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The First time I came in contact with the drift team called Sexy Knights was after I saw a DVD from Gripvideo a few years back. In the clip they had a meeting with several other driftteams at Showup, Asahi. It's like a grocery for car products. After the meeting they went out drifting in a undisclosed area in the Chiba prefecture. This clip has been around for ages and made them immortal as far as I'm concerned. The night time drifting on the public streets was something new for me, but I fell in love right after that.

The team is led by D1GP competitor Sotoshi Suzuki. The cars they have build in the past feature some wild sparkling paintjobs and ultra low bodykits. They used the same approach with this Rx7 FC build to compete in the D1 Street Legal series. Although the car could be lowered a bit more. Let's have closer look at what makes this car stand out.

The first thing that catches the eye is the paintjob together with the pink wheels. I would never paint my ca this way but it definitely works on this FC. The wheels are a set of WEDS SA70 in 17x9j +10 in the front and 18x10j +18 powdercoated pink. The front wheels fit snuggly under the BN Sports wider front fenders, in the rear Sexy Knights went with a pair Foresight fenders.

By now you could have guessed that the entire bodykit is made by BN Sports thanks to the large sticker on the sideskirt.Excpet for the spoiler that is made by Foresight and the hood that was custom made from FRP.

A better look at the spoiler and the rear bumper. The bumper houses the ERC exhaust system. The small rooftip spoiler is also made by foresight.

Inside the interior where we can find a host of different dials made by Defi, they are connected to a Defi meter controller to ensure everything works properly. For safety and more rigidity Sexy Knights Saitou 10 point rollcage, and for even more rigidity they spot welded the entire chassis.

The driver sits in a yellow carbon seat made by Trash that goes nice with the outside paint while the passenger can get comfy in a Bride seat. I really love the look of the OMP steering wheel with a suede finish. When you could look through the steering wheel you would see a RE Amemiya speedometer.

With a suspension system made by JIC Magic and a Mazda Speed LSD all the bases are covered to build a true drift car. But there is more, KSP Subframe Pilo Bushes, Pilowball Rear Subframe Link, Rear Camber Link, Rear Arms Strengthened, Modified Front Knuckles amongst other things.

The brakes have also been upgraded with stainless brake lines, FD front calipers and uprated brake pads.

The 13b engine is force fed via a HKS To4e turbo that connects to a Blitz intercooler on one side and to HKS wastegate on the other side. Here is a list of some of the items that Sexy Knights used to enhance the engine and to make sure it was up for the task.

  • ERC Side Port Engine
  • Aftermarket 3 Layer Radiator
  • Aftermarket Downpipe
  • HKS T04E Turbo
  • HKS Wastegate
  • ERC Stainless Manifold
  • Oil Catch Tank
  • Polished Intake
  • Trust Racing Blow Off
  • Aftermarket Ignition Leads
  • NGK R Spark Plugs
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator with Earls Connectors
  • ERC Stainless Exhaust System
  • Large HKS Oil cooler
  • Blitz 3 Layer Front Mounted Intercooler and Custom Piping
  • Aftermarket Injectors
  • Mazda Speed Oil Cap
  • Here is a picture of the FC in one of the many D1 Street Legal events. Thanks goes out to Andrew Gray from Powervehicles for the information and pictures of this really nice FC.

    -Jeroen Willemsen




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    Definately got loads of character...craaazy colour combo


    that THRASH Racing


    This cars for sale for like 1.2 million yen i believe someone should buy it now!!!




    Wheres a link to that gripvideo you were talking about?


    That is a nice car, I usually don't feel compelled to comment, and there is a lot of nice cars on this site. This car is just styling.


    I think it was Grip Video vol. 4


    he's a super nice guy too. really friendly. his fd3s was amaing as well. i love these cars the guys setup.


    Brian is correct, it is Grip Video 4 I have it right here in front of me :)


    can you do a feature on kyle mohan's car?


    wow..awesome colour styling..