Cars Of>>revspeed Time Attack Pt.2

As I continue to dig through my photos from last week's Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle, I'm finding out just how much content there is to pull from this one event. In fact, I'm coming across photos of cars I don't even remember shooting, so I guess that shows how busy I was at the track. Sometimes I wish there was some kind of way to experience these things in slow motion so you can soak everything in.  Anyways, let's continue our look at the cars from the 2008 edition of the famous Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle.

The K's Project R32 Skyline GT-R looked like it would be one the faster cars of the day, especially since Tarzan Yamada was behind the wheel. As you can see in the photo though, oversteer was a big problem for this car at both the entrance and exit of the corners. At the end of the day it had a best lap of 1:00.903. The fact that the car had a top speed of 209 kph on the back straight shows how much potential is there. I'm sure it would have been significantly faster if the course wasn't wet for a good part of the day.

At first glance, the strange-looking Car Service Hiro GDB Impreza looks more like a customized show car than a dedicated track machine, but it recorded a best lap of 1:00.382. The chopped top and new Impreza front end conversion certainly fool you a little bit. Hmm…I wonder if there's any aero benefit with the lower roof?

For circuit racing, the Suzuki Swift Sport seems to be the most popular of the compact cars in Japan. There were several of them at the event and they were all turning in some decent lap times. The fact the almost all of the big tuners have Swift demo cars shows just how big the market is for this car. I think I've said this before, but this is another car I think would go over well in the states should Suzuki ever decide to import it.

Fujita Engineering/FEED brought one of their many RX7's and delivered a best lap of 1:02.959 during the final session of the day. Personally, I could care less what the lap time is when the car looks as cool as this…

Besides the Outer Plus Exige, the only other European car entered in the event  was this E46 BMW M3 from Revolfe S.A. I don't know the specs on this one, but it ran a best lap of 1:07.321. I think It'd be nice to see more of the tuned BMW's, Porsches in Japan get out to these events and run against the domestic cars.

Techno Pro Spirit is one of the most well known "small" tuning shops in Japan following their many appearances in Hot Version videos over the years. For this year's Tsukuba Super Battle they came out with their 2ZZ-powered Toyota MR-S and ran a very respectable lap time of 1:03.677.

I can't believe how much progress Feel's Honda Twincam has made on their FD2 Civic Type R since I featured it back in the summer. The car is developing into a full-on time attack machine and is now powered by an ITB-fed K-series engine that makes around 300hp. The car was able to run a best lap time of 1:00.516 which made it the fastest front wheel drive car at this year's event. One minute flat for an naturally aspirated Civic is a pretty awesome acheivement.

A lot of us were hoping that Pro Stock Racing would bring their hyped up R34 time attack monster, but instead they came with their R35 GT-R. With NOB Taniguchi as the pilot, the car ran a best lap of 1:00.102, just missing the one minute barrier. The lap time was good for second place in the Street Class behind the ATTKD R34. I was expecting there to be more tuned R35's competing in the Street Class, but this was the only new GT-R at the event.

The MAX RACING DC5 Integra Type R must have had developed some technical problems because I only saw it out on the track for a couple laps, and no times were posted for it. I really like the no-nonsense look of this car's exterior.

Also representing for the Subaru crowd was the Auto Produce BOSS/Prodrive GDB Impreza. The car only ran during the first track session of the day when the track was wet, posting a lap time of 1:11.398. Another victim of mechanical trouble perhaps?

The other NC Mazda Roadster entered in the event was from Brightning. This car is equipped with the new supercharger kit from Cosworth and ran a best of 1:06.394. From all accounts, the Cosworth blower seems to turn the new Roadster into one hell of a machine, especially combined with a good dosage of chassis tuning like in this example.

Tarzan Yamada was almost able to break the one minute barrier with the MK Sport Evo9 Wagon. The car's best lap of the day was a 1:00.419. This got me wondering if there's record for the "the fastest wagon at Tsukuba Circuit", and if this car is fast enough to claim that title.

The Original Runduce Evo X was one of the fastest new Evo's of the day with a 1:03.277. I was hoping that JUN Auto would bring their Evo X demo car out to play, but I didn't see any presence from them at the event.

