Car Spotlight>> Axle Draggers Ratrod Truck At Mooneyes

After attending the Mooneyes Christmas Party at Irwindale Speedway this past weekend, I think I discovered that I’ve become a big fan of super slammed lowboy rat rods; carefully planned and tastefully done of course. One of my favorite display vehicles from the show this weekend was definitely this rat rod truck, which was parked at the Cragar Wheels booth. This truck is part of the “Axle Draggers” crew, which is apparently from the South Side… of LA? Or SGV? Not sure. Wherever they’re from, the Axle Draggers defintely get my respect. For having a crew name that’s cool as hell, and for having awesome rat rods like this one in the crew!

Damn!!! Look at how low the body sits!!! Sick! Although I wish there was a bit more style put into painting the skull on the door, I thought it was only fitting that a truck like this would have a skull on the door… it looks like somewhat of a rusty steelcase coffin, with the area between the windows resembling an open wound with stitches! Bad ass! Look at the patina inside the car as well… dark and gloomy, with no view of the driver at all, just hands guiding the steering wheel…

In sharp contrast to the rusted out look of the body, I love the super clean, bright blue Cragar wheels and whitewall tires, especially with that matching air cleaner. Whoever built this rod has an awesome sense of style.

Damn!!! This rat rod truck just stood out from the crowd in my eyes. Look at all the cars in the background – they don’t capture my attention like this truck does!

The different shades of patina color on the truck’s body look super cool. They must have planned that carefully to get the right look. Isn’t it cool how the top of the rear tire is just about 1.5 inches below the top of the truck bed?! I love it!!!

I dunno if the single functioning brake light was intentional or not, but I think the owner of the truck should run two working brake lights, for safety! I hope the truck’s owner also finds a proper vintage license plate… they do have reproduction companies out there, that offer perfect reproductions of old school license plates! Then all you need to do is pay for a custom California license plate with the same number… they jailbirds will stamp out a brand new styled license plate with the same number as your old school plate… then you attach the old school plate to your car, and you’re all set!

I absolutely LOVE the Axle Draggers plaque hanging from the bottom of the bed, with chainlink! And the stitched “wounds” on the rear pillars… Awesome!

Here’s the front… I like the top mounted rearview mirrors on the doors… not sure if I like that grill though.

This ratrod truck just goes to show… a car or truck’s stance is extremely important, no matter what genre of vehicles you’re into. I absolutely love this truck. Much respect to the owner and the rest of the Axle Draggers crew! Who else agrees with me here? I think this thing is sooo incredibly bad ass!

-Antonio Alvendia

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