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dare to rock a super low, chassis scraping car with aggressive fitting wheels in the streets
of Los Angeles, but even fewer can pull it off with such style in a Mazda
.  No stranger to putting together aggressive-stanced Miatas, Peter Li bought this diamond in the rough for only $200 and proceeded to massage his style into it. In case you don’t know who Peter Li is, he is a local celebrity in the ranks of the Southern Cali Miata owners that attend the “KINOD” car meets. These guys look up to Peter, holding meets in his honor, excitedly posting photos of him on their online forums; they even hold him in such high regard that they organize Miata meets and look towards the sky to try to guess which airplane he’s on when he’s traveling back to China for work.

I chose to do a feature on Peter’s car because it has got to be the lowest stanced Miata I’ve
seen in a long time – it scrapes going up driveways, speedbumps, and the like. Peter’s Miata is so low that even when he’s just cruising down the street, his car strikes fear into the hearts of squirrels, cats, and other small animals randomly crossing the street. There’s no way in hell that any small animals could clear the super low Miata, especially since it has an aggressive front chin spoiler that makes it even lower! The super stylish Garage Vary front lip definitely adds to the
“lowdown” theme, emphasizing the low ride height and adding a more aggressive look to the front of the car.

Peter used a set
of Tein Flex coilovers to achieve his desired ride height. According to Peter,
Tein Flex coilovers let Miata owners drop the car lower than other coilover
brands. Peter says the car also rides pretty smoothly, because it still retains
a fair amount of shock travel.  Most cars this low typically have to
sacrifice all the comfort of their ride, but such is not the case in this
little red Miata. Lucky! Although, if I had to choose between a smooth ride and
being low, you know which one I’d choose.

Look how good this Miata’s stance is, rolling on this set of 15x8J Work Euroline DH wheels. Looks so good that I don’t
even care about the dent in the quarter panel. When I asked Peter what offset his wheels were, he was kind of hesitant to tell me at first. I thought that was interesting, so let me explain that…

For people with good offset wheels on stock fenders, I think that “trying to keep it on the downlow” is a pretty common thing, as they want to keep it exclusive, like “my stock fendered car has deeper lips than your flared car, sucka.” I totally understand that school of thought, as I used to try to keep my wheel sizes and offsets secretive before. After all, it takes a lot of HARD WORK and planning to achieve insane wheel fitment on stock steel fenders. However, nowadays, I don’t care about keeping my wheel sizes secret as much, I prefer to help more of my fellow AE86ers achieve good stance on their cars so that everytime I see an AE86, it doesn’t have to sit on 14×7 OEM Supra wheels.

I love how this Miata looks as you drive behind it. It gives
you a new perspective of how much negative camber is in the rear and how close
the frame is to the ground. Like the Public Enemy song says, How low can you go? I
wonder how
often Peter has to change out his Toyo T1R’s due to camber wear… even
though he might have to change his tires more often than normal people,
who cares? It’s totally worth it when your Miata looks aggressive like

only thing that could possibly make the rear view more perfect for me is if the rear wheels were
just a tad wider, even if it meant a shallower offset.  I think a wider wheel would further emphasize
how much negative camber this car has! Seriously, it’s like demon camber, but in the back! Also
notice the nice touch that the carbon fiber Auto Konexion trunk spoiler adds to
the rear of the vehicle.

The “VIP dish” styling of the Euroline DH wheels isn’t what people typically
put on this type of car, but I feel that this Miata pulls it off very well.  It’s not too often you see a wheel with that much lip on the FRONT end of the
car! Imagine how feminine other drivers must feel when they drive up next to Peter’s Miata, and his front wheels have more lip than their rear wheels. I love fat lip front wheels. That’s  what’s up.

It took me a second to realize why this engine bay looked so
clean.  The majority of the wiring
has been tucked away and hidden from plain view to create such an effect.  Other items such as the air conditioning,
power steering, coolant overflow reservoir and ABS were removed to further this
minimalist theme.  I am such a fan of
this clean wire tuck that I’m thinking about doing it to one of my AE86s as well!  The beefy looking Auto-Exe three point strut
tower brace ties off the engine bay very well while adding a bit of stiffness
to the chassis.

Peter was kind of embarrassed when we looked under the hood… he said all the rough looking debris sticking to the valve cover and AFM were ASHES that got into his engine bay during the Southern Cali wildfires, because he had his car parked outside of his Orange County home. (Red Bull World Championship weekend)

Aside from the Nardi Competition steering wheel, the rest of the interior
remains pretty much stock.  However, I do want
to note the cleanliness of the interior.
There aren’t any horrendous stains, or giant cracks in the dash that
one may expect from an older car such as this. This being said, I think this black interior looks very clean for a car of this year!

Aside from routine maintenance and the removal of certain
parts, the engine remains pretty much stock for now.I’m sure this is a great idea since a red
convertible with such aggressive stance is sure to be a magnet to the watchful
eyes of the cops.  Even though this Miata is relatively simple, with very few modifications, Peter focused on the modifications that matter and make the most difference first. It’s proof that a little ingenuity, good taste and some
hard work can make any normal car look very good. It just goes to show, yet again… Offset is Everything.

