Event>> Eibach Meet 2009

Rod pointed out to me that there was a big meeting over at the Eibach headquarters in the USA. After some searching I found a whole bunch of nice pictures from some members on the NWP4LIFE forum.  Looking at the pictures I'm really jealous, the pure quality of the builds is something I can only dream of seeing here in Holland. I used to drive a EG and a EJ and had lots of fun with both of them, they also opened doors for me. I could also say that my first steps into tuning cars were made with those Honda's. Enough of this nostalgia, let's have a look at some of the cars that caught my eye.

After I looked through the photo's I realized I have chosen only Honda's to cover but as you can see in the opening picture there was a wide variety of different cars.

The styling of this particular Del Sol really appeals to me. The color, the wheels with the extended lugnuts and the Spoon calipers behind them.  But why did the owner use those black bumper strips on the front?

Talking about wheel fitment, this S2000 takes the cake. I have seen numerous pictures of this particular car and still amazes me at how much you can achieve with so little.

Never though a Honda Accord could look this good.

Blending the old and the new or just mixing up different styles. It all seems to work on this EG. What do you guys think of the rusted hood? The Work wheels are an instant win so I won't be asking you guys about that one.

I have always thought it was a real shame that Toyota didn't introduce Scion in Europe. If I would have the opportunity to pick up a Bb I wouldn't even have to think about it.

Nice EG with some very nice cool parts like the carbon splitter and cut up front bumper to house the intercooler. Anybody got any more info about this car?

A few years back the CRX was all the hype, a real shame I do not see any nicely done up ones anymore. So for me it was a real treat to see this example in between all the other cars. Nice color, Spoon wheels and calipers in the front, I'm curious as to what engine this is running, anybody?

My thanks goes out to alexisisthemovie, xknowonex, justdhizpinoy and Johnny.Ly over at the NWP4LIFE forum.

-Jeroen Willemsen

For even more pictures I strongly suggest you take a look at this topic on NWM4LIFE



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I love the fender flares on the rex. That bb is killer stance. Makes me want to get one of those.

That bumper strip is for jdmness man! ;) LOL Some cars look good with those. Not sure on this one.


man i am moving to the west coast ..


i know ive seen that green crx before, read an article about it a little while back, done by a long time well known crx tuner...man i cant remember atm....


the red hatch is awsome, but i think the rusted hood takes away from its overall appeal. but hey, i'd still drive it lol


More of that S2000 please!


pls pls pls could you make that crx a desktop for me!!!!

email: kill4less239@yahoo.com


rust hood is a hot rod thing, via the vw scene. we call it "rat look" or "rat style". i think it's interesting to see it on an EG but i've never really been a fan of those cars in terms of styling, they're fairly bland imo. the S2000 on the other hand looks amaaaazinnnnngggggggg ~~~~ lol


Dang, seems like it's been a while since I've seen some Honda action on here. That S2K is freakin' sick. More of that please.


NWP4life, not NWM ;)


CRXs have always been some of the most pretty compacts out there.


I was at that show last sunday. That olive green crx, the gts-t skyline and the datsun 510 were some of my favorites there. Saw alot of great wheel set ups. There was also a nice gt3 in the the eibach garage. Parking was a pain but all in all it was a good show.


@ Jeroen:

I'm not too sure, but the last pic featuring the green CRX has been featured quite a few times in Honda Tuning, and if I recall it....it has a mildly tuned B18C5....but I could be wrong.

All those cars ARE nicely done. Props to the owners.


I love all of them!

Is it me, or is there something that seems to make all the cars really reflective? Weather perhaps?


It's been years since I've hung out with all of these guys so I cant recall names or what not, but you can easily find more history about these cars over at honda-tech's forums... NWP4LIFE is more like the SO-CAL branch of honda-tech dispanding from their H-T heritage.

I post as 137 on either forum, make sure to say whats up sometime.


For some reason I'm really drawn to that CRX, looks very, very good. That S2000 is amazing! What color is that? Beautiful!


oh man...the delsol and crx is lovely!!!!


That red EG with the rust hood is the member of Phaze2 crew, along with that sick red DC2 Acura, with the gold engine bay and also aggressive stance, if you can rember.... it was a feature car in the latest HTM.


imo i think that the rust hood on an eg doesnt fit at all.


That CRX is sweet, belongs to Leon Casino.

He's got another Mugen CRX that's RHD imported from Japan years and years ago.


i seen the crx and few other of these cars on here at wekfest in san francisco


When is the next Eibach meet?


The meet was good.It went down in corona,ca