Random Snap>>pgc10 Gt-r At The 1970 Jaf Grand Prix

This weekend I'll be heading to Fuji Speedway for the 2008 Nismo Festival, an event that I've been looking forward to for quite some time. In the lead up to the Nismo Fest, we will be posting some vintage racing photos from Nissan's archive. This particular shot was taken at the 1970 JAF Grand Prix race at Fuji Speedway, right in the middle of the Skyline GT-R's historic winning streak that nearly lasted for 50 races. It's kind of interesting to think that the legendary GT-R actually started out as a four-door sedan with the coupe version not appearing until a little later. Just something to think about with all the rumors about a new GT-R sedan…

-Mike Garrett



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to make things specific, the GT-R began in '69 and the coupé version arrived in '71 (and was only available for two years in 2-door form).


i think only something like 2000 C10 GT-R's were produced, but strangely enough the C110 GT-R was in even smaller numbers, like ten times fewer.


if i have a good memory i heard somewhere that there was only 427 c110 gt-r ever made cause of the petrol crisis in the 70s


haha i think there's racing footage somewhere online...


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and non of c110 ever been raced as a full track/race/team car.


i actually heard that there were fewer than 200 examples of the C110 GT-R produced