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In my opinion, the third generation RX7s look so good from the factory, it's kind of difficult to make them look better than stock. If you're a regular reader of Speedhunters, then you already know that the best way to improve the looks of any car is by improving the stance of the vehicle. It's a fact. Bruce Kress definitely agrees with this theory, and decided to go with a super aggressive stance on his FD3S RX7. He even bought his wheels before he even found a car to put them on! That's dedication to a set of wheels! I love it!

When he finally found an FD that he liked and was in his price range, the car had different colored body panels, so a paint job was in order. Before painting his car a super dark shade of midnight purple (it's so dark that it looks black at some angles unless it's in the right light) Bruce chose to outfit his car with the following aero parts: FEED front bumper, JP side skirts and rear caps, RE fender mirrors and tail light cover, GP Sports mid wing, and a Japanese OEM hood and sidemarkers. If you look closely at the FD, you'll notice that the rear indicator lights have been shaved in order to make the car look closer to the FDs one might see in Japan. Bruce also admits that he likes the sexy, clean shaven style, so the FD's radio antenna, rear wiper and spray nozzle have also been shaved off for cleanliness.

After looking at the super fat lips sticking out of the fenders in the first photo, you all must be thinking what size are those wheels?! This set of Weds Cerberus 2 wheels are 19×10 up front and 19×12 in the rear. Since Bruce doesn't have a tire sponsor, he's using Hankook V4ES 215/35/19 tires up front and Falken FK452 275/30/19s in the rear. Hopefully someone will set this guy up with a decent set of tires so the fronts and backs will match. Hook him up, tire companies!

I love it when you're following a car, and you can see the wheel lip protruding from the tires. This is what Bruce's FD looks like on the street. I think it looks pretty mean and dangerous, and as a result, I also think it attracts cops like Half Off sales at Krispy Kreme.

We had to reschedule Bruce's photo shoot, in fact, because he was pulled over as he was on the way to the first shoot, because he forgot to put his new registration sticker on his license plate, and didn't have a copy of his insurance paper inside the FD when he got pulled over! I thought it was a sure-fire recipe for disaster, but luckily the cops didn't impound his car or issue him a referee ticket (like they did to me). I thought it might have been because of Bruce's All American smile, because most people I know would have their cars impounded (especially if the car looks like that and got pulled over with no proof of insurance or registration stickers, come on!), but Bruce says he thinks it's because he has one of those "CHP 11-99 Foundation" license plate frames. Having this plate means that you've contributed financially to the California Highway Patrol, apparently. Does anyone have more info about this?

Bruce admits that the 11-99 license plate frame doesn't look as fashionable as, let's say, a Cipher Garage "Offset is Everything" plate frame, but hell, if it gets you out of tickets, then it MUST be a lot better… because "Offset is Everything" license plate frames sure don't get you out of any tickets or any trouble. CG frames just tell people that you know what's up.

From the back of the car, you get a nice view of the stance and RE Amemiya side mirrors. The sticker on the FD's rear window says "Ai shiteru," which means "I love you" in Japanese. Just when you think Bruce has gotten all romantic on us, he says "that sticker goes out to all my friends that have helped me with the car. They know who they are."

As for me, I just love the stance of the car when you see it on the street. Makes you want to put your two hands together and make a heart shape.

Here's the specs on the purple heart of Bruce's FD:


13B Stage 2 Street Port

Apexi Power FC

Apexi Power FC commander

Greddy elbow

Greddy Pulleys

Greddy type-R BOV     

Greddy Front Mount intercooler

Fluidine Radiator

HKS intakes     

HKS downpipe

Custom Stainlessteel undercarrage plate

Custom mid pipe

Custom exhaust

Spac radiator cap

Juran water temp sensor holder

R Magic Oil cap

Engine torque dampener

Removed power steering

Removed A/C

AST delete

Odyssey dry cell battery

Battery relocation to trunk

Sun Auto Hyper Voltage System

One thing almost impossible not to notice when you're looking at the back of the car are the humongous dual slash tips of the exhaust! I think that huge exaggerated exhausts like this attract cops for sure, so it's a good thing he has that special 11-99 license plate frame! Sheesh!

