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The new Z34 only debuted a few weeks ago, but tuned versions are already starting to come out. Established companies like ZELE and MCR have tuned Z34's in the works, and Nismo just debuted their S-Tune packages for the JDM Fairlady Z. There will be two packages offered, the S-Tune Aero, and the S-Tune Performance. As the name suggests, the S-tune aero package is limited to exterior parts and includes the aero kit seen in the photo above.

The S-Tune Performance package includes a stainless exhaust system, upgraded brake pads, Nismo suspension, additional chassis bracing, and a set of 19" Nismo wheels. The rear bumper skirt and rear spoiler are both part of the aero package.

Here's a better view of the 19" Nismo LMZ5 wheels. Like Nismo wheels of the past, they feature forged construction and are made by the wheel gods at Ray's Engineering. Of course some more aggressive wheel sizing would have been nice, but you have to consider that this is an OEM-tuned car and not an aftermarket hot rod.

A closer look at the front bumper spoiler. I assume Nismo might also come out with a full bumper package later, just as they did on the Z33.

The mild performance upgrades should be a nice improvement over what is already a great performing car, and OEM quality is always nice when it comes to tuning parts.

No word on if this package will be offered outside of Japan.

Photos fround on NihonCar

-Mike Garrett



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Meh.........Not feeling it.

I am very anxious to see the offering from Vertex.


Not feeling the Nismo aero either, so sad. Word up Mickey, I wonder what Ueno's gonna design for the 350, I'm sure it will be the best looking aero out there! Vertex FTW.


i have to say that i seriously dislike the front spoiler, rear valence (the sides of it, specifically) and the 'moustache' (as Jon Sibal put it) on the front fascia. The spoiler i definitely like, and the wheels and decals are nice too. i'm not sure what to think of this coming from Nismo. i'll wait to see what Top Secret can do with the 370, i really liked their previous Z33 offerings


I think they tried to continue the headlight theme throughout the car but it definitely dosen't work. The wheels have potential. I too cannot wait to see what Smoky has up his sleeve


all the extras are taking away from the natural curve of the car....the new z's body line is fine as-is, the body kit just make the whole thing "too busy"....and the wheel fitment doesn't help


they should have used the wide bodykit from Undercover, that is cool


Looks hot!!!


Rear is the only fail for me. Would be better if the center area around the light was black/carbon


you forgot to mention the extra rear brake light in the back where the big square hole used to be.


Yeah, the whole 370 idea does nothing for me.

I never really appreciated the fat, plastic look of the 350, and now that it's become slightly uglier, i'm not sure there's much in there for me. Outside of the VQ - that's one great sounding motor.

Still haven't had the chance to listen to the VQ37DE [i'm guessing here], but i'd bet it sounds cool.


I think it all clashes terribly with the "fluid" design lines. This seriously look like something Kaminari would make.


if it had whiskers it would be a catfish...


Front end treatment isn't doing it for me either. That moustache trim is UGLY.


The Catfish has successfully been achieved.

I'm not liking this kit at all, they should of just made a single piece bumper to make the car flow not tack on an overcomplicated lip kit and a mustache. Considering this S-Tune aero package will probably go for the avg 1200+ option, i'm hoping for a better lip kit from MCR, Zele or Amuse.

The Z looks good in person, but for some reason i have hated every picture of it.


OMG those fangs are killin me! it looks like a bass. I hate it but I love it. grrrr


A little too much for my taste. Little too much Pokemon flair for my liking. Give me a deeper lip on the rim and make the whole kit look cohesive. This isn't the first company guilty of it, the Civic Si hatch from not too long ago was also guilty of the kit looking like it was double-side taped together in areas. Why? When you have the ability to do something that looks so awesome.


It's not bad, could be better though. The front-end reminds me of a koi fish.


indeed... you just know when the meal is over-cooked...


VeilSide Version 2.

I am amazed at hoe many of these brand new cars have VERY VeilSide-esque bumer designs.

GTR35, this Z, Evo X...... just interesting...


not wild about this, although i'm sure the specs add up. Nismo really ought to seek out a better graphics guy for their vinyls. thats some ugly shit running up the side there


Why is that I'm the only one on board with this new Z's styling? hahaha