Lastly, the new body style GE8 Honda Fit from Garage FK. This one has a K20A swap, but unlike the J's Racing Fit which is a dedicated track machine, the Garage FK Fit is more of a street car. It ran a best lap of 1:06.222. With the exception of the big brakes and oversized 5-lug 17" wheels in the front, this car could easily pass for a normal Fit…until you see how fast it moves.

Well, that wraps up my look at the cars from this year's event. There are a few cars that I left out, but this pretty much covers the bulk of them. Anyone have a favorite? Personally, I think I was most impressed by the Feel's FD2 Civic running well into the one minute flat range NA.

-Mike Garrett



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The Honda in that 1st shot is SOOO aggressive-looking!

I love it.


Great shots! Do you happen to have any more shots of the Original Runduce Evo X? I'm just curious to see how the new Voltex Aero kit looks from other angles. Thanks! email:


The Fujita/FEED rx7 is made of hotness, wow.


We need some video coverage of these track events!


K's Project 32 features VeilSide parts.



More info on the Car Service Hiro GD Impreza, please! That thing is soooo sick!!!


why is the fit running larger wheels in the front? (that or my eyes are playing tricks on me) wouldn't that increase rolling resistance? i'd go for something lighter and smaller diameter.


i really like the chopped GDB, i didn't know what to make of it at first, the thing my eyes were immediately drawn to was the Maziora vinyls on the bonnet, and then the roof's lack of altitude :D i'd say it probably offers a small aerodynamic advantage, but most certainly lowers the centre of gravity on the thing, which always helps for handling.


and i agree about the Swift! when Suzuki started selling the SX4 here in Canada i was slightly disappointed that they hadn't brought the new Swift here with it, and instead sell the crappy Daewoo Kalos under the name Swift+ (and Chevy Aveo and Pontiac Wave... they've always done this)

I think you're right that the car would do quite well here in North America, there seems to be a demand now for smaller fun cars, I see Fits, Yarisesseses, Versas and even other Suzukis rolling around all the time, why not the Swift? it's definitely more appealing than some of the other options.


Yeah the Suzuki Swift sport is one of my all time favorite ars and I am going to import one to the states if Suzuki never decides to bring it over here


Agreed on the FD2 time. Even though its heavier than the J's Fit with the same basic engine, it was faster. What's up with that M3's time. Not very impressive. I really liked the evo 9 wagon. Pretty quick too. It was faster than the EVO X's running. Thanks for the pics and story.


How about the Feel's FD2 running 1:00?? Wow... right up there with the R35. Impressive.

Id love to see an updated feature on their Civic. It looks like a lot has changed.


That black M3 looks mean. I also think the Suzuki Swift would sell well in the 'States, just look at the success of cars like the Fit and Yaris. Personally, I think the Swift Sport is one of the coolest compact cars on the planet, save for a couple mad French hot hatches.


God that MK Sport Evo9 Wagon is AWESOME!!!!!! Love it.


I've seen that Car Service Hiro GDB Impreza before in Modified Mag (or was it Super Street) and at first glance I thought it was definitely a show car. But upon a closer in the specs and it could very well be a track car as well. I'm surprised that it actually showed up at the time attack event even though it was still quite new. But yeah, the looks will grow on me somehow, but I do wish they didn't do that chop top....

Another favourite from this post is the MAX RACING DC5 Integra. Haha, that car looks awesome. Its a shame that it didn't record any lap times, as it looks it could very well beat the Feel's FD2 Civic as the fastest FWD car in the event.....


I love this article.

Grip racing and pure time attack for the win. :)


1:07 from a modified E46 M3??? we need AC Schnitzer here...where's the ACS3 CLS when we need it?


i havnt seen techno pro spirit in hot version for a while, its good to see them in these photos. does anyone know if dori dori got his rematch against them?


YES! Thanks for the pic of the TPS MR-S!!


this is kinda off subject..... the Carbon R needs to be brought back out for rev speed battles... in 04 it ran a 57 second pass with half of the suspension being stock pieces.... with more development itd be quite the beast


I expect the Fujita FD to do alot better. The Fujita touge car is really really fast.