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Our pals on the Need for Speed team have been very busy for the past few months collaborating with Nissan on a series of live action/in-game generated webisodes based around the 370Z.

They are a joint NFS and Nissan production and feature a combination of live-action and Undercover gameplay.

Based in the world of Need for Speed Undercover, Takedown follows the story of Jessica, a young lawyer with a promising career and a dangerous past. Now, a mysterious message threatens to pull her back into a shadowy subculture where only the quick survive.

Watch the premiere of this action-packed, six-part series.




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Umm.. hmm... mixed feelings here... good storyline... but a Jeep POS even atempting to keep up with a 370Z.... I think theres a flaw in the story there... I guess ill have to wait intil this thing pans out.

Didnt apreacate the "street racing is illagal" Health and safty rubbish..... hopefuly that will be the last of that.


TougeNoMikado you have to realize that EA is, well, THE biggest video game company in the world (i think) and they could have all sorts of dumb lawsuits on their hands if they put the kind of gameplay and storyline like we used to see back in the days of NFS3... "street racing" has become public enemy number one in places like California and Ontario, so it's not surprising that they took the time to let the legal community know that they don't (officially) support it.


I thought how the film cut to the game during the chase scene was cheesy, but it was alright. Was the actress' actual name ever mentioned? She looks familiar.



pardon, but the game is not what did i expect from it. it cost almost 40$ and i did nod see any changes in graphic or game engine. I really liked the NFS series, but what I’ve seen was a crash…



Is that the second generation "Lightning McQueen" car for the next Pixar Cars film? How did the long and low Fairlady ever evolve into such a tall and stubby contraption? That car needs to be reduced in height proportion by 30% or more.


Maybe if it were a SRT Jeep=) Anyway, pretty good production, nice transition from the live action to graphics.


Since NFS has passed on the (fugly) tuning trend, the whole series suck. The gameplay sucks (even for an arcade game), and once the game is finished you just can wait for the next one coz the "re-playability" factor approach the 0. The only thing I did like on the NFS "tuning-era" series are the sounds which sounds badass (I remember the newer GTO in underground 2 with the last exhaust "upgrade"). Other then that the graphism are so blury that they look like you're playing under the water, and I certainly don't dig the colors style.


I'm Sorry, I'm missed the that part where We all needed to bitch about the game, BUT!

I Feel that the evolution in taste, technology, expectation, and restriction all played a part in the new Z

I really don't like the idea of it just being an upgrade to the Z33, but it happend in the Z line before with the HS30Z (280ZX) was an upgrade to the orginal S30Z (240-60-80Z)

and maybe even the Z31 to the Z32

But the Roof lines that is shared with the GT-R Does call back to the orginal Z over all design

The head and taillights design may be streching it in my taste, But it does give it that Exotic flare that the Z33 was missing

But about the Movie, Cheesey, but what Car Movie isn't, Gave no really need to continue watching Other then the mention of the 1969 Fairlady on the gift card

But hell, its better then just pumping out a game every year.


Dont you idiots realize this was the shittiest marketing ploy of all time?.... they actually got you all talking about NFS... The CGI graphics literally made me throw my computer at the ground and shit on it!