Random Snap>>kids Heart D1 Street Legal Er34 At Sekia

This weekend was D1 Street Legal Rd.6 at Sekia Hills down in Kyushu and one of the newsworthy items from the event was the D1SL debut of Tsuyoshi Tezuka in this freshly completed ER34 Skyline coupe. The car has a good look to it and I think it supplements his yellow R32 D1 machine quite well. Tezuka was able to score third place in the competition which was a very good result for the car's first run. And the winner of the event? Our own Naoto Suenaga who added another win to his dominant year in D1 Street Legal. There is just one round left which will happen next month at Tsukuba Circuit and I can't wait to see what happens for myself. Of course you can expect full coverage here on Speedhunters. Congrats to both Naoto and Tezuka!

(Photo from Naoto's Japanese blog)

-Mike Garrett



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yesssssssssssss. cool.

I have a couple KID'S HEART things shipping to me currently. :)


finally kids heart getting some attention!


The R32 looks better in white.....yellow was just blah....

I never understood why they did a front-face lift on this R32....nothing wrong with repping the R32.


the names that come out of japan are just too funny to me.


Kids Heart, sweet!


would love some more MSC and D1SL coverage.


Sekai is such a fun course. The first time I ran it the first corner kicked my ass until I paid attention to where the Ribbon boys were initiating.


This reminded me of a story. Tezuka used to be a customer of Masa Motorsports back when they were huge. He was pretty tight with Masa and then he started Kid's Heart and took a bunch of business from Masa. Anywho, one day at a BBQ Tezuka was a bit tipsy and Masa asked to talk to him in private. Tezuka of course agreed since they used to be pretty tight. After an argument Masa ended up pushing Tezuka off the bridge they were standing on. Tezuka obviously survived. Masa was pretty Yak connected. I should write a book about all these weird stories I've been told.


I think the car is super dope, but wouldn't it be cooler if Kid's Heart brought out one of their famous Sileighties? : )