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Some bad news for Aussie drift fans came recently when Drift Australia announced that Toyo Tires has suspended its title sponsorship of the series, forcing the 2009 season to be reduced to just one event. Toyo says the "global economic climate" has forced them to cut back on their sponsorship activities, leaving Drift Australia without the support needed to run the full schedule its had in past years. According to the Drift Australia website, there will be a single championship round held in September at Oran Park in Sydney. Hopefully the series will find another sponsor soon because it's sad to see this sort of thing happen anywhere.

Check the Drift Australia site for more. (Photo from Drift Australia)

-Mike Garrett



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I never liked the idea of having a tyre company as a sponsor. Also hope we can get live coverage cos all I get is a recap on Speedweek which is a joke. Drifting isn't so widespread in here and with Oran Park closing next year to make way for stupid government housing, we will be losing one of the only purpose built drift tracks in NSW - "Driftland"


thats disappointiing cause I think theres a lot of great cars and drivers in this series. I hope they cand find a sponser, it sosen't look like a big turnout in this pic though...


i would always rather have a tyre company as a sponsor of a series than no series.


EverythingDrift posted that a month ago :)


ke estas perron el juego


that's super shitty! i hope they can get new sponsors quick!


Thats is very sad.

: /


Thats unfortunate... But I thought they were closing Oran Park to be redeveloped as a Housing Estate?


Rich_hobo - "Driftland" is and was a go-kart track long before it was a drift track. The government owns the land and leased it to Oran Park for 20 years. A contract is a contract, we all knew it would go eventually. It will become housing estates just like Amaroo did. Not the first, not the last.