Random Snap>>jr’s New Toy Gets Some Colours

Or should I say "colors"?….Can you see the future of Drifting right here?



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looks ok...i hope somebody comes out with a 2009 camaro ss


i really hope not... the americans have already caused enough burden on the rest of the world... can't drifing stay an asian thing?


With the Falken livery on, it looks almost exactly the same as the old car...but it's still pretty sweet. Not a fan of the rims though...I think it's the white. It would be awesome if they matched them to the Falken colors, perhaps with the blue in front and green in back to offset them a bit.


Di_2B, are you serious? Pro drivers, grassroots drivers and fans alike have worked really hard to make drifting a nationally recognized sport in America, and I can only see the future getting better for us. I like Japanese cars better for drifting too, but who cares what cars are used if the end goal is the same? Don't hate.


thats sickk

cant wait to see it in action

oh by the way

Di_2B, you know little to nothing about drifting.


i don't see the difference....except for the rims that look like they were bought at Sears....


falken's team is gonna be tough next season....

but yeh that thing needs some kinda kit n itll look good.

go JR!!!


That car is just NOT good looking.

Since when is it OK to drift ugly cars?




Those rims were not bought at Sears. I don't think Sears sell HRE's.They're high-quality-show rims (forged multi-piece), that's it.

This is suppose to be a race car, but it isn't. Race cars don't use rear-solid axle, do they?

Let's not talk about those heavy HRE's.

It's funny how drifting cannot be pin-pointed (unlike all the other motorsports).

People talk so much about how important aerodynamic is, and how important it is when a car is travelling at 100+ mph, than we have cars like this Mustang (as aerodynamic as a brick I may say).

How about the Braille's 350Z which sports the most unnecessary wide-body kit ever? A huge-hole in the hood to allow the S/C to clear it (wait a minute, I thought aerodynamic is fundamental for cars like these ones),

How about that spoilers? The Mustang shown above has never seen a proper rear spoiler. Actually, I'm pretty confident-that this Mustang as never seen a wind-tunnel; while the Braille 350Z sports the ugliest-least functional spoiler ever (much like Rhys Millen Solstice).....people in the industry come up with whatever they think it's "approprite" as far as function goes.

Flashy-heavy rims like the ones shown above on the Mustang....

Then on the other side of the spectrum, we have Tyler McQuarrie's Porsche 993 GT2 with Rays mono-nut wheels.

How about Taka Aono AE86? A 20 year old bucket chassis with a $50,000 engine in it....what gives? (a spot-welded chassis with a roll-cage doesn't cut it).

Drifting is not a sport folks, it's a show....much like ballet.


Those "Sears" rims are awesome and not as heavy as many of you think. I'm not sure of too many other wheels out there utilizing ttitanium hardware? Besides, HP/torque = doesn't matter

The car looks sweet and is a great new opportunity for JR. Congrats! I'm sure it's still missing some vinyl. Looks sorta nekkid?

I'm sure there are very good reasons for the aesthetics and I predict this will be the new benchmark for builds to come. Love it or hate it......get used to it. It'll be fast by nature and JRs heavy right foot will make it potent .


No you spelled it correctly as COLOURS.


Let's be honest here.

There's really only one end goal in drifting.

To look REALLY REALLY cool.

Why do people have aero and cool fitting wheels? Because it looks cool.

Why do people use angle kits? Because more angle looks cooler than less angle.

Why do people make more power? Because spinning 19s looks cooler than spinning 14s, and going faster looks cooler than going slower.

In summary... If you don't look cool while drifting, you're missing the point. That mustang, along with most of Formula D are missing the point by a HUGE margin.

This is not road racing. Get that cheesy corporate sponsor mustang garbage outta here.


Not really feeling the new mustang...

Needs a dose of outrageous, stat.

You just have to respect JR's driving style and many achievements though. He's just amazing.

I would say colors is appropriate as he's American, not from the Commonwealth.


wow tough crowd!


