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I was digging through my hard drive looking for photos of classic Mazdas and one of my finds was this shot right here. I took this picture of a Mazda Familia Rotary Coupe at the JCCA meet at Tsukuba Circuit last summer. The Familia Rotary Coupe was used during Mazda's early racing days and saw action in a number of late '60s and early '70s touring car events  including the Spa 24 Hours. Mazda's experience racing these cars would of course lead to bigger ventures like the famous 787's at LeMans. It was also with cars like this that people like Isami Amemiya began to hone their rotary tuning skills on the streets of Japan. 

-Mike Garrett



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I LOVE MAZDA MONTH!!!! MIKE GARRETT photography and MAZDAS. Best of both worlds.


I love these vintage Mazdas! I think the one deficit in car shows we have on the East coast is a lack of vintage Japanese iron. It seems all the vintage Japanese cars are on the west coast, lucky.


Hey guys!

Really liking the Mazda coverage! This is going to be a great month!

On the Familia Coupe, i thought you might like this vid -

Hope you see it and like it!