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I'm sure just about everyone knows about Initial D. So what about Wangan Midnight? If you don't know by now, Wangan Midnight is an extremely popular comic from Japan, which features an S30 240Z (instead of the AE86 panda Trueno in Initial D) and wangan/highway racing.

So I was browsing through one of my favorite AE86 forums, Club4AG, and found this thread, which says that they are making an actual Wangan Midnight movie! Cool! I'm very interested in seeing how this movie turns out, I'm sure it will be fun to watch.

I know that not everyone is a fan of the Chinese "real-life anime" films like the Initial D film with Chinese actors… however, I honestly like the Initial D live movie. Sure, I was annoyed by some things, like how they called Takumi "Tok-hoy" or something, and for sure I wanted to strangle the guy who played "Iggy" (rolling my eyes) by the time the movie was over… but all in all, it was a pretty good movie, in my opinion. Sure they could have improved on many things if they wanted to keep it real to the original Japanese manga/anime… however, for people who aren't die hard Initial D fans, then I think the Chinese action Initial D movie was pretty good.

I'm thinking possibly the live action version of Wangan Midnight will be kinda similar. Parts of the original story will be retained, like finding the Z in the junkyard (below)…

However, other details from the story will most likely be different and/or inaccurate… like the car! The Wangan Midnight 240Z should have a different chin spoiler, and fender mirrors instead of door mirrors, for instance… and RS Watanabe wheels instead of those wack fake banana-spoke wheels!

Cool photo of the movie's cars running on the highway at night… this is actually a pretty difficult photo to take, because of the glare from the oncoming headlights and the low lighting conditions. However, the photographer, Chester Ng, pulled it off very well! Great job, Chester!

Here's a rear shot of the lead car, but this time, it has graphics (from the video game maybe?) laid on top of it… although, when I played the Wangan Midnight arcade game in Shibuya during my last trip to Japan, I don't remember seeing any anime face graphics on the side of the screen…

What kills me is the fact that there are a pair of real RS Watanabe Type R wheels in that stack (with the XR4s and Falken Azenis RT215 tires), but the wheels on the car… what the heck are THOSE?! Lol

 I'm looking forward to seeing this movie! I'm sure it will be fun to watch!

For more info, you can go to the link below:

Wangan Midnight thread on Club4AG

-Antonio Alvendia



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Maybe he will put the wheels on shortly after acquiring the car because if I remember correctly he finds the Bluebird S30 in a junkyard and then does just the bare minimum to get it on the road i.e. tires and wheels + whatever else. Anyway I'm also excited for this as I too enjoyed the Initial D live action however different it was (I feel your pain on the Itsuki front Antonio, I found out later the guy that played him is like 30 something and he is supposed to be a teen in the movie so that sort of explains the exaggerated silliness).


damn, I guess you just have an agreeable taste. I'm a fan of the Initial D anime, but I thought the Chinese live-action version was one of the worst movies I have _ever_ seen. It was simply garbage.


they actually already made a live action movie in the 80s or 90s. there are a few places to get it online but it was only available by vhs. it was a pretty entertaining movie tho. the cars sound awesome.


hrmmm wangan means bayshore which is short for the actual name of that stretch on the shuto expressway not highway racing

i think the worst flaw besides not having the right wheels on this car is that its missing the Z fender flares? come on thats just garbage

the wangan midnight Z was low and had good wheel fitment

they could of done much better matching the cars

and the anime overlay is from the PS3 version of wangan midnight i think they released it about a year ago someone must of shopped it

those are cool pics though the porsche looks MEAN


Omg, this will be awesome!