Wow interesting comments but opinions are what are asked for when sharing on here. The wheels are actually single piece forged and weigh about the same as my TE37's (about 15lbs each). the car weighs 2500lbs why would we choose heavy wheels after all of that weight savings???? I cant tell if I love the white over the blue on the wheels just yet however we wanted them look a bit bigger on the car. If I dont make up my mind soon I might just change them back! with reagards to a kit...haha remeber this is the first 2010 mustang race prepped car out there. It is all carbon and just that alone was a ton of time as there was no time to make a kit YET. My goal is to design a sick tasteful kit but only time will tell if that will happen in 2009. Driving the car is first on my priorities!

Alex-You are hilarious. I think the new rule here instead of people posting fake names when they talk smack or act like they know everything thier name should automatically become Alex (can we get a filter to do that for us?). I run spoilers because I like the way they look. I hate huge wings on mustangs and until I run out of suspension adjustment and I am proven it will benefit performance you wont see one on there. The guys that do run wings however might not have been in a wind tunnel but I can assure you rhys does not run one for looks my friend. With regards to your rear solid axle comment...you have no idea once again pal....

Love it or hate it...one thing I guaruntee it will look amazing driving backwards at speed with a blazing trail of smoke.

Thanks for the love and honest opinions all is appreciatted.


ilia's on point.

To me drifting is like another form of hardparking. As in something to do with cool-looking cars. And no matter how amazingly this car performs, it does nothing for me.


I really dig the new 10 Mustang. I really like the new nose and lines. Looks meaner. Now the wheels, they may be ok, but the tires are too chunky. ;) go big man, 19x12 R 19x10 F.

Come live axle haters! Where's your 86 brethern and their straight axle rears? ;) The stang is doing very well in wheel to wheel racing on twisties. Nothing a 3 or 4 link and a panhard rod can't fix right JR?


looks great but when do we get to see it get sideways?


It looks like a stock version of the old car... with worse rims... HREs are all hideous... and half the people who posted here are right that the cars in formula d are lacking in the style department. i guess thats why i like d1 better, the cars are so much nicer


Looks good! Kick ass in '09!

Noobs should shut up already. Drifting is what it is, if you like it then watch, if not the STFU.

Stop thinking it should only be from Japan. Sure they made it hot but that doesnt mean they own it.

No matter how many times you say go japan! No one will give a crap.

Not even those people that you cheer for, you're just a damn fanboy.

They brought it here for us to have fun with, if you want only japan drifting then move to japan.

JR is proof that americans can get down. He beat them at their own game with a damn mustang to boot!

I have to agree that there are some damn ugly ass cars in american drifting to a point where its embarrassing.

This mustang and the old one are definitely NOT part of that category.

I gotta say the ugliest drift car ever has to be that nasty enjuku Z thingy, yes thats a japanese car.

I can name countless others. Most of them american cars def have 0 style points.

The Mustang works tho, its just falken colors over a sick ass car.

Once the kit gets on im sure itll be kick ass too!

Go beat the holy hell out of the rest of the world!


Drifting is all about fun. Who cares what offset / color / stance / marquee / haircut / stickers / cylinder count / energy drink / sunglasses are used.

It's not what you drive - its how you drive it and JR will keep it full throttle kick ass all day.

Ride along or go drift yourself and you'll either get addicted or go back to ultimate Frisbee.

God bless all the corporate sponsors who bankroll the circus that will bring in fresh blood which in the end allows for more drifting for all from the grassroots level on up.

So stop with the skater billy badass corporate sellout attitude and enjoy the sport in your own way and have fun with the other peeps that love it as much as you.

It takes a village to drift and if you don't like our town go watch a "REAL" Sport like curling and leave us to ourselves. Peace.


it looked better without the teal and stickers =/


Car just got much uglier : /


Thanks, Rod, for spelling 'colours' properly, even if you went out of your way to propose correction soon thereafter. We appreciate the effort!


Ya know... they're probably gonna put an aero kit on it once other manufacturers come out with aero enhancements for these Mustangs.


I hope this car evolves like the old one did. It's looking hella plain right now.


