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Uras is the company started by Ken Nomura, the famous D1GP drifter and one my personal favorite drivers. Uras specializes in bodykits for several brands but mainly focusing on Nissan. Did you know that Uras also has a café and bakery? They even have a large RC arena where customers can test their Yokomo cars.

Last year at the Tokyo Auto Salon, 2008 Ken debuted this bodykit for the Mazda FD RX7. The car they had on display was painted in a flat black color, but I wanted to focus on this green one because bodykit looks better on this car. The bodykit consist of 3 parts including the frontbumper, sideskirts and rearbumper.

The frontbumper has a low cut design with a nice splitter and attached canards. The lights are sold separately but definitely complement the overall look.

A close up of the canards and splitter reveal that it's fixed to the frontbumper

The rear bumper features a very low diffuser that houses the exhaust. It really makes it look aggressive and I like it. The smoked taillights and the spoiler also help to give this car it's racer look.

Another look from behind shows the carbon diffuser in all it's glory. What do you guys think of it's design? i haven't seen this design on any cars outside Japan so I'm guessing it's not a big success Or is it because the bodykit is hard to come by?

-Jeroen Willemsen




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Not too bad at all.

I don't like the rear bumper very much though.


wow wow i like that diffuser a lot


sexy FD, my absolute favorite paint color. I want it on a 930 however....


Hmmm wonder if it would look as clean looking with the popups??


Doesnt look too bad... although the newer URAS design doesnt suit the FD aswell as the Nissans.... just wish the splitter where separate and maybe in CF, it looks abit tachy like this, but i suppose its there to keep costs down..

I think those rear diffusers look like that for a certain style, they seem to be a very JDM look while still functioning (maybe not as much as a traditional diffuser seen on race cars).....


Uras GT kit for a 180 is pretty nice, don't really dig their sideskirts but the aero design is mint.


Front bumper looks great...rear is not my cup of tea. MAN what is with the ugly clear tails on FD's in Japan? Looks like something from Checker Auto or Auto Zone, nasty. It is considered "ricey" here in the states but over there i guess it is the latest fad.


I have seen this body kit before and I was never a fan of the rear... Something about it just kinda doesn't go with my mental picture of a well built FD... But one thing I do love is how the side skirts really accentuate the curve of the body...


I love the rear diffuser... I think it's a very aggressive look (especially in carbon fiber).


I like it... only thing Im not big on is the clear lights in the rear difuser area.


Love this FD! But gotta lose those ugly canards.


Doesn't look like anything to make me want to drop my pants har har.


Really nice although i'am not a fan of the rear bumper.


ya the rear bumper doenst work well with the wide stance and the reverse lights


Tell us more about your rotary powered cars on

Nice FD Keep up the good wook!


its beautiful