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I haven't featured a lot of Mazda's on Speedhunters previously, but that's about to change with this post. I found some incredible pictures made by Brian Munro at a local Rotary meet in Kobe, Japan. He used a technology called HDR to give the pictures this amazing look. I'm don't like it when photographers over do HDR, but Brian has hit the spot just right.

Let's have a look at all the rotary's from the car meet. The car in the opening picture looks like it belongs to a RE Amemiya customer. It has a nice RE bodykit and by the looks of it, a set of Enkei wheels. When I scan all the photo's on Brian's Flickr page and it seemed that these wheels are a crowd favorite amongst Japanese Mazda lovers.

Here we have one of the many demo cars that RE Amemiya built over the years. I have to say, I'm not a real fan of this particular bodykit with it's Porsche headlights.

How hardcore do you want it? Let's have a look at some of the car's features: some nice beefy tires for extra grip, air intakes that go under the intercooler, and a homemade splitter (?).  I just love all these details.

Another look at the blue FD from the opening shot, this time from the rear. If this were my car I'd made a few small changes though- first thing I would do is remove the carbon cover that's attached to the rear lights and paint the handle to open door black again. Other than that, it looks amazing.

You can't go wrong with a white FD, especially when you roll on some bronze Work wheels!

The replacement for the RX7 never got the same fan base…. but this RX8 does look good with its paintjob and black wheels. It has some nice touches like the silver accents on the black wheels.

I don't see these Volk GT-C wheels too often these days… thinking back, they where all the rage a few years ago and were made famous by the Top Secret cars. They do look good on this red RX8.

Another nice RX8 with a cool blue hue. Can anybody identify the wheels?

Let's end this post with this R-Magic D1 car. The 57D Gram Lights in fluorescent yellow look very cool together with the color coded stickers. It's these details that make this car look so good.

Thanks to Brian Munro for the usage of his pictures, take a look at his Flickr portfolio for more.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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What does HDR stand for?


this one gave me chills


Walter: HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is basically merging three different exposures of the same photo into one so you get full range of shadows, mids, and highlights.

Those wheels on the blue Rx8 look like the Wedsports SA70 in a black chrome finish.


HDR: High Dynamic Range

Photos look absolutely amazing, loving the black FD


i agree that HDR can look horrendous when overdone, and i think that a few of these are overdone. the main issue for me is that there are too few exposures.. when i do pull the HDR action out of the bag, so to speak, i try to make sure i have at least five exposures just to be sure. i'm a bit of a photographic purist though so i rarely use it, if at all... HDR can go very ugly very quickly


All photo-talk aside, i <3 rotary! nice cars!


Great cars, but don't like the HDR on those kind of picture, espacially for the green one...


Wheels are Wedsports SA70 on the blue RX-8.


That black 7 is amazing! One of my favorite modern Japanese cars.


Can you make every single one of these pictures into a wallpaper?


Jeroen, the Blue RX-8 looks like it has WedsSport wheels. Maybe SA-70's?


HDR --> chmercer's do you remember thread on ziptied


Well this coverage is a lot better than what I read on REXtreme. That guy seems to just complain over and over about what he supposedly loves (rotaries), lol


I think the wheels on the blue SE3P are Weds SA70 with the blue light chrome (BLC) finish. Nice pictures, keep up the awesome work!!


Where's all the first gens?!


i would add wider wheels/spacers to your list of improvements on that black FD,


Favorite FD: white with bronz work's. Favorite RX8: Red with GTC's.

I really love the fluorescent yellow Gram Lights, but I hate how they clash with the Dark red? (maroon?) on the R-Magic car. If only it were black or green.


When I'm 50 years old with tons of cash my plan is to not buy a Ferrari or some high end exotic...I just wanna build the Scoop RX7 for my street/exotic super car. that car just looks/says "fast super car" and with a 3rotor or if its possible to make a 4rotor street-able then that would be it right there. =]


god i want to be there.



2. Why put Porsche lights on an otherwise beautiful stock car? This is just total disrespect of both manufacturers...


i don't like the porsche style headlights either.

it seems like isami amemiya is a pretty big fan of that kind of style though...


I quite like the pictures.

I really love how nicely done-up these FDs are.

Such a cool car despite everyone knocking on the rotary power plant.


ROTARIES!!!!! I love these m#$&%*f*!@#s


Dont like the Porsche headlights? Wait till you see TAS09 when RE comes out with a new front end


Weds wheels. their hot.... nice FDs and RX-8s/


Black FD looks great on the TEs!


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