Looks like just some piece of shit American muscle trash.

Its an insult to drifting.


Well I feel sorry for JR here for reading all these bs comments. I mean seriously, if you got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all! =P

Anyway, I think the car looks good as it is right now but I'm not really sure if it looks as good as ol' Betsy. Well hope there would be a video of a shakedown for this car, would love to see this car create some heave smoke.....


Do I need to be the one to remind you drift heads that the king of drift is the AE86? What kind of rear end does it have? Can anyone remember?

Looks are personal for everyone. I like the new styling, but this car needs some wheels. Sure they may be nice HRE's, but the wheel wells are huge on this car. It needs some 19x12 R and 19x10F, come on?! ;)


Yet another reason that I will continue to ignore the existence of Formula D.


In my opinion the car looks decent. It would look a lil better lower and with better wheels...something with more of a lip or more concave.


the car looks awesome and the debut on SPEED was amazing....i think there is something that most people are missing...JR's car is the FIRST 2010 mustang race car!!!! doesnt that say something to you guys? it really shows how much drifting is progressing year after year and JR is making history with this car and all that he has done...if anyone watched the premier you could see that any of the drivers that were presented could have had the new mustang first, but no...JR was first....he deserves respect and recognition for this achievement...Congrats JR and I wish you the best for this season and many more to come..


i like seeing cars like this, because it tells me that there are people taking this sport damned seriously.

while i think that this car does not bring much (if anything) to the table aesthetically, i think that it more than makes up for it in terms of performance.

that said, i think that vg's last machine had WAY more whip appeal.


drifting is a world thing.

thats the best part.

i love j style but jr. has a great style even the drift king likes to watch.

i love the veriety of drifting right now.

even in d1 there is alot less s15 lol.

im glad eveyone is doing there own thing and letting there personal styles show.


These new Mustangs always remind me of Bubba from Forest Gump. Massive fat/lower lip. Not my thing at all, in any form I've seen them.

That doesn't take away from the time taken to achieve a great driving car obviously. Just aesthetically, I think they're hideous.


Those rims look shitty.


Weird....I thought drifting was about driving skill.

Apparently, i was very wrong! If the car looks good, but the driver sucks, it's ok?

I used to drift for the love of it, not because I wanted to look cool, and not to watch pretty cars.


And to JR: I've been a huge fan of yours for ages, and could care less what the car looks like, rims and all. Just go out there and kick as like you usually do!!


It looks good

Di_2B_Honest - are you a retard or a troll?

Either way,please remove yourself from this car site


Dear captain obvious no doubt the rear needs more lip!!!!!!!!! Those are actually Fronts on the rear for temporary..cmon now..!

I LOVE the look of the new 2010 Mustang. More Aggressive and a bit leaner looking. you cannot deny that that front end is sick!!! and with regards to performance...I think that has spoken for itself since the 60's .....get serious.

With regards to the 19's....that would be sweet to fill the wheel well a bit but since My tire choice is the Falken RT615's and the biggest they make is 18 that is out of the question! Look at the bright side...2010 owners can put gangster wheels on it without modification.

You will definately see some exterior changes throughout the year. some will love others will hate.

One thing is for sure. I will keep you all posted!


JR, will it have LED taillamps?

thats all i care about.


JR: Awesome driver. Seriously.

This car: Awesomely ugly. Seriously.

...and you're all wrong. Drifting is about fun. Bone stock S13 to full ride Ford. At least it should be.


Randall - your onto it. The cars fine but the wheels aren't quite right... if the spokes weren't so flat and there was a bit more dish to the rim it'd look a lot better.

Anyway, its all about how the cars driven not what it looks like that counts!


The old one was better


JR, I might know nothing about drifting (never done it, and never will).....but I took quite a bit of physics classes.

Long story short, there are plenty of articles about aerodynamics on Racecar Engineering (a UK magazine), I would suggest you pick one up.

Good luck with your season.


CONGRATS JR!!! You're going to murder in this car.


Its an FD car not a grassroots cars. Apples and oranges. Im sure JR will kill it in '09.


