Car Feature>> Jtp’s Fc3s Rx7 Is Mean In Green!

If you follow the Southern California drift scene at all, then it’s likely that you know the name Justin Pawlak, aka JTP. Our boy Justin has been making waves in the media recently, as one of the most popular new drivers in the Formula D series; even ending the season strong with a podium finish at Irwindale this year. Before Justin ever became popular in the Formula D circuit, he was popular in the Just Drift/All Star Bash world and a member of the Dori Dori Club from Cerritos, California.

Since many of our readers have already seen photos and/or video of Justin drifting (if not, then check out the videos from, I thought I’d show you all some pics of his newly repainted FC3S RX7. Although it enjoyed a lot of success in Formula D this past year, Justin’s FC is now officially retired from competitive professional drifting. Keep your eyes peeled for images of JTP in a new car, with new sponsors! Keep your radio dials… err… browsers locked to Speedhunters for more of that in the future.

However, for now, let’s check out the newly repainted FC that made Justin stand out from the crowd so much when he was driving it at events. The car literally just rolled out of the paint shop last weekend. Thanks to the expert painters at Sam’s Auto Land in Torrance, Justin’s FC is back to green… but now it’s a special House of Kolors candy green. I like how the tire tread can be seen, even from behind the aggressively flared out BN Sports rear bumper and the 50mm Origin rear overfenders. I’m normally not a big fan of huge wings… however, I think Justin’s FC looks AWESOME with that super tall Garage BB rear wing. It just works on this car, somehow.

Inside the car, Justin uses a bunch of Sparco stuff… a Champion LE steering wheel, quick release, arm restraints, Pro 2000 seats, and six point harnesses. Aside from that, he also has a bunch of GReddy gauges shoved into the glovebox to monitor the boost, oil temp, and water temperature. Also mounted inside the car is an AEM Uego gauge (interesting trivia: Justin used to work at AEM, and worked on building Tanner Foust’s 350Z), and let’s not forget… a blue bubble shift knob.

Nice wide white TE37s. And slightly stretched Maxxis Tires. I think white has to be my absolute favorite color for TE37s. Sooooooo cool!

Want specifics? Volk Racing TE37 17x10J F, 18×10.5J rear, with 235/40/17 F and 255/35/18 R Maxxis MA-Z1 Drift tires mounted on them.

Check out the engine setup on Justin’s FC. This engine is obviously well tuned to withstand all the abuse he puts it through at drift events, and it uses a lot of aftermarket parts to help build power and reliability.

Let’s have a look at the spec list: S5 ported 13BT, Full Race
Twinscroll turbo manifold, Borg Warner AirWerks S300 T4 divided-journal
bearing turbo, Tial 44mm wastegates, JPR 4inch intake, JPR shaved and
ported lower intake manifold, JPR 3.5 inch full V-band exhaust, Burn’s
Stainless shorty muffler, Walbro 255 in-tank fuel pump, Aeromotive
Tsunami in-line pump, GM LS1 ignition coil packs, Earl’s 625 oil
coolers, Spal 7.5″ fans, Blitz SBC i-D boost controller, JPR v-mount
and shroud, Mac’s dual pass radiator, Spal C&R 16inch fan
(3350cfm), Baker Precision power steering cooler, Neo Synthetic 20w50
engine oil, Haltech E8 engine management, Baker Precision battery, OS
Giken twin disc clutch, OS Giken super lock 1.5way LSD, S5 TII
transmission, Neo Synthetic transmission and differential fluid.

Justin only wanted the best parts for his FC, so he chose to use DG-5 coilovers from Driftspeed, with Swift 8kg front and 6kg rear springs. However, it doesn’t stop there; Justin’s FC has quite a lot of suspension work put into it. Just check out the list:

DG5 coilovers/Swift Springs, JPR modified front coilover sleeves for increased camber, GP Sports Super Angle kit, JPR steering spacer kit, Prothane bushings, AWR dual camber kit, Mazdaspeed center camber link, Mazdaspeed DTTS elimination kit, 20mm longer wheel studs (front and rear), Cusco front upper strut tower bar, stock S5 TII brake rotors/calipers/pads, Project Kics R40 lug nuts, Project Kics wheel spacers, Racing Beat SS brake lines, Neo Synthetic Brake fluid.

All these parts on a car mean nothing if the car isn’t set up right… so Justin tuned the suspension himself and had the expertly car corner weighted by Kevin Wells of LS Automotive – the crew chief for Chris Forsberg’s 350Z.

I like the aero mirrors. If you look past the mirror though, you’ll notice that the Shine Auto 30mm Foresight fenders look a bit different. That’s right, they were reworked to become 45mm fenders for more offset and more clearance. Brilliant.

This is a Shine Auto rear roof spoiler. Not too expensive, not a big deal, but it’s just a small detail that makes FCs look cool.

I think Justin’s FC looks so menacing from the front… especially because of that low-to-the-ground BN Sports aero kit, the Shine Auto “Sexy Style” hood, and the way you can see the rear wing from the front of the car.

I wish all people could make their FCs look this cool.

-Antonio Alvendia



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nothing says "90's JDM" like bn sports aero parts, so nice so simple


awesome. I love it


Wallie of the front and side on pics please :D


Props from Chicago.

This car has always kept it rad no matter how pro things got.


Good job Justin.

Are these photos PRE red bull or POST red bull?


jtp , you know u da shit.