I don't like the HUD because in my opinion, video game things like that are really cheesy and have no place in a live action movie. The FPS scene in Doom was so corny. :(

Other than that, this movie looks great! I enjoyed Initial D and this should be just as good.


this movie = fail


heres a trailer that was uploaded 2 years back


maybe mr Ng used a polarizer to eliminate the glare from the headlights?


i really really want to import Wangan Midnight for my ps3, but my japanese isn't quite up to snuff and i'd probably miss most of the story


thanks soapgun and jameltoe, damn that trailer is cool! damn, was this thing already released?! if so, i haven't seen or heard of it...! hit us up with info if you have it!


Yo mang, that trailer is from the original live action movie released in 1991. :)

See here under V-Cinema -


yeah... i have the ps3 version of wangan midnight and is the same of tokyo xtreme racer series


I'd sell a lung to have the Porsche.


There were live action release's, Mike Garrett should have info?


wow this post is that badly researched it could be one of Jeroens!

That top image is one of the wallpapers released on the website for the ps3 version.

In the manga, the s30z starts off with fender mirors but later switches to more modern style ones.

That youtube video is from the early 90's japan-made move, as seen here:

There are wangan midnight games for the ps2, psp and ps3. The ps2 game came out in 2002 and is based on the first arcade game, the other 2 are new games developed by genki, and were released in 2007.


Arg, I wish I could actually see or edit my comments, here's the whole 1.5 hour movie, you just have to download veoh's player


I think you can watch the whole deal on youtube if you know what you're looking for


yea, this was released a while ago and was downloadable by torrent but i think its pretty hard to find now. if im able to find it, ill post it up here though


The anime faces are from the PS3 game. ( I got that one - a little more realistic than the arcade versions - AWESOME!! )

Also, check out the anime itself, it's pretty good albeit a little slow-paced outside of races...


BTW - The "Akuma no Z" would be my f'ing DREAM CAR.


This place is in Hong Kong.


They are not doing the "Akuma Z" in the amine/manga any justice. The car is not flared, not wide and low enough. Also like Antonio said, "the wheels on the car... what the heck are THOSE?!" It is not giving that demonic feel the manga and anime is giving out.


Wow, I really don't know much about this. I got out of Anime/manga a while ago but this seems pretty cool. Is the PS3 game Japanese market only? And would it be compatible with my American 160GB PS3? I know that Japanese and American PS2 stuff is incompatible, is the PS3 better with compatibility?





for god's sake the thing looks stock with just funny looking wheels

They didnt even get the right chin spoiler or muffler

I bet that thing doesnt even have even have any kind of tuned L28....

What an upset........I SAY WE TIP SOMETHIN OVER!!!


That S30Z looks like crap, it doesn't even look a bit like the devil Z from star road. No watanabe's and ZG fender flare's!


That 32 looks hot.



i cant wait


Will this be in chinese like the intidal D movie? Cool either way but chinese intial D was kinda weird to be honest. The move was fun tho ;)

I'm a huge wangan midnight fan. Tokyo Extreme racer is pretty much what started it all for me. hopefully these are shots of the car before he fixed it up. Maybe later on in the movie we'll see the fully modded version of the Devil Z.


i bet they borrowed the s30 from someone, hence why the car looks too clean/complete in the junkyard pic, its just sitting on top of crap with the wheel off so you think its junk lol


Very excited about the new movie! I have a copy of the original live action Wangan Midnight move from the late 80's/early 90's so I'm keen to see how this one compares.


Search Wangan Midnight on for best motoring test on cars from movie. The Z is sick on there.


there's a box set available in Japan(was released in march 08).Has all the old movies.its not cheap though at US$400 and there's no subtitles.

Here's a paste of some info= ...DVD box set release from hit racing series "Wangan Midnight" featuring every film from 1991's "Wangan Midnight" up through 2001's "Wangan Midnight Returns." Also includes bonus DVD with making-of footage and deluxe setting guide (subject to change). Twelve-disc set!....


i remember now... isn't this the old wangan midnight movie?


bobberz the PS3 doesn't have any region encoding bs, but certain games might. wangan midnight for ps3 i'm fairly certain doesn't have it. also any ps2 games that aren't from your region probably won't work (if you even have a ps3 with ps2 backwards compatibility...)


blu-ray discs are also hit-and-miss when it comes to region lockout.



