News>>d1gp Announces Usa Schedule For 2009

After a hiatus for 2008, D1 Grand Prix has announced that it plans to return to the states next year with four drift events held at stadiums all over the country. D1 says their events will focus on the overall entertainment of drifting and will use what they call the "D1 Dojo"  course to make the action fast paced and accessible to spectators. Since it's D1, you can also expect the popular Japanese drivers to be featured in these events.

D1GP USA has announced the following schedule for '09-

May 2nd, Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA

May 30th, Dolphins Stadium, Miami, FL

July 18th, Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

August 1st, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

More details should be announced soon. Hopefully D1GP USAwill be able to deliver as I know a lot of people would love to see D1 outside of Japan again.

Check the D1GP press release for more.

What do you guys think about D1 returning to the states?

-Mike Garrett



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Finally I'll be able to drive down from Wisconsin to see professional drifting once again. Really excited.



fd needs to die though


YAY! and there's a chicago stop to. This gives me something to do instead of the the Canadian GP, can't wait to see Ueo's 335!


I'm glad they're coming but the fact that its not competition based is kinda weak. Looks like just anohter HIN or some type of drift show.


nice. D1 Dojo huh? sounds interesting and fun. I'm in.


Was better when it was for real points in the japanese d1gp series. But I guess better then nothing :(.


wtf? No Irwindale, that's weak.


This reminds me way too much of monster jam, and that is not a good thing.



Needs more norcal, and actual tracks.


Some drift events in the US that I'm actually interested in attending... nice.


sweet! much better than FD


I think they'd better rename the D1 Dojo. LOL hadoooooooooooken!


whoops, i mean Ueno


Yeah!! Its finally coming to South Florida

hope they don't change like they did this year


coming to philly is gonna great


I'm surprised nobody else has said "I'll believe it when I see it".


I will believe it when I see it.

If this does indeed come true there should probably be no American built cars allowed (import/domestic) to compete or partake in the events. Especially those associated with Formula D.

There are maybe a few exceptions, I think.


the "entrance" reminds me of WWE or X games. Lol even the markers are sponsored... Looks like a huge event though. I would defiently go


Good to see that there is no more Irwindale.


Really guys, some of you rather see this then FD?

And let me start off by saying... I LOVE D1.

From the old school kart courses like ebisu to the big tam 120mph courses like Fuji. But this shit is neither!!! This is just HIN based off drifting. Think of a figure 8 demo, minus the figure 8 plus some fake professionalism. They aren't trying to make the sport grow like FD is right now, they are trying to take your money while the sport is still hot and or before totally takes over GLOBALY!!!

And I will say it again, I love D1 in japan... love it love it love it, I still stand by the notation, you haven't seen drifting until you attend a D1 comp in japan. But this is just garbage, the only thing i give them is that the scheduling isn't conflicting with FDs...yet


lol at the Formula D haters, whats up with all the hate? FD is fun aside from the weak judging and some ugly cars. Things that D1 have also suffered from in the past. Personally I'm a D1 fanboy over FD, but I'm not gonna hate on FD just cause they're not D1.


is this a U.S. series? or is this open to D1 Japanese drivers as well? I'll personally take the Japanese drivers, and of course the U.S. drivers to WHITE CASTLE, GO CHICAGO =)


So no competition? I could live with that, I don't know if its worth the flight to Miami to go watch... But I'm just glad they are giving America some more options.


are they really that serious about this? That illustration is crap and very amateur. You wouldnt see the FiA or FD release something so lame...makes me wonder


D! USA is being put on by the guys who used to own/run HIN.

I don't have high hopes.


Chicago stop would be hot. I'd like to see the Risky Devil guys rip it up!


YES!!! I'm definitely going to the Philly event.


haha I wont hold my breath... pro drifting in south fla???

hahah I doubt they will make it here, but if they do it they will show our pathetic excuse of a drift scene what "Real" drifting is.


yeah i always had hope. i still have my D1GP USA license plat frame on my car !


why is it all east coast? there should at least be one more in southern california - irwindale or fontana. hell, why not in carson. NOPI had a two day event in 2007.


Yeah that is weird, only 1 event planned for CA?

Hey I am not complaining, east coast never gets a lot of good car events.

Hopefully this happens though and isn't complete junk. Fingers crossed.


D1GP in Chicago!?! Two things I thought I'd never hear together in the same sentence without the word "not" or "I wish." If it it's true, and actually happens, with all the drivers we know and love, then Hell Yeah!!!! Im finna be at White Castle with my man Josh, haha.


GOD I HATE Dolphin Stadium....why!!


I love the art of drifting not this im going to take your money this is not right this is more like monster trucks ...... im going to go but im not sure about this