Bruce's FD didn't start with a black interior. He had to convert the whole thing. Lots of work! One thing I'd like to point out is the great looking Bride Zeta 3 bucket seats and Bride super low seat rails, with the maroon-purple backing. I think these seats look PERFECT in his FD, especially because of the color of the seat backs. (In fact, if anyone has one of these seats for sale, pls let me know!)

Other interior appointments include a Nardi 330mm "deep corn" (it's Japanese English, which means deep cone, LOL) steering wheel and a Works Bell quick release and steering wheel hub.

Other interior electronics and accessories include:

Defi controller  

Defi BF boost gauge                

Defi BF water temp gauge

Defi BF oil pressure gauge

Defi BF oil temp gauge            

Defi BF exhaust temp gauge

Custom switch panel

JDM bubble knob

Broadway Mirror

Broadway attachment bubble mirror

Gothum Racing PFC commander holder

Behrman LED cabin lights

When you see Bruce's FD at night, the car looks so "new school high tech" inside, with its high end Defi gauges all lit up, sitting on the dashboard above the double din LCD screen and Apex FC Commander. Outside the car looks pretty high tech and futuristic also, due to the Xenon Vision 5000k HID headlights, IPF puddle lights, police strobes, LED 99-spec running lights, and LED license plate lights from Behrman.

I think the wheels look even better spinning fast than they do when they're sitting still on the side of the road. From the red glimmer on the fat lips of Bruce's Weds wheels, you'll notice the red brake calipers. I like the wingless look of this FD with its big street wheels, but I know that some RX7 owners will argue that the car should have less tire stretch and less camber to maximize performance.

However, owners of aggressive street cars like Bruce's will say that they care more about making the car look cool as it cruises the freeways and city streets, and they don't mind replacing the tires more often, if they could make the stance of the car look good. I understand both viewpoints, and have my own thoughts on the matter, which kind of puts my preferences in the middle. I love aggressively stanced cars, but I like to make sure the cars perform well too. What's more important, in your opinion? Where does your viewpoint lie?

-Antonio Alvendia



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...awaiting illias comment...


check it out


demon camber looks good for sure but it just spoil the car's handling and if u r driving a a FD, demon camber kinda defeats the point of having such a great handling car. I think most japanese drifters stop demon camber a long while ago for good reason...


The first pics is awesome!!

Desktop please :D


this is some hot stuff!

photo from the back - desktop!!! :D

wheels are kind of big in my opinion :/

but the rest is just perfect


All these comments and nobody noticed that hugemongous lava-lamp looking shifter?


ultimate picture taking fail... the car's purple and you can't even tell


that's REALLY close to how i would want to build an FD...


Saw this car in person and its really sweet looking.

Everything just fits in perfect as a scheme.

Love it.


Wow I think that is my new favourite FD! That first picture would make a sick desktop


awesome rx-7


check it out


i love it... looks awesome


Ilia bring the rain?


The CHP 11-99 Foundation stopped giving out those liscence plate frames to people who give donations because they would sell the plates on eBay. People thought that the plates meant you would almost for sure get off with a warning.


One of those full car shots needs to be a Desktop...

I am not a huge fan of the exhaust but I get it... I like exhausts that fit just right underneath the bumper...

But still one amazing build...


The 11-99 plate is a touchy subject... recently th eCHP have gotten negative media attention for these "get out of tickets free" plate frames. The CHP have since issued orders to their officers not togive preferential treatment to those who have this (or others I will not mention) L.E. supported plate frames.

that is a beautiful FD BTW!!!


its all about balance


Any pictures of it at night!? That lighting setup sounds sick.


Those are Zeta 2s... not 3s.


i love the fender mirrors

i wanna do that to my 7

but it's a cool looking street machine


im not a big fan of the rims but the stance in the rear photo is awesome!


BEAUTIFULNEZZ! Desktop worthy for sure


Aren't those Bride Zeta II's?


I think you just need to stick to one style, Dont mix

i like this agresive but clean FD for sure. but when you got one with stripped interior + big wings and canrards, then dont go for a sudden huge amount of offset but for some TE37 and a real pro-racer look

cuase i've seen some awesome looking FD's with a pro-racer look to

(huge fan of the Purple, guy down the street here has the same kind of thing on a Merc)


Love pictures 1 and 3, this car looks best from the front and back where you can really notice the extreme stance. This is the best looking street RX7 I've ever seen.