That just looks sick, expect nothing less from JTP eh?

The car kinda reminds me a bit of Haruguchi's FC3S. BN Sports aero kit and a big rear spoiler, could have swear it was the same car, hahahaha.....


This car has nothing wrong. It would lose so much point with a V8 inside. Glad its the original engine.


this Fc3s is dope


Awesome. There's nothing cooler than a person who doesn't skimp on the car's footwork.


nice, anyone know why he's got a green strip tied around his wheel? Is it some form of useless protection, or is it there to bring the green inside? Any ideas?


That FC is cool as hell. Please don't ruin it by putting stupid stickers all over the body.


The green rag around the steering wheel is just a little piece that i use to rock back when i began drifting. There is no "real" reason for it other than a little flavor for the interior. If you've seen any of my old drift videos you'll notice it, along with a bobble head ninja, during the in-car views. I was recently going through some old boxes and came across it, so i decided to put it back where it belongs.

Antonio, thank you for the kind words, and great skills behind the lens!


love this car. FD needs more sick stylish rides.


Dope pro drift cars in 09'! I hope this trend catches on...


JTP always rocks dope cars! can't wait to see the pro ride.


hard fuckin core.....

the garage BB saucyness, makes it look like the old school D1 fc from 05.




I feel Like I have seen this before... Do they Drift Nopi?


Justin - thanks for the infoooo

p.s. 2 things I remembered.

1. I think the first time I drove an event with you might have been Industry Drift Day 1 or something. Fontana... your car was red back then, right? real basic?

2. All Star Bash 07 (i think) I did a couple laps with you. You were behind me. All I remember was, SHIT THAT CAR IS LOUD. he must be CLOSE


BH, this is post red bull, notice the lack of window stickers. gotta work on the strategic placement of window vinyl.

JDMJunkee, i ran the 07 Nopi event in Los Angeles and Nationals in Atlanta. the car was Scion xB LE Green then.


the wing reminds me of Haraguchi's old FC. The gangsterest of them all...



this car is a masterpiece...i wanna see more of when the car was at sema on 20's, that shit was hot


Back to green plus a wing, i like. Sad to hear you'll be leaving the old FC but im sure that means some mega sponsorship man congrats! Believe it or not my cars actually on the road and soon to be drifting bradys freshly asphaulted bark yard! Yeah buddy!


HELL YA JTP my Michigan brother! Another killer old school ride you made. Just kind of sad its not your pro car anymore but we know you will kick ass this year. And like always keep up the kick ass work guys. BOOOSH.


This is probably one of the raddest FCs to grace this planet.



Dude, that is sweeeeeeeeeet! I love the green on white combo. Perfect!


The first time I really saw JTP drive was at Nopi Drift LA where he went against our Hankook / JIC S14 and Kenji Yamanaka. I was like "Wow, I've seen this car on so many websites and this driver looks familiar". Then he eliminated us from winning 1st place at that event. hahaha. After that round I said to myself "This guy is gonna be huge". Congrats Justin! Wishing you nothing but the best.


actually i've never once had a problem with my e8... maybe i've been lucky, but it's served me well.


soooo rad! wish this thing would drive in '09


it is driving in 09, just for fun/practice/ASB events!

car looks great justin

lets drift!


This FC is the coolest and best RX-7 I have ever seen in the United States.

Nice color and aggressive style...perfect!


Thank u all for the kind words and support!

If there was a way to fund my own program i would love to stay in this car forever, but as we all know it costs money to play, and the big boys have a lot of money. To be competitive these days, you need an amazing car. Fortunately i've hooked up with one team, Bergenholtz Racing, that is providing me that opportunity. I am truly blessed to have gotten this opportunity, one that i have been working towards for the past 5 years. I can't wait for this season to start. Although i won't be in my FC, i can assure you i'll still be driving my a$$ off, 110% of the time.

BH- IDD 1 was actually my first drift event. it was in the same car, red in color then, with a stock n/a engine and a Turbo trans, diff and axles. the only other things done to the car were coilovers, steering angle kit and wheels. pretty basic, but still a lot of fun!


I love this FC!

All the right parts everywhere, EXCEPT ONE! The Haltech E8 engine management.

I hope the Haltech was free or sponsored. That is the biggest abortion of a standalone system.

Its a rotary, not the most reliable engine out there, yet it has the worst standalone running it. I'm going out on a limb here, I'm going to guess you have had to replace that Haltech ECU on a few occasions. Everyone I know, including myself, has had neverending problems with it. I can't believe you actually ran that in competition, and you were successful! Props on the nicest FC out there, and good luck with the new sponsors!


Dopest FC in my book.

I'm glad it's back in Green again.



One thing is for sure..every time that car has seen the light of day, whether white, blue or green it was always one to see and just think.....DAMN!!!!That car deserves to be retired from competition, and I reaaaallly doubt that car will never be seen again, I seriously doubt that car will miss an asb...


unbelievebale car must buy a fc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAIL the FC3S, this is by far the most beautiful and most aggressive


now you know you want to sale that beast JTP, lol...

should've taken some shots with those ballin AMEs on. SEXXXY


hey any ideas for a mazda mx6 '96 2.5l v6 , i really need a sick idea am new in mazdas am all into evols but i had to take a beauty in drifting for the track and this is my babe n i cant came out with some crazy if anyone has something hit me up.... thanks


What aero mirrors are they? doesnt actually say who makes them or where to get them?