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I'm an avid reader of multiple restoration and build up threads on several different forums on the World wide web. I really like it when a user is willing to share his precious metal and documents his build. This Hakosuka you see was bought in Japan and imported to Sydney Australia it is being restored by one of the moderators on the Japanese Nostalgic Car forum. The way he documents his build is really impressive and on top of that he does almost everything himself.

You can log on to his thread on the Japanese Nostalgic Car forum right here.

Do you know of any noteworthy build up threads that exists on a forum you frequently visit?

-Jeroen Willemsen



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i am also a ready of the japan nostalgic car forum! love the hakosuka!


Piper Motorsports E30 M3 with V10 and E90 suspension



1988 E30 Chassis

E60 M5 V10

E90 M3 front and rear suspension

E30 unibody heavily modified to fit V10 and E90 suspension

Pectel CAN ECU that controls the engine (including VANOS) plus full motorsports ABS and traction control by Apex Speed.

Even though this is done by a motorsports prep shop it is a great inspiration to what is possible and how to do your project right.


i remember seeing this quite some time ago on the Vortex, looks really nice!



I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done!


Ah yes I remember reading about that on grandJDM before the chaps merged with JNC.


If you ever meet Kev (the Skyline's owner) in real life, try talking to him about Japanese cars and walk away without getting some silly ideas in your head about a new modification or project.

It can't be done.


Isn't this the car of the guy that used to run GrandJDM? Or atleast I think the car was on Grand JDM before the merger w/Jap Nostalgic Car. I love JNC, but I miss Grand JDM :(

Awesome car too!!


@ Umai Kakudo, very nice find, and certainly it deserves some attention.

I was browsing on Jeroen blog a while ago and ran into a very similar BMW E30.

Jeroen maybe you should post it up......:)

This is another great buildup project (in my opinion). Mike Kojima's Nissan Sentra SE-R V-Spec:



@ Alex - I will make a random post of the car :)


A random post? C'mon man.....lol

That E30 deserves more than a "random post".......you know it better than me what that project will turn out to be....Moton coilovers and MoTec data-logging means only one thing, business !