-Antonio Alvendia



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Nice one Antonio, cool little car ;)


I love shot #2 Antonio! Great job!


Fact :

Offset and Ride Height win everytime

OMG look at that lip

nice job guys


I have to say, the first 2 paragraphs of this article are probably the best written on this site since it started. Great article Antonio!


You know I have never really been a huge fan of roadsters, I always thought they were only cool if you were going to do some SCCA racing... But these last few features on them have completely changed my mind about them. These things can look down right bad ass


great car, with quite a well written article to go along with it. Grats


euroline DH's are awsome, i would put them on almost every car. They would look realy nice under a R35, but i don't know if they go that big.


This is the first ride i don't like seeing here on speedhunters.

Regarding the camber:

- Get overfenders and adjust your camber if you want to run such rims in the back, that camber is absolut bullshit, you'll have the contact area of 125's tires.

Other things to do:

- Powder coating the valve cover

- Cleaning up the intake manifold

- Repair the dent

- Get some nice exhaust if you want to run this kind of rims


Best miata in socal hands down.

You should post some of his "ratrod" themed miata! That thing was hot

nice article


a fine car, that is.


nice car but im not a big fan of it


After being bashed for poor photography you have redeemed yourself, Sureshot.


the wheel choice is rather tragic... i think a teeny lil work meister s1 or perhaps a work equip 03 would make it much sexier. an na rotary couldnt hurt either :D


"Offset is everything"



yes offset and ride height.

this is doing it right


No shame in the game. I rock 15x8 0 offset all they way around with 195 size tires. Flush as you can get on stock body Miata.


yo, man the engine on your car rocks,how many seconds can you get 2 point a 2 point be.. man, have you joined any drag races...??


I enjoyed the read, but I just dont dig the car... I supose its thoes front wheels that bother me.... Dare I say.. Too much Lip in the front!.... to me it kinda looks out of place on a Miata.

Man I wonder If he feels my pain... my car is riding on the ground and yes it looks nice... but wow its a pain in the ass.. California roads are terrable!


Agreed, lowered, wheels/tires, camber/offset, lip and done! Love it! More Miata's like this ? Bring it!


well done Peter, well done!


Sick car. I tried sending you guys an email about another groundscrapingly low Miata owned by my friend Tyler in Ohio. Same stance, but with Work Equips and a 13bTT instead. Its off the wall, but I'm still diggin this car!


Bashed for poor photography? I don't think anyone could accuse Antonio of poor photography....


^haha, "point be"


awesome car and photos!

just one thing thats really bugging me lol... look at the 5th picture down and all those friggin swirls on the paint!!! it desperately needs a detail. a real good one too. but yeah its awesome for a 200 buck car lol.



Peter's car is freaking BOMB. If you ever get the privilege of riding in it, you'll instantly know that it's one hell of a smooth riding car for being so slammed.


Darn kids with their lowrider Miatas!! Get off my lawn!! Nice Job getting a photo shoot Peter, yet again!! hahaha


Ryan, resend your email to me directly. antonio(at)


It's a lowered miata with wheels, and a dimpled rear panel. Sell the wheels, get a respectable suspension, and go run it in SPEC. Is this the next car that's going to be butchered for nothing more than the always boring, "I'm ironic because I drive this, once only driven by women and gay men, and dumped it to the ground."


If I were to take a survey....I would bet that all the haters are "HONKIES"! It's proven that honkies hate anything fashionable...They can't dance so they hate on breakers and bang their heads.....They can't cook so they pour ketchup and mustard on everything......They don't like extreme negative offset and demon camber because it takes to much thought so they go to just-tires and buy "Konigs" or some knock off chinese made bullshit positive offset wheels and slap them on and add some china made shogun warrior bodykit with neon graphics and an air brush muriel that says " Praise the lowered"

Arian auto fashion = sterile, boring, and bland......Thank you.....NO AUTOGRAPHS please...I'll be here all night!

BH1 = perfect example.


GOD!! I remember seeing these Euroline DHs on RB Motoring or Memory fab and I was about to buy them! Totally look sick on NAs though


i want one of theses but i don't know if i will fit in one



I guess my post was too "real" for this site ;(


I've been a fan of this car for a loong time. This is rad.


Thanks for the feature and taking the time to shoot the car, Antonio!


Antonio, I LOVE the "pro tires" shot. One of your best ever. Great job :)


cool car, but i really hope you guys actually feature some real race miatas rather than these with chrome wheels and stretched tires. this one and the green one look cool, but they're nowhere close to the average modified miata.


rd all up ons SH, noice


i love to think that sports car drivers usually subscribe to the form follows function theory so i cant wrap my head around running rims and cambers like this which provides absolutely no functional benefts whatsoever other than looking good. its like calf implants on bodybuilders...


Peter, you have gone sick with it! Guess you're really pushing the "Go deep dish, or go home!" shot deal eh? Hehe. Props.


Earlier this month, there was a discussion about the roadster community amongst a few of us Speedhunter