Eye Candy>> Mooneyes Retro/pin Up Girls Pt.2

More retro/pinup girl scenes from the Mooneyes Show… I like these selections better than the last. This selection of photos is more natural I suppose; these are pics of some of the “normal girls” who dressed up to go to the show with their boyfriends, etc… I prefer these types of girls (er, natural looking girls, not necessarily girls with bfs, haha) rather than girls who obviously got dolled up to win the pinup contest.

Up top is a girl sitting on the rear tire of a hotrod! Cool, perfect for a photo! Until the driver does a burnout, hehe.

This girl was just waiting for her man while he was taking pics of a car… She might have noticed me shooting a photo, because she kinda squeezed her elbows closer together in order to make me notice the perkiness of her… personality.

This vintage Airstream trailer was dope!!! Super polished aluminum style on the outside, but it looked just plain jane on the inside, kinda like the inside of a vintage airplane. I think it would be awesome to fix up an Airstream trailer, and paint it some cool color inside, with cool looking carpet… sort of like what you might envision Austin Powers’ private plane to be. Damn, that would be super cool! While she was getting her hair done, this girl was nice enough to smile at me as I pointed my camera in her direction. I wonder why she wasn’t in the pinup girl competition; wouldn’t you guys say she’s cuter than most?

Look at all the cool cars in the background! That’s a pretty cool bike too. I think people should fix up Ruckuses (Rucki?) in this style. Oh, and BTW, I’m down with the frame, but not feelin the grill quite so much, if you know what I’m sayin.

I thought these girls, who were just wandering around the show with some older guys, were pretty cute! Unfortunately, my camera captured a yuckmouthed look on one of the girls as I captured a quick snap as they walked through the dense crowd. If I see them again, I should ask them to stop and pose while I’m getting their contact info.

I bet she gets sunburned pretty easily.

These two chicks rolled up to the parking lot in this cool convertible (don’t know what kind of car it was), which I thought was real cool! I’m sure a lot of guys would dig seeing two females rolling in a big old school domestic convertible, white exterior with red interior and a Clay Smith Cams sticker! What do you guys think? (I think she should have reupholstered her sunvisors when she redid the interior, but nobody asked me).

They tried to send her back to rehab, but she said “No, no no…”

That’s about it for me today, gotta finish packing my bags cause I’m heading to Reno Nevada (Not Rhino Furtada or Emo Pinata) in a few! Peace out kids!

-Antonio Alvendia

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uhh was i the only one who spotted the red 350z in the last picture?

lol a tad bit otta place.


the two chicks in the convertable (possibly a caddy?) = Awsome. You dont see many girls restoring cars, and there should be more doing it. (and if there are, we should give em equal coverage)


That blue model A in the first pic is gorgeous! So is that blonde 4th pic from the bottom.


the ol' candid chick snaps from the car meets . Rockabilly style.

it takes a certain talent to snap shots without being noticed.

nice job.


ahh yes, more pin up girl action. I like baby girl on the bike....those jeans on her fit perfect.


i see a lot of girls here in the San Fernando Valley rolling in their dads or brothers restored/semi-resto'd hot rods. I'll give those girls the benefit of the doubt and say that they are pretty cool rolling like that...

I would love to see a hot rockabilly girl rolling in a slammed black 63/65 Riviera or a 4dr 67 Lincoln Continental...too gangster.


What did you smoked before writing this haha. Might be one of your funniest post ever since.


There's something with the first picture that keeps me staring at it, awesome shot.


Antonio, I assume the sunvisors match the vert headliner. No?

Yea, I was gonna ask bout' the red Braille Z in the background.....wtf?


I wondered about the Fairlady Z in the last pic my self.

Although none of this is my scean at all, I find it quite intersting to read about, and I think its pretty cool that these ladys put the effort into looking good and hot rod style, just like the cars there boyfriends are driving.


Everyone has there own opinion, but these girls are kinda ugly. Cool looking cars though.


Love these pix, love them girls with the tatoo's (its quite kinky in a funny way). We dont have anything like this in th UK.

Where can i find more pics of girls like this!! :-)) help me!!



so lucky, the best car scenes. Such a good mix of everything, all types.


Antonio, I don't think you made any mention as to how freaking cold it was that day! A lot of these girls were half naked in 50-degree weather. It even drizzled for a bit. So you gotta give it to these girls for saying fuck it. I'm still wearing my outfit... rain or shine.

The last two photo captions... HA HA HA. You kill me dude!


rock-a-billy FTL


Antonio I am not positive but those 2 fake blondes in the convertible are driving what I believe to be a late 60's Plymouth Fury III. My friends dad has one just like that with the same wrap on the steering wheel and the same red interior and seats with white sun visors. Anyway that is the stock interior if it is a Fury not a reupholstered one.


I'm not totally convinced that the chick in the picture second to last is really a chick.


psychobilly ftw