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It seems like things have been running non-stop for me over the past two weeks. First there was the Nismo Festival, followed by the Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom Car Show and the Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle, and finally today the D1 Street Legal season finale, also held at Tsukuba Circuit. Unlike last Wednesday when the weather cleared up just in time for the time attack, today's conditions were solidly cold, rainy, and dark. As nice as it would have been to stay at home where it's warm and dry, I decided to do the manly (crazy) thing and headed out to the track to cover the action.

I am pretty exhausted after a full day of being rained on, nearly freezing to death, and trying to avoid getting hit by flying mud, so I'm going to keep this post short.

Our own contributor Naoto Suenaga would be attempting to secure the D1SL season championship, and that alone made this event worth the trip. Here's Naoto running tandem with Tsuyoshi Tezuka in his new ER34 Skyline during the morning's rain soaked practice session. I don't know about you, but I feel cold and wet just looking at this picture. Unlike Japan's summertime rainstorms which are warm, this one was extremely cold. It even snowed a little up on Mt. Tsukuba today.

Putting a full grid of D1 drivers in their drift cars and having them do a 5-lap grip race on a soaking wet race track is a recipe for madness. More on this later.

Doing stoppies in kei vans is the new automotive fad that's sweeping Japan.

OK, more on the way tomorrow. Time for some much needed sleep.


-Mike Garrett



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That drift machine 5-lap race should be darn intresting to watch, you should record a video too sometimes.


wondering how they do stoppies in these vans...


haha, that last pic is great.


If it's stoppies you want check out this gymkhana till the end - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJrEJb0HaeY

All I know is this is in my counrty - Portugal - because of the announcer... Don't know any other details.

Hope you guys like it.

Also, a vid of that 5-lap battle would be godly.


before i read that it was a "stoppie," i'd thought it was doing a reverse wheelie.....LOL


Can we get these pics in desktop resolutions please?? <3


they put big break kits on the vans, and aggressive brake pads, and stomp the breaks.


rain+front drive vans+e-brakes???



the first image is really good but last one of that stoppie rocks man love that


Could anyone please tell me who drives the purple S14 in the top picture. Or maybe just post more pictures of it.


That stoppie is amazing! :)


nah, they just bias off the rear brakes in most of them and go pretty slow...


Masashi Yokoi is the guy who drives the purple S14.

I cant wait for more on the grip battle either =]


This pohotos will be in Auto-otaku?

is very cool I wana see more about the grip race.

Stay cool.


k paso con la guaguita