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Alright now, it's time to start settling in for a closer look at the 2008 Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle. I know you guys are anxious to see the results, so that's where I'll start. As I stated before, the previous night's rain left the track wet and made the morning sessions useless for trying to set a fast time. A lot of the teams didn't even start running until the later part of the day. By about 10am or so, the track was drying up and the cars were finally able to push it 100%. I'm sure we would have seen some faster times if the track had been dry for the whole day, but overall it was a great event.

Let's get on with the top 10 finishers. I am still waiting to get the finalized complete results from Rev Speed, so these are taken from the hand written times on the board at the track. If anything changes I will update, but these should be correct.

The overall fastest of the day was the Sun Auto/Unlimited Works Cyber Evo driven by Tarzan Yamada. During the the third and final session of the day, Tarzan piloted the car to 55.281 second lap time, reaching a top speed of 221 kph on the back straight. This is behind the M-Speed GT-R's time from last year, as well as the Cyber Evo's previous Tsukuba best in the mid 54 second range, but a great showing considering the track conditions yesterday. Congrats go out to the whole Cyber Evo team.

Next up was the car everyone was waiting for, the carbon-bodied TA-2 RX7 from Revolution. The car was looking good all day and managed to finish second place overall with a lap time of 56.094. Revolution is certain to improve on this in the future, and they should have a good shot at breaking to the Top Fuel S2000's Tsukuba FR record. More on this car in the future.

Running right behind the Revolution car was another famous RX7, the Pan Speed FD3S. This car is no stranger to Tsukuba time attack and came in third overall with  a 56.751 lap. The course conditions made things tough for all the cars, but the high power rear drive cars like this one were the ones affected most.

Coming in fourth overall was the well known blue and white turbocharged Esprit NSX. The car just missed breaking into 56 second range with a best lap time of 57.085. Time attack magician Tarzan Yamada was also behind the wheel of this car.

The 5th fastest car of the day was the VARIS CP9A Evo which turned in a 57.221 lap. The car has new paintwork for this season and it looks even tougher than before. The sight of this car sitting alongside Cyber Evo in the paddock is heaven for any Mitsubishi enthusiast. The 57.221 was fast, but this car has ran deep into the 56 second range in the past.

The Tsukuba Special S2000 from ASM Yokohama has long been the fastest naturally aspirated machine at Tsukuba Circuit, and in this year's battle it came in 6th overall with a 57.733 lap. This car is all about agility and aerodynamics over raw power ,and driver Hiroki Katoh is a master at piloting the ASM S2000 to laptimes quicker than cars with twice the horespower.

The GT-R showing at this year's event seemed to be a little smaller than in the past. The fastest GT-R of the day was the MCR R33 piloted by Kobayashi-san himself. The car turned in a lap time of 58.878 which was good for 7th overall. Not bad at all for an R33 Skyline that looks showroom stock compared to the cars I listed so far. As I mentioned before, Kobayashi also brought his new Z34 Fairlday to the track. I'll post more on that one later.

Following behind the MCR car is another GT-R, the ATTKD BNR34. Even though it didn't run very many laps, it was able to finish the day with a best time of 59.204 which was good for 8th overall. It should also be noted that this car runs in Street Class, unlike the cars above which are all part of the Open Class. Any street car that can run Tsukuba in under a minute is worthy of praise for sure.

Next up is the FD3S RX7 from SCREEN. The tuning on this car is much more conservative than the Revolution and Pan Speed cars, but it was still able to deliver a best lap time of 59.237 seconds which was the ninth fastest of the day.

And rounding out the top 10 is the Outer Plus Lotus Exige which was one of just two non-Japanese cars at the event. Outer Plus is a well known Lotus specialty shop based in Chiba Prefecture and their car definitely stood out next to all the tuned domestic machines. The nimble Lotus delivered a best lap time of 59.567 seconds during its third track session.

So there's the 10 fastest cars from this year's Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle. These ten cars are just scratching the surface of the event and I have a lot more cool stuff to post from the Rev Speed event.

-Mike Garrett



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Bummer about the rain. Otherwise, looks like it was a good event.

Can't wait for part II.


I absolutely love any coverage from this event. I look forward to more! Good luck to all the teams!


The Prostock Racing R34 didn't run?


Russ from RE-Xtreme posted that the Revoluton RX7 ran a 55.261 after it's 56 sec time? And where's Prostock...again. Keep the coverage coming.


seems that the tomei powered voltex impreza didnt do well,hope the conditions improved.


According to results board it was the Cyber Evo that ran the 55.261, the Revolution car was right behind though. Pro Stock was there, but not with their R34, instead they brought their light tuned R35 GT-R (more on that later). The Team Tarzan Impreza is still in the states ATM. I guess we will have to wait til next year to see what it runs at Tsukuba.


So the M-Speed R34 didn't appear either huh? Well too bad the weather wasn't perfect for time attack, but at least all the teams did gave it their best. Can't wait for the rest of the results to come.....


man too bad, looks like track conditions put a damper on a lot of the times. So we have to wait til next year for more time attack action? Aren't there more events coming up?


What happened to Mspeed R34? Dang Gina! Cool pics and info though. Bummer about the rain. Too bad this is only a one day event.


Prostock was supposed to be there last year as well, wonder what's up with their R34. Does anyone know if the car even has any track record? The car has been ready for over a year now, but no-one seems to know i it's ever even ran.


Sorry for any misinfo,

I was going from the loudspeaker as the cars blasted past at full noise.

I mistook the two times. haha.

It's amazing how fast it travels...these days haha.


Yeah I know what you mean Russ, it took me like 20 minutes just looking at the result board to figure everything out. Nice meeting you there BTW.



Excellent Mike !

I can't wait for more coverage.


quick question Mike, is Unlimited Works and Garage HRS the same shop?


no prostock or m-speed :(


I love it that a Lotus made it into the top 10 and ran under one minute.


wow the Revolution TA-2 RX7 reminds me of the batmobile awesomeness.


The ATTKD street class car is my favourite.Running on tyres with so much less grip than anyone else in the top 10.I haven't seen it wearing those rims before.That's 3 years in a row now winning its class isn't it.....once again, thanks for the report.