans of the NA recognize the subtleties and appreciate them (more are found on the interior). i met my wife at a HPDE because of this car 8 years ago. it has a lot of sentimental meaning and i appreciate your picture.

at 35, i do my best to share some enthusiasm to a younger crowd starting to enjoy these cars.