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By now, many of our Speedhunters readers have probably already read my "driving impression story" on the new Nissan 370Z. However, I wanted to take a quick look back at the design similarities between the new 370Z and the old school S30-chassis 240Z.

I thought it would be pretty cool to do a photo shoot showing both the new and old Zs together. However, I had a hard time finding a clean yellow Z to shoot; I wanted a yellow 240Z because our 370Z test car would be yellow as well. I called up my friends, Ben and Dan Hsu from Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine. I said, "listen guys. You guys have a magazine dedicated to old Japanese cars. Please find me a yellow Z!" The next day, Ben Hsu called me up, and sho nuff, he had a yellow 240Z for me to shoot. Awesome! He mentioned that he had some ideas for a story on both Zs, and asked if he could also have his brother Dan shoot photos of the 370Z for a Nostalgic Car story for their magazine. Of course! Friends helping each other; that's what this automotive hobby of ours is about, isn't it?

Anyway, I'd like to thank both Ben and Dan for their help with this photo shoot, and for introducing me to Fred Jordan, the founder of the Datsun Heritage Museum (more on this in a future story) and the Z-Car Club of Inland Valley. Fred was nice enough to allow us to use one of the cars from the museum for our shoot! After scheduling and rescheduling this shoot around Speedhunters deadlines and untimely rain, we finally made it down to the museum, where Fred and his wife were waiting with Kay Milton, the original owner of the 1971 240Z used in our shoot. Thank you to everyone involved for helping out with this project!

We obviously attracted a lot of attention on the road, driving our two bright yellow cars – an unreleased-to-the-public yellow Nissan 370Z and a classic Datsun 240Z, from the museum through Temecula's city streets, to the winery area where we finally did our shoot, thanks to a helpful suggestion from my friend Jeremy Rafanan.

When we had these two cars side by side, I felt that you could definitely notice the similar design DNA in both cars. After all, Nissan's goal in designing the new 370Z was to bring back the 240Z's feeling of high performance and stylish design in a newer body.

Just looking at the photo above, you can easily notice… even though it's a lot smaller than the 350, the 370Z looks huge in comparison to the 240Z, doesn't it?

I dig this Z emblem/sidemarker on the front fender of the 370. It looks similar to the Z emblem on the C-pillar of the 240Z.

From this pic, again, you can see how much larger the 370Z is compared to the old school 240. However, you can also notice many similarities – the slanted roofline and angled front window… the side and quarter windows also have an almost exactly similar shape. The gas door is also in the same place, more or less. Other than that, the taillights and rear end look completely different of course.

I think these two cars look great together. Wouldn't it be cool to have both of them parked side-by-side in your garage? I think the side profile of the new 370Z is so sexy!

You're not too bad looking yourself, 240Z!

Just to clarify things, this is not a bone stock 240Z. It's *almost* bone stock… however, the owner of the car decided to leave it "period correct 1970s American" style, with the 5 spoke wheels (anyone care to guess who makes them? American Racing? Cragar? I bet one of our Speedhunters readers knows!), side moldings, and bumper guard extensions, which, in my opinion, make the front of the 240Z look like a football player's helmet. Whether or not this appeals to your sense of Japanese car style, this is how typical Zs in the USA looked back in the day.

The triple gauges in the middle of the dash also are an homage to the classic Z, which also had 3 gauges in molded dash pods. In my opinion, I think the clock is kind of poorly placed; I'd prefer to have a better, more useful gauge in its place.

Again, the gauges and the rear view seems reminiscent of the 1970s Z. I think it would have been great to have a taller rear window though (although I'm sure a taller rear window would affect the design/look of the car adversely). The only reason I'm saying it is because I like big visibility in the rear because I like to watch out for cops in the rearview when I'm speeding.

Again, a close up shot of the very similar side window design. This is what reinforces the classic look to me.

What a great pair of cars to own, especially together! 240Z owners, go buy matching 370s! If I owned a 240Z, I definitely would!

The New Nissan 370Z: Driving Impression on Speedhunters

-Antonio Alvendia



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That first photo is SO SICK.


agreed andy... desktops please!


I always liked the 350Z but I am absolutely in love with the new 370Z.


lol for some reason the speedlight use in the first pic makes the 240 look like it was photoshopped in :D


great article, Antonio!


You forgot something Antonio: shot of both of the car engine and also the 240Z interior! Heh.


I'd kill for these 2 in white.


Awsome photos Antonio and great stroy


zamil: the engines aren't really related, so i didnt feel the need to include it. this particular 240Z's interior wasn't going to be appealing to our readers. trust my judgment man, i always try to present cars as best as i can.

Andy and blueslug: thanks guys!

George: true THAT! for old 240Zs I love the color orange (maybe cause i love orange TE27s?)... but i wonder if it would look good on the 370. what do u guys think? orange 370Z?


Nice photoshoot! Can't wait to see it in the JNC Magazine. :)

About those rims: I thought they were Wolfrace rims, but that can also be the name used in Europe.


Thanks for the shoutout Antonio. Big thanks to you too! BTW I have to agree w/ Andy, that first photo turned out SICK!


Dear lord, thankfully the 350's will be coming down in price because this thing is ugly.


great pics! I like it, but I'd definitely take a sabre saw to that front bumper. reminds me of those 90's disco-techno-ninja-seabass body kits. eww


OH YES SIR, I'd love to have a pair like that in my garage !!!




The 240 wins easily. The 370s are hideeeouuus.


Rims are good old American racing Sloted Disk Mags with the old school AR script logo.

Do I get a prize?

Odds are the dash is cracked pretty badly in the OG 240, all of them are cracked, and it costs more then the car to get that piece from NOS. There are covers that look almost oem but they clip on over the existing trashed dash.

I wonder why they dropped the old school power dome again, the last few years of the 350 had it... Not really there on the 370 and that is a prominent Z styling cue.


After reading this (and the driving impresion) of the New 370Z.... I really want one achually. Although I respected the 350z .. I never quite wanted one.... where as this one is just speeking to me. Personaly I love the corner markers. The stock 19inch Rays wheels are awsome, and although theres a stuped clock there now.. the gage pod is already there waiting for me to put in a gage of my choice. Rev matching on the downshifts.... that is fantastic for someone with size 12 feet like me thats never been able to master the heel toe.

Im not to keen on the {what gear am I in?} display or the black space on the rear bumper where the Euro model gets its rear fog light. But Im nit picking really... (besides Im shure there will be some fantastic aero kits for this car soon) This 370 is awsome.

As for the 240.... while I appreciate the restoration job and the period corect styling... I cant stand the way the US 240Z look .... when looking at a period correct JDM S30 Fairlady Z I get consumed in the beauty of it... where as I think the US 240Z with its Huge cattle raming Bumpers and wing mirrors in the wrong place looks like they took all the beauty and ruined it.


That digital clock really does look wrong next to the other two gauges. They could have at least put an analogue clock in there with the same markings and font so it blended in with the other gauges.


Fooman is incorrect - all 240-Z dashes are NOT cracked. I Have two 72 240-Z's with their original and dash and no cracks. I am the original owner of one, and the second owner of the other.