Seriously, aerodynamics are not the end all be all of drifting. They are not to be ignored, but you sir are.


...and you just made up a fake name.......just to write this up?.....I feel sorry for ya.

Go back ride your radio-flyer tricycle....


I understand this is a forum for all of us to vent and display opinions but hell........Alex if you are such a hater why even waste your time looking at this thread??? Do you just like being an ass? Why not just take your ass to a thread about grip cars/drivers?? You are out numbered on this one buddy! Your attitude blows! So negative. You jealousy is annoying! You are like an old man on his porch yelling at all the kids playing loud music!


Alex...I've learned many times over that real life expierience overides most peoples book smart theories most of the time. "street smarts" is knowledge you cant buy my friend. seeing through negative tones you actually seem to be someone that enjoys physics and car dynamics and if you took 5 minutes to learn how technical drifting is and what it takes to properly set a car up and drive one on a professional level you might actually grow to respect drifting instead of being scared of it because its uniqueness with regards to traditional motorsports. I have met a many like you that really "dont get it" but most of them especially the open minded when educated on the sport and exposed to it fall in love the others...well they just miss out on the pure joy and excitement the sport offers to drivers and spectators alike. Either way everyone is entitled to there own opinion. Me personally I have a huge respect for anyone that gets behind the wheel of a car and drives it above and beyond.


look, guys, i just would hate to see people trying to drift a car like this, that's what i was getting at...


I never said I dislike drifting. I am not too hyped about it....mainly because it's too flashy and too many people follow it like there is no other interesting motorsport out there (read.....everyone jump on the bandwagon). Drifting is a show, and many people are in it for the show.

To each is own I guess.

BTW, those HRE on the 'stang, are not "single-piece", you can clearly see the bolts on the spokes (they're either 2-3 pieces).....whether this is relevant or not.....

Anyway, good luck with everything.


wow this car is sick but those of u complaining about the colors

write a letter to falken its the sponsers choice in wut they want there

car to look like im sure if someone else was the sponsor it would look completly different

wait to otheres use the 10 mustang they`ll prob look so sick with new body kits diff wheel & tire


so those of u hatin on the not so new sponsor look get over it jst cause ford changed dosent mean

Falken is gonna change too


Alex-correct on the wheels. They are HRE's "comp line" they use titanium fasteners and are extremely light and strong. Like I mentioned they are just the same as my TE37's on my practice car

With regards to "the show" part of drifting you mentioned. Thats the beauty of the sport. It is so diverse and people have the choice to love it for multiple reasons. The performance is there, individual style is there,creativity is there, it offers self expression, every single pass offers sensory overload and excitement much more then traditional racing I could go on and on and on. My point is that this build here in front of you is no gltiz and glam simply built for performance (http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/blog/2008/11/19/vaughn-gittin-jrs-2010-ford-mustang-broke-down/) . Once it is dialed in I want to add some more style, the factory car is sick however I agree my comp car is a bit plain right now for what it is. As you can see from some of the comments contrary to my teams function over form outlook some prefer from over function, and once again that's the beauty of preference,opinion and diversity that drifting offers.

If you wanna go fast build a fast car, it wont be slammed and have 10 degrees of negative camber or the most aggressive fitting wheels in the world but it will work unbelievable,It wont look so good hard parked but on the track it will be like WOW!!!! If you wanna look good and just have fun drifting not trying to be competitive slam it put some insane wheels on it and have fun and look damn good doing it! To each's own as long as you enjoy what your doing.

Anyhow I dont respect your negativity but I do I respect your opinions, I have come to realize (no matter how hard it has been too) drifting is not for everyone.



just lower it, should look fine slammed...


just curious, what happened to the old car?


Old Betsy is getting repaired from the Wall at RBWC, I am working on getting it in a museum, If that plan does not work it will go in a bubble in my garage or on tour to some shows. She is retired.....for now


awesome. good to see she'll be way taken care of. Rock on.


D1 cars look like japanese cereal boxes that come with free hello kitty spoons inside.