Commitment to Fitment


The car looks badass like that no matter how more efficient it could be with less tirestretch and whatever. Anyway I hope this thing is not just built to cruise around but also used for drifting or so.


The wheel offset setup with this FD just reminds me Haruguchi's radical style yellow FD wrapped with BN Sports body kit all around, seen in the beginning of D1GP.

It was definitely one of my favorite D1 car...

I really like this nice clean FD, too, except kinda old school VIP style muffler tips.



YES! exactly! Chihiro, let's meet up on Monday. I have a photo shoot near your house. Across the street... haha!


..... also awaiting the iliad


Very unusual style for an FD, but it look so awesome.

Great work!


I love it. To me it looks like you could roll up on it in Japan sitting at a traffic light just as easily as seein it in cali. sh!t is hot


great shot antonio.....


Congrats Bruce! Car looks really good.


Jeff: unless you're colour blind or perhaps your monitor needs some calibration you can tell it's purple from some of the pics.

This car is reallly fresh, but I'd still slap a stock 99 spec wing on it.


fecking beautiful, thats all i can say....
oh yeah we NEEEEED a desktop version of picture number 3


Sweet FD !!! Nice photos Antonio !


In love with the First pict. can you transform it into Desktop Wallpaper ?


Wow, I'm at a loss for words, seriously. What a machine...Makes me really want an FD.


crazy car! great shots too Antonio!


about his message to all his friends and stuff though, ???? is usually reserved for moments of supreme emotion, it's like for your wife, not your buddies, as far as i know ;) but hey! who am i to complain his car is INSAAAAANE awesome! :D


HAHA but Bruce is pretty "close" w his buddies BlueSlug! LOL


OMG I am in LOVE :O


Thank you!

I was waiting to see this car featured for quite some time!

Now give us some wallpapers and we can be truly happy :)


Hot sauce. It's gorgeous


performance at all! for me if you have to do something in the car do it to make it faster! but i respect the other minds!


Nice, you should enter it into the Rotary of the month on Rotary Car Club!


My view is inbetween, performance and style should go hand to hand,and besides on a street car, it probably doesn't make that big of a difference. But i have to say, that car is hot, yesterday i saw one of those new sports mercedes all stock,yeah it was cool,but after looking at this, forget it, i'd still prefer and FD, japanese cars have so much style and soul.

Awsome car


that first pic is the shit !

sweet fd3s too


why not have both? low camber and big wheels with great stance on the street and on the track you can use a wheel and tire combo that brings out the maximum performance of the car


Holy shit!


Damn i want 19's for my S13 but 19 inch tires are rediculously expensive. 20's are cheaper.


nice car dude i bet u spend over 20k for those performances keep it up and tear up the run way


HYPEBEAST! in a humble way!

love the purple color and the amazing rims with stretchtires.

over all looks pretty much showstopper!



Wow, that fitment is insane!! Looks really good.


awesome car! i really like the interior and the third pic, looks sick!




Hey nice ride dude what kind of horsepower you throwing to the rear wheels?


You got a taillight out


antonio, what car is this purple from? It doesnt look like a nissan midnight purple?


Well, from my point of view, I have to agree with yours, Antonio. I love a great looking car, whether she's stylish and elegant or just looking like it's gonna eat you alive, having insane power, eficiancy and grip, so much that she would live a ditch behind her as she's speeding, accelarating with a savage violence, almost like an animal, a beast, feasting on time and track, sucking in air like a ferotious black hole and making a terrifieing noise that shakes your lungs and brain inside your skull. Such a mean machine that you'd have dreams at night from wich you'd wake up in a sweat. :))) To put in in short, demonic-like cars. But the best exercise of style and taste, I think, for a street car would be something in between. A stylish and elegant car, yet a fearsome performer. Remember the Mine's R34 GTR? Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Made to kick any circuit car's ass but "nice" enough to be legit and tastefull on the street.:D Peace !!!


sssooo ssiicckk