Random Snap>> Sun Setting Over Irwindale

One thing I wanted to mention to you all, when I went to the Mooneyes Christmas Party at Irwindale this past weekend, I invited one of my good friends, Travis Hodges, to come with me to hang out and shoot photos of the event. Travis is a feature film director who lives in the heart of the Hollywood area. Although he has more of a background in action sports films (snowboarding) than cars, he totally understands why we like the underground automotive cultures surrounding cars. He experienced some of that underground automotive culture firsthand, when he visited Japan with Calvin Wan, Ben Schwartz and me for Ebisu Circuit's Spring Drift Festival last year.

I always tell people that I love car events with feeling! This is why I love shooting all those "lifestyle" type features of events like Formula D, MSC, All Star Bash, and now, the Mooneyes Christmas Party. So check out all the feeling in the photo that Travis captured as we were walking through Irwindale's empty parking lot after the event. I couldn't get the shot because had already packed my camera gear away (I was being careful not to smear the paint on my newly pinstriped helmet, which I was holding with two hands…).

Good thing Travis was there to capture this moment of fleeting sunset with a Canon telephoto lens! If this photo doesn't capture the feeling of the Mooneyes event at the end of the day, I don't know what does…

-Antonio Alvendia

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Perfect, I really enjoyed the coverage and it was very cool to see the people dressed in the period correct clothing. I feel that this is much more of a lifestyle than any other car lifestyle's


Nice pic Antonio, that car is GREEN! haha


Incredible shot! This definitely warrants inclusion into the wallpapers section!