The Red Bull Drifting World Championship by Clash Production… enjoy!



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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I don't know anything about Clash Production, but I do know they have some serious skills with the camera. Someone tell Speed, ESPN, etc. THIS is how you present motorsport! Thanks again Speedhunters!!


Clash Production do the TV production for EDC BTW :>


What is the name of the second song? N&way awesome video!


AMAZING.........these boys have talent!!!!

Keep up the great work!


Their video are good but I rather prefer to look at this Just because their videos dont show how badass the drift can be, while this simple "camcorder" video show it really well. Slo mo is too trendy actually and theres an overusage of it, and whats up with this music?? Its a drift video not the Braveheart movie...


2nd song is made by Justice and its called phantom II

One thing I admire about Clash Production aside from the awesome videos, great music taste.


I've always enjoyed their videos. They never disappoint!!





one word:... PERFECT!


2nd song Phantom II by Justice

3rd song Dance Live Version by Justice


Sick sick vid...Those guys are pros


i think i know why Ueo lost now.

formula d judges mark you down exessive handbrake i think they dont wanna see the tires lock for more than like 2 seconds.

ive been to alot of formula d and there are ALWAYS calls i disagree with.

this instance happens to really bother me.

oh and i completely disagre with Warren


Awesome video.

BTW: What's gonna happend with Speedhunters now that EA has closed the nfs studio?


Awesome video.

BTW: What's gonna happend with Speedhunters now that EA has closed the nfs studio?


driftspeed 15 locking up the rears from god he knos when was just epic


Warren- Nice home video....but.....This is visual art! I can watch those all day long on youtube :( The music builds the intensity...I compare this video to a nice love making your momentum slow then blast for the climax...That youtube video is like wam bam thank you maam! Lame.


I absolutely concur with jDUB... Warren you need a lesson in production value... But on to the important stuff... Clash productions as always rips us a new one with another amazing video... These guys need to put out some DVDs with all of their footage...


haha look at the last shoot if the film, you can see the speedhunters vinyl on gittins mustang's door mirror!

great video again!


Thank you very much for all these comments !!!


EasyE I need a lesson on nothing. I know why Clash does this stuff this way, as you can see all the people likes this way of making video. I like it too but after seeing 2-3 videos from them I feel a sensation of deja vu, thats all! Theres some untolerant comments here, everyone has their tastes, mines fit better with "home made crap" video rather than those Matrix look a like videos.

Someone spoke 'bout visual art, well its cool but when it comes to drift I dont wanna see art, I wanna hear engine screaming and mad speed drifts.

As I said this video stills good, and Clash production made their place in this "world", the best way they could, I still remember their first "so so amateurish" videos. I can"t think "bout a better improvement than what they did.



Did you watch the episode,

Ueo lost because he was offline in the OMT on his chase run


I saw Marco Santos in the video lol

big up Marco Santos quebec represent

dope video


watching this I just came up with what I think is a briliant idea for how to judge a drift competition. (and Im thinking that because I think a cupple of the calls in the RBDWC were bad).

I think the fans should vote who goes on to the next round... literally! I think for every seat there should be a button presser where fans can vote between the two drivers from there spot on the bleachers.

Anyone else think this would be a good idea?


its rocking man as the title Told "DRIFTING GIVES YOU WINGS!!!",they are pros man hope i was there to see that in front of me


Clash always delivers an awesome edit. ALWAYS.


Where are the RED BULL GIRLS IN THIS?!

Those umbrella girls were DISGUSTING!!!

One of them had scars on her butt! NOT ATTRACTIVE.

I want to see the RED BULL GIRLS!!!


If someone puts full coverage like this on dvd im buying it. good stuff.