Car Spotlight>> Art Nature Lemans Mazda Fc3s Rx7

I just wanted to post up some quick snaps of this car… when I spotted it, parked quietly in the back corner of the highly restricted access race car dungeon that lies underneath one of Mazda R&D facility, I couldn’t quite make out what kind of car this was… however, if you look more closely, examining the hood, the bumper vents, and the roofline, you’ll notice that this car is an FC3S RX7 Turbo II.

I didn’t have much information on this FC, but was told that apparently this car raced in Japan and also at LeMans. I couldn’t believe it! So crazy that a car with such heritage is not in some sort of museum… it’s just quietly kept stored in the race car dungeon, which is basically a museum, pretty much… except it’s a private one that most people don’t have access to.

Just look at the super wide body aero parts! This FC looks crazy! If you look at the side window, roof, and rear hatch area, this is where it looks more like a normal FC. Those fender flares are just insane looking though, don’t you think? I wonder if RE Amemiya’s wide body fender design was inspired by the fenders on this car..? Rotary heads, you know what I’m talking about? The RE Amemiya wide body aero fenders for the FD?

From behind stacks of spare wheels and tires, I was able to spy the rear portion of the car, showing the detail in the rear wing, which reminds me of the old school Veilside wings from 1996. Just look at how big and wide those rear wheels are, not to mention the fact that they’re center lug wheels! This FC is all business.

This thing looks amazing. I bet it sounds pretty crazy too… I would just love to see this FC run! I’d imagine it would sound pretty incredible. Maybe someday…

-Antonio Alvendia



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Somehow the body lines reminds me of the new RE Amemiya Genki 7 debuted in TAS 2009 few weeks ago.

If this car raced in Le Mans, John Brooks should have any pics of it no?


does anyone else think this has some FD in it? some insperation perhaps?


nice little tire stretch on the front wheels, lol!


zamildrift: yeah i know, i hit john up, but he was away from the office in dubai, so i didnt expect him to send me any info or whatev. i was holding off on this spotlight, trying to get some info from my friends at mazda, but it's already the end of the month, and we can't wait any longer. it's ok, they're busy, and we're on a schedule here!


Kinda weird how right above the mounted Goodyears, there's a Dunlop decal, lol.

Good find, Antonio.


Dang Antonio, you got the ill access. For a dedicated Rotary head like myself, being there would be next to heaven man.....**sigh** in due time brotha, in due time.


Hey there Antonio,

I actually have a shot of this car, I'm not sure where it was taken or who took it but I showed it to a friend a few weeks back by putting it on my photobucket. It's a direct side profile shot of it racing labelled '1994 LeMans Mazda RX-7 Franck Freon' it's obviously FC from the side profile, it wasn't until I saw your shots there that on the whole it doesn't look really that much like one. If you're interested in the photo you can get see it here;


Absolution: DAMN!!! I didn't even notice that! that's funny!

kyteler: THANKS for that photo!!! dude this FC looks AWESOME from the side. i wish i had the chance to get some good photos of it on the track... i was in the mazda dungeon shooting a couple different cars, and didn't have enough time to properly shoot this FC. sometime, i hope...


Thats crazy, if you cover the headlights (with your hands lol) you can clearly see its an fc the front vents are the sidelights, quite cool but odd that the left side ones have been smoothed over.


Scroll down to number 74 at racingsportscars;

Many of the '94 entries at Le Mans would probably have some sort of interest for people here.


lol, I didn't notice at first, either. I noticed that Dunlop was missing a letter on the sidewalls. Then I realized it said Eagle, which made my head go "Wait, wtf?"


Another shot of the same car.

Pretty sure it was the last time a RX7 based car ran at Le Mans