The pictures by Chester Ng are just a Wangan Midnight style photoshoot done in Hong Kong using borrowed cars similar to the ones in the anime/manga (check the HK yellow rear licence plates).

Antonio should have done his homework before posting this and confusing everyone!


thanks fore the post i wonder why the they have the mirrors in wrong place and all that wrong stuff! but i think ther is already a movie ! i have here a video compilation and ther are sone scenes from a wangan midnight movie but this is much mor old! watch here


@kaidoracer: can't be since in the junkyard Peugeot 406 coupe sits behind the Z, which was only sold after 1997.

I'm afraid this will be the same letdown as the Initial D Live Action. ;(


Might be cool. Hope the S30 wont look like those pics though ^^

But it would be much sweeter if anyone continued to sub the anime! Cant wait for ep 15.


Great clarification Kurisu...and Chester takes some great pictures


"Tok-hoy" is how the name of Takumi is pronounced in Cantonese based on the kenji translation of the name.


NOOO, why that beautiful Estima!?


Man those shots of the cars are amazing.

The 32 and 930 are awesome looking.


"Wangan Midnight arcade game in Shibuya during my last trip to Japan, I don't remember seeing any anime face graphics on the side of the screen..."

They pop up in the corner so you know who you're racing and what advantage (or disadvantage) in M that you have

Lol about the wheels.


they should've used RWB's 930 for the porsche character in the movie... anyone else agrees?



sorry man, these pics were from a new post on club4ag, so i thought there was a new movie coming out - never seen the old one they made, but i'd love to see it if one of my friends has a copy, or if ic ould find it somewhere.... so i made a mistake. oh well. it happens to everyone.


thx kurisu !


Tok-hoy would be the chinese translation of tukumi, no character went by their japanese name.


You can watch Wangan Midnight Anime Full Episodes in English Subtitles in this site.

Just thought I should let you guys know.

Cheers Speedhunters.


episode 15? nigga im already on episode 21...or rather waiting for 21 to b subbed...

n hope this movie a failure like the chinese initial d was...there was so many things aspects that they failed to meet in the the english dubbed version was done nicely...

if ne one finds the wangan midnight movie plz post a link...

this is the site for wangan episodes....



RS-Watanabe RS8 Type B's are what is on the car in those pictures


chill out, most of these pics are from the best motoring "wangan" test when they were spoofing trhe movie and showing how ridiculous it was for a turbo L-series engine to do what it does in the manga and show.


These aren't pics from best motoring, these are pics made by some rich HK car enthusiasts and an uprising photographer name Chester NG... They aren't even close to Wangan, where is the bay?

I bet that Z & 911 aren't even modify that much... (at least do the outlook right: Front, side and back fender, rolled fenders, grill, intercooler behind the grill, lower, right exhaust tip, rims & tires, side mirrors... etc the things that give out the devil and pressure feeling... that thing in the pic looks no different than a normal Z to me, sry no offense but I think when something is done, they should be done perfectly)

It would be cool if they bored the L-type to 3.1, add a twin turbo and do all the right piping and carburator control tuning but I doubt they could hit 300km/h (I assume 260km/h the most with the best tuning, it takes as much knowledge to tune an old car to a monster machine like the anime does)

In order to turn the series into real life action, at least they need to know about engines & tuning like the characters in the anime... or it will just feel like some cheap ass corny imitation movie. (Where's the aura? Don't fool the audience!!)

There's a Japanese racing movie franchise call "Shuto Kousoku Trail" (6 of them, personally I think 4 & MAX are the best) storyline ok, acting sucks but talk about the racing scene it's the real deal, race wangan style around C1 area. Wangan live action should be something similar to that.


look at this and you will think the Z above is a joke