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I just noticed that some more spy photos of the Nissan FIA GT1 spec R35 race car, have surfaced on the GTRblog. I am liking what I am seeing! We'll make sure that Speedhunters get's the inside line on this exciting new race car next year.

It should be interesting to see how this machine fares against Europe's best.

Pop over to the GTRblog to see the full set of photos…

Found via Kultivate Blog.




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It looks mean in that flat black...Luv it


Omg that's so sick. I wish someone would carbonise a gtr with full widebody for road use! I have renderings and a gtr but the lack of money and autoclave facilaties!! Great blog btw.


the TE37's were a good choice but the fit is weak, oh well, thats not the most important thing on LM cars i suppose


The TE37 is always a good choice. The car is sick. I see it winning its class just like its predecessors.


bummer...maybe they should've just released the production Skyline with a V8? =P other than that I really like the idea that they are back and attacking other forms of motorsports.


Umm, we had this story yesterday! No new pics. Do you not read the site? LOL


These aren't new photos, you published a link to them yesterday :(

Do you not read the site LOL


Yeah Bob, but an extra pic of the car on the site is cool don't you think?


(i'll post this on both of our posts)

I'm a member on Ten-Tenths (as is a certain Mr Brooks ;), 'THE' motorsport forum, as you can imagine, their is much discussion about this car.


Member,' Japanese Samurai' posted...

The interview of the president of NISMO(Nissan motorsports international) was published in the Car Graphic magazine in Japan. The summary is as follows.

Nissan want to participate in the FIA-GT championship(GT1 class) with GT-R.

However, even if it is early, the participation time becomes after middle 2009.

They want to sell GT-R to customers by 100 million yen, too.

However, if the car that they can win cannot be manufactured, Carlos Ghosn will not say yes to this project.

And they want to be selling the GT4 machine of 370Z by 20,000,000-30,000,000 yen.


Personally, I dont get why Le Mans HASN'T been mentioned, or ALMS. As Mike states (and I was unaware), its likely that the ALMS/ACO/FiA wont have the same rules in future, so maybe manufactures will have to make a choice.


On the same thread, another Ten-Tenths member states that Nissan USA are opposed to this racing (in ALMS). Madness I cry. Just think Nissan beating Corvette, BMW and Porsche.




very nice! maybe they should get wheels that fit those massice overfenders tho? that R35 looks super cool, id love to see it in person!


Wish they used the rear wing from their Super GT car. The flat wing look doesn't really match the aggressive body style of that GT-R. Either way, still looks incredibly badass to me.


LOL guys its a racecar!! I'm sure the egnineer who decided the wing shoudl go there did a good job.

as paris hilton would say

"that's hot"

flat black for the win.


I was gonna ask what Antonio thought about the wheel fitment... But, too late lol

The rest looks awsome.


it look the same of batman car...