You know, there have been drifting world invitational events for a few years now, D1GP started the idea at Irwindale and it was carried on by Red Bull for 2008… but… I’m starting to think there needs to be a Time Attack World Final too. Both the American and UK scenes claim to have taken massive strides forward in the past year. Certainly the UK machines were lapping a lot faster in 2008 from 2007… have a look for yourself to see….. do you think these cars are ready to take on the Japanese? And if such an event were arranged would you come out to watch the battles unfold?



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I think we're ready to competitive but the TA cars coming out of Japan are on a whole nother level, especially in terms of chasis fab. and aero though power wise we're at least as good, if not better, although putting that power to the ground is something different, see RCM subie in above photo


Awesome, no other words just Bloody Awesome


Yeah, man, a world time attack shoot out would be sweet, but youd have to organize ahead of time and hold it sometime during the first half of the year, after announcing the track on new years or something.

I'd like to see that happen.


In Japan, long time ago there was Drifting; then the American copied it, and spoiled the point that many people got sick and tired to see drifting, and for a good reason.....too much hype and too much much that drifting is dying....people are not as excited as much as they used to, that's a fact.

Now it's Time Attack. Again, originally found it in Japan (Tsukuba is a good example), American once again "borrow" it.......and now it's all about Time Attack....., and like drifting, it had to go world wide....

Can we predict that Time Attack will end up like drifting?

When are people gonna use their own head instead of copying stuff all the time?


Liamsil80: I agree. Japanese tuners are progressing with their TA cars at an insane rate within the last year or two. Its gotten more serious for Japanese tuners ever since its caught on with the US and UK the Japenese tuners are raising the bar once again with all the custom aero tuning and chassis work. It will be hard for both the US and UK to compete with the Japanese tuners.

Alex: Don't forget the short lived Gymkhana fad.

I for one hope that people will get more serious with Gymkhana and Time Attack...then we'll see if they can compete. So far I'm seeing US based cars to be more on the "testing" phase and the UK on a little more serious level.


Alex don't forget that many, many car technologies, types racing, styles and cultures have come to Japan from other parts of the world too. If you look at a wider automotive context outside of JDM culture then things look a little different.


I'm not exactly following you. Could you name any? (aside from the Chevy Astro with Nascar looking wheels)....

Why is it that here in the US those JDM fanboy only see that segment of Japan?

And not to play the devil's advocate....but speedhunters covers A LOT of JDM related topics (aside from the WRC, ALMA, DTM.....which are rare and few in between).....anyway, it's NOT a complain by any mean.....just a fact.

I hope to see American companies/ organization to come up with something innovative and fresh (we always talk about fresh, but in all honestly, there isn't much freshness, it's a copy trend at most).


The list is long Alex: Sports Car racing, GT Racing, Hot Rodding, Drag Racing, Open Wheel racing, the design of many production and race engines, the design of early aftermarket wheels, the styling of many 1960s Japanese cars; many of these elements came to Japan from elsewhere. And so what? Does this really matter?

So now the shoe is on the other foot: we have some types of car competitions that started in Japan and are moving to the west.... Again... does this really matter? As long as we pay our respect to the true essense of the original inspiration, then everything is fair game in my books.

But then again I'm not a JDM expert by any means.....