Car Spotlight>> Liberty Walk F40

What do you get when you mix Italian design with Japanese flavor? I'm guessing it is going to look like this F40 build by Liberty walk. I'm not a real Ferrari fan, but always liked the F40 for some reason.

You need a lot of guts to even start thinking about modifying a Ferrari especially an F40. Although it looks extreme, I feel that Liberty Walk made something tasteful and very pleasing for the eye.

Impressive shot with all the carbon exposed. Liberty Walk redesigned the rear bumper but kept the signature exhaust. This car is the only machine that could possibly look good with an exhaust that looks like this, agreed?

Together with its younger brother, the Ferrari F50. The F50 looks a lot more tacky with it's all white appearance. The wheels are a set of custom Enkei's with a one lug system. I'll bet they fetch top dollar. Also spot the massive calipers and brake assembly behind the wheels.

A better view at the brakes. It seems to me that Liberty Walk has grinded of the top layer and thus revealing the bare metal. I would have second thoughts about doing that to my Brembo calipers but who cares when you can afford a Ferrari F40.

Engine wise nothing has changed, it is still a 3 liter V8 with an output of 478bhp. That combined with the incredible low weight of 1100kg results in some serious performance numbers.

Liberty Walk did change the suspension setup with a Roberuta remote control height adjustment set. Top Secret also uses this same brand in their demo vehicles so you know it's top notch.

Another nice shot from the rear with a custom made spoiler with a clear acrylic stand in the middle.

OK…. Now I'm busy looking for some nice material for our Mazda month.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Liberty Walk, LB Performance



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crazy enkeis!


Sweet jesus, its the first time i sew a modified f serie


I think this doesn't work at all. You just cant tune ferraris, particulary classics like F40. :(


I liked those wheels a lot, but not much about that rear wing though. Nevertheless, it still looks quite impressive for a Japanese tuned Ferrari.


That car is definatly some hot machine,

love the design and name too


F40 always make my heart beat faster, but this amazing mode ride!!!! first shot on desktop PLEASE


well done, they really went with tastefull mods



WOW that is really nice

imma try to make that same car in forza now


If YES were a car, this would probably be it.


Desktop request for the first image plz!!!!


lol + 1 for the enkeis



I gotta stop staring at these and get back to work.


That's just damn sweet! can we get desktops of this? please please pretty please =)


Woow , awesome car with beautiful black enkei wheels. Very nice colour combination.


Thats gotta be scary fast ! one day i will own one


Holly sweet damn... perfect color combo IMO! It's a great job on the greatest Ferrari ever made.


is it twin turbo? it has two intercoolers!!!


I think this is a very sympathetic modification. I like it a great deal! Top marks!


@ TeRRy : Yes , all F40s have twin turbo , and twin intercoolers.

Just had to add a counterpoint here : That " thing" is just an average tuning paint job at my eyes.

Even the wheels are poor , just because the car sit too low. The body is untouched , it(s just fitted with the Michelotto's IMSA / Le Mans / BPR rear wing , nothing more , nothing less.

Touching to iconic cars is higly risky task , touching to iconic Ferraris , is.....suicidal , the F50 is a flop , so it could be painted in metalizzed blue , and orange stripes with gold wheels , i don't care.

But please , let the F40 as it should be for ever : R - E - D !


muito foooooda!


It's not Rosso Corsa, but damn it looks good.


F40 is the only Ferarri made after the '60s that I like. Modding Ferarris is always risky and controversial, but this is tasteful I think. Personally, I like the F40 in black.


I saw this madness up on JDMST. White ferraris are just bringing all the rage.


looks nice overall, but the carbon custom wing looks a little weird imo.



plz :(


desktop image request for all of those pictures??? please,...please???


wow........ white beauty Ferrari !!!!


"I think this doesn't work at all. You just cant tune ferraris, particulary classics like F40. :(" - haxi.

You can't be serious? This F40 is awesome!


Any shots of the Front??


Matte black would have looked much much better. Not particularly impressed with the wheels. Now the car is worth much less. Bad idea to change those original wheels, spoiler & bumper. The owner of the car isn't an intelligent man.


I don't know. It looks splendid, yes; but the value of the car has gone down the toilet...Hmmm


this is sooooo hot

nice colour and freaking sick wheels

more picssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like it and I love the wheels.


It's the same rear wing as the F40 LM (not to be confused with the MUCH better looking rear wing on the F40 GTE, in my opinion anyway), and likely the same suspension too. Front splitter looks a little different, but likely just modified to make it streetable.


OH MY GOD!!! That is one of the tightest f40's Ive ever seen, let alone one of the few tuned ones...

I could've sworn that I just died and made sticky...


This sucks, sorry guys but it does......

My first reason is, "Japanese tuned" ? Tuning can mean many things but painting a car, slapping rims on it, and molding small parts of the body don't fall into that in MY opinion. That isn't much different than ricers slapping the same things on their SRT's and civics. If its the same engine and same horsepower and torque, then how is it tuned? Did the modifications they did make the F40 better in some fashion? No, not really... now it's just simply a poster child for the Japanese kids.

The F40 is a timeless, classic, memorable car. It should never be devalued, especially for a useless appearance change. I love Japanese designs, but I don't think this was a wise choice.



Any 1080p wallpapers perchance? :-)